Does Uploading LESS To YouTube Hurt Your Channel? // Why You’re Not Growing on YouTube

Does Taking a Break From YouTube Hurt Your Channel? Does Uploading More to YouTube Grow You Faster? Or is it Quality of Quantity? Let’s Dive into YouTube Analytics and the YouTube algorithm so you can grow on YouTube in 2022.




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does taking a break from youtube

actually hurt your youtube channel can

you upload less and still grow more well

that’s what i want to talk about today

because youtube’s official stance is

that taking a break from youtube will

not negatively impact your channel they

say it doesn’t hurt your youtube channel

so why is it that that doesn’t match up

to the experience that myself and other

content creators have whenever we take

long breaks from youtube why is it that

we see our channel growth drastically

slow down and why is it so much harder

when we finally do come back to youtube

to start growing and build momentum

again today i want to talk about that i

want to show you my own youtube

analytics across a couple of different

channels that i have and i want to talk

to what you might be going through as a

creator and break down the truth about

whether uploading more to youtube helps

you grow or whether you can get away

with uploading less and how does that

impact not only your views and your

subscribers how does that affect things

like ad revenue and also what’s the

mental health cost of being consistent

on youtube now according to my analytics

almost half of you probably have not

watched me before or subscribed to the

youtube channel so my name is rory blake

i’m a creative entrepreneur and public

speaker and i’m probably by this point

well known as a youtube educator i’ve

made over 1500 pieces of content on

youtube i’ve been doing this for almost

a decade and i have over 500 000

subscribers i have a crap ton of data

when it comes to youtube i’ve also had

massive things impact my channel because

over these last few years there have

been multiple times when i’ve had to

take more than a 30-day break from

youtube which can drastically slow down

the momentum of your channel i also am

one of the rare creators who has more

than two years of experience of being a

daily content creator uploading videos

to youtube every single day or pretty

close to it i definitely don’t recommend

it without a doctor’s note

but all joking aside being consistent as

a youtube content creator is really hard

it’s really challenging and it’s really

hard early on when you aren’t making a

lot of money on youtube from the start

at the same time if you’re a full-time

time content creator or you’re trying to

be a full-time content creator it can

have its own different challenges

recently i as a full-time content

creator just became a homeowner actually

i did a podcast episode about this over

on my podcast channel i’m going to link

to it down in the description below

it’s a really great video where i talk

about some of the realities of that but

the reason i bring it up is because

moving into this house and doing all of

that and getting set up and getting the

internet and everything the way i needed

to be to start making content again that

is something that took a long time and

it was really rough and it meant i

couldn’t make consistent youtube videos

and also handle all of that so it’s been

about roughly 50 days as of making this

video since i’ve done a regular youtube

channel upload the only thing i’ve

really done on this main channel is keep

up with the community tab post reply to

comments and i’ve done maybe two live

streams during that 50-day window and

that’s it and i can tell you straight up

that when you take more than 30 days off

from uploading to youtube for most

content creators you will see an impact

to your channel you will see less

impressions you will see views slow down

even if you have a back catalog of

content you will see this impact your ad

revenue there are consequences to taking

a break from youtube in the same way

that there would be consequences if you

shut down your business for 30 days and

didn’t serve customers

and see this is the relationship between

youtube and entrepreneurship that a lot

of people miss because most content

creators on youtube even full-time

content creators

they become accidental entrepreneurs

and many still don’t treat this like a

business and in the world it’s not

respected as a real career you’ll

constantly hear people say get a real

job if you’re trying to be a full-time

content creator a streamer a youtuber

you’re doing tick tock whatever the work

that you do is not respected and valued

the same way

as a traditional job even though for you

it might be just as challenging

difficult more challenging while also

sometimes being more rewarding and might

even be making you more money than

whenever you were doing that traditional

job that everybody seems to respect with

that in mind this could take a toll on

your mental health unlike in a regular

job you might be subjected to a lot more

criticism due to the nature of the

internet being the internet you also

might feel because you have your own

deadlines that you’re imposing your own

standards of quality you can be putting

more pressure on yourself than even a

bad boss you might actually be the worst

boss that you’ve ever had if you’re a

content creator speaking a little bit

from personal experience on that one

in the past i’ve done videos where i’ve

shown you my own analytics and my own

data and one of them actually showed you

the benefits of consistency and

uploading youtube more by showing what

happened when i uploaded like six or

seven days in a row back to back

regardless of how the videos performed

and one of the things we saw was that

youtube was compounding not only my

views but i was getting more

opportunities i was getting more

impressions and more reach and more

exposure to people who are not

subscribed to my channel one of the

biggest myths that i keep having to

