Derral Eves | The Secret To YouTube Success Is Community!

As a YouTube creator, if you want to turn your ideas and vision into something big – include your community! Find ways to bring your community together and get them involved.

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=================== text video ====================

i want you to think differently as a

creator i want you to think hey how can

i actually involve the community so that

yeah i’m the head of the community i’m

sharing all the stuff that’s going on

and you’re sharing your vision and they

want to get behind it that’s where it

comes in to really understanding what

you need to do as a creator is you need

to tackle it head-on becoming the best

you possibly can at creating value

creating a sense of community having a

authentic voice but also get something

that they can get behind like a gofundme

that’s easy a patreon that’s great a

t-shirt whatever it may be at the end of

this all guys please please please


think how you can bring value to the

community and then more importantly

share your vision with the community to

take it up even bigger so they can get

behind your passion with

monetary ways you know whether it’s a

t-shirt whether it’s a course whether

you know it’s a gofundme page or a

patreon they’re wanting to get behind

this and it’s a lot bigger if you

actually include everyone