Don’t Let «Mean Comments» Ruin Your Day 😡

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0:00 — Don’t Let "Mean Comments" Ruin Your Day 😡
0:35 — The comments begin…
1:56 — The difference between criticism and accusations
2:35 — These features are here for a reason!
3:15 — Her longest break ever!
4:05 — It’s not even about you!
5:52 — Just do the math…

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In this video, Sean & cathrine talk about how to deal with haters on youtube! Dealing with haters is something everyone has to go through. Dealing with haters is part of the online world, so navigating it is very vital! Dont let negative comments on youtube get you down!

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=================== text video ====================

— At the end of the day the
number of negative comments

or those wrong accusations,

there are 90 more comments
that are way better than that.

— [Narrator] You gotta just press record.

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— I’m curious, on your journey,

especially once you started
experiencing success

and subscribers, the
views start coming in,

so do the comments.

And I would imagine, I can’t imagine

you could get this far without potentially

getting a hater or two, or a troll,

and there’s all kinds
of different categories.

Not everybody who is critical
is necessarily a hater,

they may just be adding
something of value.

Some people are super toxic,

some people are mean,
some people are, I’m sure,

crazy stalkers, in your case,

and all kinds of weird stuff

that could happen on the journey.

I am curious though, was there ever

a comment that got under your skin

or a season where, because
of feedback or comments,

where it triggered a little
bit of a mental battle

and a little bit of, just
that you had to overcome.

And clearly from where you are

you do not let these comparison

or these mindset things hold you back.

But that doesn’t mean
they don’t bother you

or necessarily send you off

on different emotional roller
coasters or moments where…

Does anything come to mind,

as far as comments or seasons where maybe

some feedback was coming your way,

that you had to build mental toughness,

and really overcome that?

— Yeah, for sure. I mean,

I think it comes with the
territory, which kinda sucks,

but like, online bullying is so real.

And there’s a difference
between constructive criticism

and people trying to
help you out being like,

«Hey, I would like you to
showcase this in your video,»

or maybe, «Your lighting
was bad,» or something,

you know, something like
that is not a big deal.

The comments that really get to me

are the ones that are making accusations,

especially about my character.

I do not like those at all.

And a really tough season for me is,

last year I went through
a divorce, and it was,

oh man, I got ridiculous
accusations of like,

«Oh, you became so successful

«and then you dumped this person.»

And it’s like, if you really
knew the whole story like,

people are mean, people are
nasty and it’s not healthy.

But I mean, that’s why
YouTube has comment filters.

Instagram now got comment
filters, which is so nice

and it makes it a little bit better

if there’s certain trigger
words that you need to block

or immediately have it go to
like, the held for review,

do that, ’cause interacting
with your audience

is so important and you
don’t want it to stop you

from interacting with your audience.

But I was at the point where
I just stopped checking DMs,

I stopped responding to
comments on Instagram,

’cause it was just, it was so nasty,

like people can be really mean.

— Wow, and did you ever take a break

or did you just kind of put
blinders on and keep creating

when those kind of attacks
were coming your way,

attacks of your character?

— I just kept creating.

I mean, I’ve taken breaks like,

two weeks has been the
longest break I’ve ever taken,

which, when you’re in it,

seems like the longest thing ever.

But at the end of the day,
like two weeks is nothing.

But I mainly took a break just because,

I mean, I ended up, I
separated from my ex,

and then I drove cross country to LA,

and I just needed to get away
as he moved out of the house.

And that break was necessary

’cause I didn’t, I wasn’t
filming during that time

and I also needed that mental break,

but it was never because of the comments

that I got from people
that I took a break.

Because at the end of the day,

like, the number of negative comments

or those like, wrong accusations,

there are 90 more comments
that are way better than that.

You know, like, there’s
more than that honestly.

And most people are rooting for you

and the people that aren’t
your rooting for you, you know

it’s typically, it’s not about you either.

I think that’s so important to remember

’cause when you’re getting,

when you’re getting those comments

it may seem like it’s a
personal attack on you

and you may actually take it personally

when in reality it could
have nothing to do with you.

That person could just be having a bad day

and they’re taking it out on you,

and that’s really, really
crappy of them to do

but you just kinda gotta push through.

— Yeah, a lot of times negative comments

are much more a reflection
of the individual

than the person they’re commenting on.

Usually they’re hurt because
hurt people hurt people.

And you reminded me of
our friend, Jon Acuff,

who was on the podcast recently.

He has what’s called hater’s math,

and hater’s math says 99 positive comments

plus one negative comment,

equals one negative comment.

Oftentimes, it’s that
one that we’ll remember

and think about for the rest of the day.

And the 99 we glaze over,

we’re like, cool, thanks
for the encouragement,

great, great.

Usually this is with the
like and dislike button too.

You go awesome, a hundred
likes and then you go,

but who’s the two people
that clicked dislike?

And why’d they click dislike

right when I uploaded the video, like,

did they turn on notifications

so they can click dislike or you know?

And it can be tough like,
the reality is, same thing.

You know, we wrote a book
and the YouTube secrets,

there is literally like this
verified incredible review.

The two top reviews, is like
this is the greatest book,

you have to read this, this is amazing.

And then the other one is like,

this is literally the worst book.

It is the worst book ever read.

And you wanna talk about
like polarization of,

and you’re like, man.

The highs and lows of posting content

and putting yourself out there.

But you’re right,

typically if you’re
adding good to the world,

you’re serving people.

If you do the math and let
the math speak for itself

there’s 99 positive comments.

There’s gonna always be maybe
that one or two negative ones,

you gotta just keep going.

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