Do YouTube Tags Help You Get Views in 2022?

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=================== text video ====================

if you are worrying about descriptions

and tags

you are worrying about the wrong things

on youtube in 2022.


time and effort you want to spend on

those descriptions and tags

take it all and put it in your video



thumbnail and the first 15 seconds of

your content because


of what’s gonna tell youtube whether

your content satisfies the viewer is


now having said that if you still want

to focus on the description

then i would focus on the what’s called

above the fold part of the description

you know the first couple of lines that

somebody’s going to see when they are

searching for your content

and then think about

uh any calls to action so if you’re

wanting to sell products and services or

you want in people to download a free

workbook or something that you’re

providing make sure you include that

content as well but try and keep it

simple i know you have 5 000

characters in your description but who

actually reads all of that


i really i really don’t want to waste

any time on tags as i’ve said all i

would do is



what you want to rank for and whatever

the top video is copy their tags paste

it into your video tag box using vidiq’s

free tool then remove the tags that you

don’t think are necessary add a couple

more but really only spend like a minute

or less on that i mean that’s my opinion

uh what what do you think on on

on i guess search engine optimization at

this stage in 2022 heather yeah i think

that you definitely there is a priority

like you said rob there’s a priority of

what you should be focused on and your

title and thumbnail and topic should be

top priority and then the other pieces

um can be filled in and what i love so

much about the different tools that

youtube and vidiq offer is um there you

can actually put in uh a template into

your youtube description that’s just the

one that happens on all of them and all

you have to do is change the top line so

we have a template that goes on every

one of our videos and we just change out

a few things rather than having to type

out everything that happens on that um

and then i think what’s great about

keywords uh and tags is it’s actually

better for your benefit of researching

what your topic is and knowing what your

video is about uh to be able to do that

but i completely agree rob i think it’s

best to give as much data as you can but

focus on the key three t’s first your

topic your title and your thumbnail

before anything else because whether you

feed the information to the algorithm or

not it’s not going to do anything if

those three things are not locked and on

point already


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