Do You Know About This YouTube Update?

Public YouTube dislike counts are a thing of the past… but did you know that YouTube has made other updates that you might not be aware of.

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0:00 — Daily Custom Thumbnail Upload Limits?
2:38 — Autoplay YouTube Shorts in the mobile App
3:57 — YouTube Shorts Thumbnails are toast?
4:45 — How to best use the community tab
5:22 — Should you promote videos outside of YouTube?
7:04 — What to do with vidIQ’s likes/dislikes ratio tool?

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=================== text video ====================

— So you may have heard by now

that YouTube have decided
in their infinite wisdom

to hide the public dislike
count on all videos

on the platform.

But what you may not know is that

YouTube have been to a lot
of other things as well.

(phone beeps)

What’s this?

YouTube limiting custom
thumbnail upload count.

There is a limit to how
many custom thumbnail

a channel can upload each day.

If you get an error saying

daily custom thumbnail limit reached

when trying to upload a
thumbnail try again in 24 hours.

Limits may vary by country
and region or channel history.

Copyright strikes may impact
channel history eligibility,

community guidelines strikes will affect

how many custom thumbnails you can upload.

So of course I have to ask at this point,

have any of you encountered this error

because I’d love to
know what sort of limits

we’re talking about.

A hundred custom thumbnail uploads,

20, less than 10 a day.

I’ve never encountered it.

Of course, custom thumbnails
are an absolutely vital tool

for all creators and you can unlock it

by verifying your YouTube account.

It’s one of the first things you should do

when you start a YouTube channel.

So to lose or have limited
access to this tool

is quite terrifying to be honest.

Now I don’t think this
is targeted in any way

shape or form towards the general creator.

Somebody who publishes a
video and then after an hour

they decided the click-through
rate isn’t that high

so they change the thumbnail.

Somebody who’s generally and obviously

manually making adjustments

to try and improve their content.

What this is most likely targeted at is

automated systems which
are switching thumbnails

almost every other second

and people who are violating
the community guidelines

with thumbnails that
just aren’t appropriate

for the platform.

In the past there have been
a couple of inventive stabs

that automated video optimization,

the most famous one
being Tom Scott’s video

that automatically updates its title

every time somebody watches it.

And then there’s this MrBeast video,

in which every time someone watches it,

he gives money to his friend.

And I’m almost certain that in the past,

this thumbnail used to
automatically update,

but maybe this new YouTube
rule is preventing it now.

There’s even a video on
how all of this is done

through YouTube APIs

and I was very tempted to
try and do this for dislikes,

make a video where the
thumbnail automatically updated

the dislike count,

but that data is being
removed from the API

in a couple of weeks so the
video would break very quickly.

Somebody is going to try
that idea now, aren’t they?

Don’t blame me if something
goes wrong with your channel.

We’ve kind of got sidetracked
a little bit there

but to summarize custom
thumbnails, daily limits,

keep an eye out for it. Also
while we are sidetracked,

I’ve gone all in with our
glasses today, what do you think?

Let me know in the comments below.

I’ve got a little more
to say about thumbnails

but in order to get there

first we’ve got to go
through YouTube Shorts.

(man yelling)

Now I know you’re not all
fans of YouTube Shorts,

but even if you don’t create them,

this may affect you and
everybody else on a platform.

According to TechCrunch,

YouTube are performing tests

that default the YouTube mobile app

to open directly in Shorts

if the user has previously
watched Shorts videos

before exiting.

In other words, instead of being taken

to the YouTube homepage
when you return to the app,

you’ll be dropped into a
Short form video experience.

As you can see it already
does this on Android

if you exit the app and
then quickly go back in.

But the world I’m envisaging in the future

is when you wake up in the morning

and you check YouTube for the first time,

it just starts throwing you
into Shorts immediately.

Does anyone want that? Let us
know in the comments below.

Of course, that’s very much
the TikTok way of doing things,

but YouTube users are used to choice.

Going to the homepage,
subscription feed, doing a search,

not with Short form content.

