Do THIS to craft a compelling title people WILL click on!

How to craft a compelling title people WILL click on! We all want to win the click on YouTube and it takes a compelling title and enticing thumbnail to slow someone’s scroll and get them to click. Let’s tackle how to craft a title people will click on and how TubeBuddy can help!

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0:00 Intro
0:15 How long do you have to catch a viewers attention on YouTube
0:29 How to make educational video titles interesting
0:42 Why It’s important for search based channels to get titles RIGHT
0:57 How to use the YouTube search bar for video ideas
1:03 The SECRET trick to getting video ideas for ANY keyword!
1:41 How to use TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer for video ideas!
1:53 Why using the TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer is beneficial to you!
2:11 Why being on a paid level of TubeBuddy helps with accuracy
2:25 What does "Search Pool" mean on YouTube?
2:57 Common mistake #1 with YouTube Titles
3:19 Common mistake #2 with keywords in video titles
3:42 Emotional response keyword titles strategies
4:06 Common mistakes with title length
4:40 Comment of the video
4:55 How reading magazines can help your YouTube channel
5:25 Why naming a series this way is ruining your chance for views
5:45 How to use TubeBuddy keyword explorer for trending topics
6:10 How to use trending topics from around the world to get views
6:28 How to make sure your title is well optimized for views
7:00 How to test two different titles on YouTube
7:33 Share your title test with us!

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So, what is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that will help you seamlessly manage and optimize your YouTube channel.

Our goal is to save you time on YouTube so that you can put that time towards creating more content or spending it with your friends and family.

We will help automate much of your daily workflow such as creating cards and end screens, creating thumbnails, publishing your videos to Facebook, optimizing your video’s tags and promoting your latest video.

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=================== text video ====================

— Learning how to craft a
compelling title can be one of the

elements that takes your video from

must-watch to no one saw it at all.

So what goes into it?

Let’s go ahead and get started right now.

(soft melodic music)

On average, we typically only
have a few precious seconds

to hopefully slow down someone’s scroll

when they’re on YouTube and
get them to click into a video.

The combination between
the title and the thumbnail

is what gets people
interested in your video.

So how do we craft the most
compelling title that we can?

Especially if you’re in an
education or how to niche,

when a lot of what you’re
doing is actually a little bit

more straightforward or
perhaps even listicle in style.

How do you make that exciting?

YouTube is the world’s second
largest search engine owned by

the world’s largest,
which would be Google.

So you don’t have to go
very much farther for

a search based results
than the address bar.

So let’s start here first

and then we will take it from there.

If you already have a keyword in mind,

go ahead and blop it into
the search bar of YouTube

and then here’s the
insight trick and tip here,

go ahead and hit the space
bar and see what comes up.

These are also going to start
listing things as they’re

being associated with this search term

and coming up in order
of popularity and search.

And then more so than that,

the next tip, is to go ahead
and start with the letter A

or an underscore, and
then see what populates,

and then go ahead and delete
that and go to letter B.

Take a quick scan through
all of the letters

and if there are topics that come up

that sound interesting to you,

feel free to save them as a topic

inside a Video Topic
Planner inside of TubeBuddy,

to save as a digital post-it

so that you can come back to it later.

Once you have your keyword that
you’d like to explore more,

let’s go ahead and take
this and put it into

Keyword Explorer inside of TubeBuddy.

Now, one of the great parts about

putting a keyword phrase into

the Keyword Planner is
that with TubeBuddy,

we can bring you back
additional information,

including how many videos
are in that search result

or how many times that
keyword is searched per month.

Not only this,

but we’ll also be able to show
you how well optimize your

competition is when it comes
to that particular keyword.

We’ll also be able to
tell you related searches

or commonly used tags when it
comes to that search as well.

If you’re on a paid plan of TubeBuddy,

we’re also going to be able to give you

additional information
which takes into account

your channels history,

as well as average views to
show you how well your video

might perform if you made
a video on this topic.

Now, if you are a search based channel,

you may find that the opportunity
is going to be greater

for ranking higher in
Google and YouTube search.

If you are one of the videos
in a smaller pool of results.

So instead of making a generic
video in a sea of results

about WWE, for instance,

with several million videos in
that particular search pool,

you might make one that’s
a little bit more specific,

such as WWE divas,

and be competing with a lot
fewer videos and have a higher

likelihood of your video
being able to be seen.

Now, a couple of common mistakes

that we see very frequently when people

aren’t going after
particular keywords are that;

one that they can be too
specific so instead of WWE,

which is too generic and then WWE divas,

which is a little bit
more of a shrinkerfier,

then they say divas that are
blonde and born in England.

