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@Derral Evesgives a word of warning for all creators, don’t outsource your content ideation. You need to create content you care about! Your audience will notice if you are disconnected from your content. Take a break if you need, so you can continue to create content that excites you and your audience.

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=================== text video ====================

i’m gonna do a word of warning for every

creator here if you take the ideation

creation out of your content and hand it

over to someone else

it’s not a good thing it’s not you have

to be invested in your content you have

to be able to say no this is you can get

someone to give you ideas but you need

to be excited about that ideas because

if it’s somebody else’s idea then it’s

really a disconnect from you as a

creator i’ve seen a lot of creators just

plateau or start to lose momentum

because someone else is doing it and

they’re stopping creating and that’s

what people can just notice the

difference between that now you can be

like mr beast and build a team around

that but at the end of the day i’m here

to tell you he’s so involved in his

content creation he’ll turn down a

thousand different ideas before he finds

that right idea but it’s just knowing

what he wants to create but what you

need to do is allocate more time for you

to do what you’re really passionate

about and if it’s just taking a break so

that you can be more creative that’s

what you need to do


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