debunk when it comes to youtube is this

idea of view to subscriber ratios this

is something that the youtube community

and culture made up to decide whether a

channel is thriving or whether a channel

is dying

and it makes no sense because the

problem with this is it makes the


that youtube is putting your videos in

front of your subscribers in the first

place now technically it is in the

youtube subscriptions feed your audience

most likely could find the most recent

video that you uploaded however some

youtube content creators and i believe

small youtubers and large users when

they tell me this sometimes

channels that they’re subscribed to

don’t show up in the subscribe feed when

they click over to that on youtube on

desktop or on mobile so they aren’t

always 100 percent getting the videos

that they subscribe to even when they go

to the subscription feed the place that

most youtube viewers get their content

is from the youtube homepage or another

recommended video either in the nextup

queue autoplay or the suggested videos

on the sidebar on desktop and laptop or

on the bottom when you scroll down on

your mobile phone for the most part the

far majority of traffic on the entire

website of youtube comes through the

youtube home page so if your videos are

not showing up on someone’s youtube

homepage or something else is more

prominently displayed on the home page


your videos are most likely not even

reaching your subscribers and this is

what’s so frustrating about comments

when a youtuber is you know growing

their channel they get subscribers and

people comment on their view to

subscriber ratio it ignores the way that

youtube actually works and that

subscribers don’t necessarily help you

get more views more views would help you

get more subscribers but the opposite is

not true and if you’re experiencing that

let me know in the comment section of

this video are you finding that your

videos are not reaching your subscribers

let me know in the comments

long breaks from youtube hurt your

channel in a very specific way it slows

down momentum and that’s not youtube’s

fault or the fault of the youtube

algorithm it’s just an actual natural

consequence of basically taking energy

away and not adding any back and so

that’s why once we

come back to our channels after a break

we have to rebuild momentum pretty much

from nothing get the ball rolling again

and stay consistent if we take a break

things will slow down again and again

depending on how long your break is it

can take time to build back up that

momentum that you had going by being

consistent uh it’s no different than if

you were to take a couple of weeks off

from working out once you start up again

you’re gonna be feeling it it’s gonna

hurt same thing with your youtube

content now people say well roberto this

youtuber or that youtuber can take long

breaks from youtube let me ask you the

content creator that you’re saying can

take long breaks from youtube are they

uploading viral spectacle content that

is larger than life and do they have a

fan base that is waiting desperately for

their return are they someone that

people constantly talk about are they

someone that people binge watch videos


yeah then that’s probably someone that’s

in the top ten percent or top one

percent of youtube i would imagine that

the rules are gonna work out just

slightly differently for somebody in the

top ten percent or top one percent of

anything that they can probably do

things just a little bit different than

mere mortals

now all joking aside one of the things

that content creators like that have in

their favor is the fact that their viral

content may not run out of momentum in

the same way that a normal uploader

might run out of momentum on something

that’s not a big event or a big topic or

a controversy or anything like that and


since they have just something in terms

of their content generating more

interest generating more entry energy

and their content creator that’s always

being talked about

it’s going to mean that they can go

longer in between uploads that’s just

how it is and most youtubers are not

financially capable of doing that and a

big part of that is also the fact that

when you’re not uploading to youtube

this could slow down not only the

momentum of how many views you’re

getting but that relationship with how

much money you’re earning from your

youtube adsense if that’s your primary

income or if those views are funneled to

your merchandise or your other digital

products or anything else that makes

money for you or your opportunity to

work with brands or sponsors the average

person probably can’t take off from 30

days and take a financial hit like that

in most cases now in my case thankfully

i was in that position with this move i

can’t imagine uh moving in a pandemic if

i had a traditional job because the

impact that that would have had for me

economically but with being a youtube

content creator that makes evergreen

content i had some buffer there making

money from affiliate marketing gives me

some buffer having wonderful

relationships with sponsors and

long-term relationships with brands

also gives me some buffer not to mention

my other business awesome creator

academy because well i took a break from

creating content i did not slow down on

my coaching i kept up with that because

by doing those coaching calls it still

felt like i was still connected to the

community in a way and it also meant

that i had something that i could focus

on outside of the stress of this move uh

the entire time and a way to keep

earning money so it’s very practical to

diversify on youtube and the more

diversity of income that content creator

has it might mean that they can take a

break if they need to to do something

like a life-changing event like moving

or if you’re you know you have a growing

family and you need to take paternity

leave or if you just need a break for

your mental health you might be able to

do that and then you still would have

some level of income that’s coming in