If you’re going to use a
keyword phrase like that,

you do want to be a little
bit cognizant of the fact that

you can go down too far.

The second common mistake
that we see a lot is

that a lot of people
will use their keyword

and they’ll put it at
the end of their title.

So keep in mind if you have
something that might come up in

search, such as The Shure SM7B microphone,

you probably wouldn’t want
to create a title that says:

my genuine reaction after
using The Shure SM7B microphone

for five months.

Instead, you would say
Shure SM7B microphone,

my reaction after five months.

Easy, best, unbelievable,

things I wish I had always
known, do this before you buy X.

Those types of phrases
have emotional triggers

that make people respond
and have genuine intrigue

and interest in the title.

So if you can marry that search keyword,

as well as that emotional trigger,

you’re going to have a title on your hands

that is going to get more clicks.

The next mistake we see
with people using keywords

for their title is going to be that

they make their title so
long that it gets cut off,

especially viewing on mobile.

Think mobile first and most of
the time after 70 characters

or so it’s actually going to
get truncated on the title line

and you’re not really going to see it.

So it’s best not to use
all of those characters.

In fact, one of the items
on our upload checklist

as well as best practices list includes

the fact that the title
is under 70 characters,

so that hopefully none of it gets cut off.

Now I do want to take a second
and put onscreen our comment

of the video and someone
out there did remind me

that I missed it in
one of the last videos.

I’m very, very sorry,
but this one is now here.

Thank you so much for interacting
with our community post

or with our video.

And if you want to have
your comment featured

in the next video, make
sure to comment on this one.

Now we have talked about
this once before in a video

and if you miss that one,

I’m going to link it up here in the cards.

But, one of the best practices
when you’re starting to learn

how to craft titles that are enticing

and will get a click is to
study magazine headlines

as well as newspaper headlines.

By studying the way that
professional journalists

actually title their
headlines for newspapers

and magazines, you’re
going to start to see

a lot of patterns when
you’re looking for them

and you’re going to get some great ideas

for how to craft your own title.

Another frequent and very common
mistake that we see is that

when people are crafting their titles,

not only do they make them too long,

but if they have a recurrent
series on their channel

or perhaps a Vlog, they name the Vlog 142,

and then the thing afterwards,

as opposed to actually the
keyword and the visual interest

or emotional trigger,

and then having the name
of the series at the end.

Now, if you’re not primarily
a search based channel,

like many of these examples
we’re showing today,

one of the coolest things
inside of Keyword Explorer

is going to be the trending topics.

So you can go through and
actually go ahead and look for

trending topics, and if that’s something

that’s in your wheelhouse,
you’ll have data right there

showing you how much people are

looking for this and what
that search number looks like,

so you can decide if you’d
like to start and kick off your

keyword research with that term.

If you’re in a country that is different

from what is in the list,

you can go ahead and drop
down from the main menu that

comes up and change it.

One of the greatest things
about these trending topics is

that it’s all being pulled
in from Google Trends.

So this is such a great
time saver so that all this

information is right there

inside of TubeBuddy at your fingertips.

So if you have your keyword
that you want to go after,

and perhaps even your emotional
trigger and response as part

of your title, and you
want to put those together,

you can also kick it up a notch
by launching SEO Studio and

then go through the process of
having your title as well as

your description box and even
uploading your thumbnail to

see what it’s all going to look like

when it gets put together.

And if you’re not ready to
apply it to a video at time of

upload right then and there,

you can save it as a draft and apply it

when you are ready to upload your video.

As you start to brainstorm
all of these ideas,

you may also find I’ve got
a couple of different titles

that could go either way,

one has a positive connotation,
one has a negative,

like best stuff and worst
stuff and I want to know

which one should I go with,
for you data junkies out there

I’ve got something even better.

If you’re on the Legend Plan of TubeBuddy,

you can actually do an
A/B test with titles.

That’s right, it’s more
than just thumbnails.

If you want to,

you can use your metadata or your title

and your description box.

You can change it from one variation,

perhaps the negative
to the other variation,

perhaps the positive, and
then go ahead and test those

and see how your audience reacts.

Personally, I think
this option is so cool.

And if you’re out there
and you’ve done an A/B test

on your title, not your thumbnail,

and you have awesome results to show tag

TubeBuddy on Twitter so that
we can retweet you and perhaps

even show your example
in another future video.

Now, remember at the end of
the day we are going for,

Click worthy not click bait titles,

and of course you need to marry it

with an awesome thumbnail.

I’m going to link this video over here

make sure you go check it out.
It’s all about thumbnails.

Thank you so much for hanging
out with us TubeBuddies,

We’ll see you in the next one.Bye.


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