This all goes back to a year ago

when I fought for Short,

the YouTube we’re going to separate out

Shorts as an independent app,

similar to YouTube kids.

So they’re not, it’s
integrated into the main app.

They are forcing it
down our throats almost,

but at the same time,

it’s hard to argue with the
success of YouTube Shorts.

15 billion daily Shorts views,

I still can’t quite believe that number

and creators earning thousands of dollars

every single month
thanks to the Shorts fund

and all of that breezes onto
YouTube Shorts thumbnails,

which I think YouTube
are trying to eradicate.

For now custom thumbnails
for YouTube Shorts

still display on desktop browsers

because, well, I guess you watch them

through a desktop browser,

but within the mobile app

I’m not seeing custom thumbnails anywhere.

On channel pages that they’d be replaced

by these portrait sized
random frames from the video

and in search there are no
custom thumbnails either,

just this Shorts logo in the corner

to tell you what type of video they are.

I’m not about to tell you

to stop making custom thumbnails
for your YouTube Shorts

but unless you’re getting
tons of views on your Shorts

from a computer or a laptop,

I don’t think anybody’s going
to see those thumbnails.

Often when we talk about optimization,

we say spend 99% of your time on the title

and the thumbnail but
when it comes to Shorts,

spend 99.9% of your time on
the content and nothing else.

Our question of the day comes
from TrunksZ World who asks

any tips on how to increase engagement

on your community tab,

getting more likes on posts, et cetera.

There are three things
I will say about that.

Don’t worry too much about likes,

you want actual human
engagement with your audience.

You do that by, number two,

always asking them a question

and keeping that question
relatively simple.

Just like this.

In a recent poll

we asked if YouTube
added a skip intro button

would you use it?

A question very relevant to our community.

They voted in their thousands

and commented in their hundreds.

In short make your community

the focus of your community posts.

Next up I saw this in a recent creator

inside a video on the
topic of whether or not

you should promote your content

outside of YouTube.

— You should absolutely share your videos

outside of YouTube.

Our recommendation system
is primarily learning

from how videos perform
when they are offered up

to viewers on home or suggested.

So when we recommend a
video, how is it doing?

Do viewers choose to watch it?

How much and how long of
the video do they watch?

And if they’re satisfied.

If your video is getting more traffic

from external sources like social media,

it’s likely increasing
your video’s potential

to be discovered by more viewers.

And another benefit is that those viewers

now have that video in their watch history

so there’s a higher likelihood
that they may be recommended

one of your other videos in the future.

So share away.

— Now I must confess that
in a fairly recent video

I offered a somewhat
alternative viewpoint to this.

If you’re just going here,
there, and everywhere,

picking random clumps of people

and recommending they watch our videos,

is that really as good as YouTube
finding the perfect people

for your content.

So don’t promote your content at all.

let YouTube do the work.

I understand the theory
and I get the logic.

Now I still stand by what I said there

as a different approach
to promoting your content.

Within that video there were
plenty more traditional ways

of promoting your videos,

but there was something in
that video from Rachel Hollis

really intrigued me.

Once a video is in
somebody’s watch history

is a benefit to YouTube
recommendation system.

Does that mean that
when YouTube cannot rely

on it’s on platform data

such as impressions
and click-through rates

a view, simply a view is a huge signal

for the recommendation system.

I’m just speculating here.

Okay then going back to public
dislike counts being hidden,

if you’re a vidIQ user,

you’ll be familiar with this free tool

that shows you the
likes, the dislike ratio

before clicking on a video.

Well, sadly, thanks to YouTube changes,

that tool is going to
stop working properly.

So we’re figuring out
what we should do with it.

And that’s where you come in.

We thought about just grabbing

the likes and comments counter

and putting them in the thumbnail

of the current views
per our velocity rate,

but we’d love to hear from you

so make sure to comment below.

So those are some of the more recent

hidden in the bushes YouTube updates,

but if you’re concerned
about YouTube monetization

and what’s going on in that
world, then guess what?

We’ve done an update video
on that too over here.

Thanks for watching.


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