regardless of whether you’re hustling

and putting out your content now with my

podcast channel i actually have done


podcasts back to back went daily and i

saw a dramatic increase in the

impressions that youtube was giving me

in terms of exposure to

more viewership because i was being

consistent and it’s not even close we’re

talking about over a thousand percent

difference in impressions so keep in

mind impressions are opportunity if you

don’t have impressions people are not

getting the opportunity to even click on

your video’s title and thumbnail so

without that opportunity without

impressions nothing else really matters

when it comes to youtube and then out of

that opportunity out of those

impressions you have to get the clicks

and get that click-through rate up so

that is what results in the views in

youtube beyond that you have to keep

people engaged and entertained and

that’s where your retention rates and

your average view duration comes in so

all of this is how youtube works but it


begins and ends with impression and

click-through rate and so if we know

that the more videos we upload the more

impressions the more exposure to an

audience we get even not from our main

subscribers but in this case especially

the podcast i was able to find since

this is a smaller youtube channel that i

have it’s really good data for those of

you who are small youtubers

i was getting exposure much more

to people who were not returning viewers

and who were not subscribers than i was

from the dedicated audience

and that was the value of the momentum

that i’m getting from doing constant

podcast episodes so in this case these

are live streams rather than just

directly uploading but it still proves

the point that i can get more exposure

and if that’s true for live streams i

can tell you from experience and from

the other video that we did about this

when i was doing uploads to this main

youtube channel that you do get more

impressions the more content you’re

uploading and the more content that

you’re making than if you go a long

period of time without uploading and

that’s just the truth and the exception

is if one of your previous old videos

gets traction and starts going viral or

starts getting suggested or recommended

because maybe the topic is important

again in the niche like how to begin the

pandemic zoom tutorials blew up on the

internet because of that so you end up

seeing a lot of youtubers who had made

some tutorials the year before or even

multiple years before start getting

traction again because this topic became

relevant again the same thing happens in

commentary if a public figure has a new

controversy or a new scandal you could

see a revival of older content starting

to get resurgent and starting to get

pushed out more again so these are

things we have to look at is our traffic

sources really do matter when we’re

analyzing our youtube data now roberto

youtube said that you could take a break

and it doesn’t hurt your channel what

the heck guy well in youtube’s defense

they never said how long of a break that

you can take and what i’ve found at

least anecdotally for channels that i’ve

worked with and consulted people who

have given me access to youtube

analytics and data through my coaching

talking to other content creators large

and small

what we came up with was that it’s

probably more than fine to take two

weeks away from youtube without seeing a

significant impact on your channel and

things start to get a little bit harder

if you take more than 30 days more than

a month off which is pretty realistic in

terms of what we would expect in any

scenario two weeks is usually the

longest vacation that most people take

outside of an event like fraternity

league so i think that

having the reasonable expectation that

you can step away for two weeks

is probably fine in terms of your

youtube content and again the exception

is people who make spectacle content

viral videos and so on now my future

plan is to avoid long breaks by making

uh more batch content things that are

evergreen things that won’t be dated

like some of my top 15 videos doesn’t

matter when i film those and then

release them as long as it’s not too

long in advance so by being at least a

couple of weeks ahead with that kind of

thing i can stay on top of this and not

miss any uploads going forward as far as

not taking

more than maybe a week off in terms of

being completely gone from uploading to

youtube and so i think that that’s

practical to do depending on the content

that you’re making the more difficult

and challenging your content is to make

the harder it is to be consistent at it

but overwhelmingly we see more and more

evidence that consistency is the thing

that youtube rewards in addition to

quality quantity value

consistency is ultimately the key to

success in youtube which shouldn’t be a

surprising because it’s just compounding

your effort and your outcomes like

anything else in life good habits if

you’re consistent in working out eating


learning new things your life probably

improves and that’s also probably true

when it comes to your youtube journey is

that the more positive habits the more

momentum the more consistency you have

over a long period of time the more

success you’re gonna see question of the

day what is your biggest challenge in

being consistent on youtube and also

what is a youtube myth that you still

want debunked let me know in the comment

section i’ll try and reply to as many of

you as i can if you enjoyed this video

you might want to check out my youtube

growth playlist with tips that actually

work if you’re trying to grow a youtube

channel i’ll link to that in the

description down below also if you want

to know more about my homebuyer journey

in becoming a youtuber watch this

episode of the podcast i’ll also link to

that in the description as always thank

you so much for watching and don’t

forget go out there and create something

awesome today take care


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