Create a YouTube content calendar like a Pro! | Know exactly what to film NEXT!

Learn how to create a content calendar for your YouTube content and why should you do it! By having a plan in place for your YouTube content, it can bring you peace of mind, make it easy to follow a schedule, and it will be easier to release sequential videos.

Today we’re showing you how to use TubeBuddy to create a content plan and some additional resources that can help give you ideas so that you won’t feel frustrated the day before a video is due, because you’ll know exactly what to film next and feel more confident having a plan of action!

0:00 Intro
0:24 Why you should create a content roadmap
0:37 How to start planning your content for YouTube
0:54 How to build a content ideas list
1:07 TubeBuddy Topic Planner
1:24 How to add ideas to TubeBuddy Topic Planner
1:45 How to search trending topics for YouTube
2:03 How to search holidays for content ideas
2:20 Should you remake top performing past videos on YouTube?
2:45 How to use YouTube comments to come up with video ideas
3:00 How to add YouTube Comments to TubeBuddy Topic Planner
3:20 TubeBuddy Video Topic Planner Details
3:55 TubeBuddy Video Topic Planner on Mobile
4:19 How to use seasonal events for your content plan
5:01 Why having a content calendar makes series easier
5:30 Community comment highlight
5:43 TubeBuddy Scheduled Publish tool

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So, what is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that will help you seamlessly manage and optimize your YouTube channel.

Our goal is to save you time on YouTube so that you can put that time towards creating more content or spending it with your friends and family.

We will help automate much of your daily workflow such as creating cards and end screens, creating thumbnails, publishing your videos to Facebook, optimizing your video’s tags and promoting your latest video.

We hope you give it a try and remember, it’s free to install at:

=================== text video ====================

— Do you already know the next four videos

that you’re going to film?

If you’re drawing a blank right now,

or if you’ve ever been,

the night before a video
is supposed to go up,

with still no idea of what to film,

this video is for you.

(bright music)

(logo plops)

Hi, TubeBuddies.

I’m Shelly Nathan,

the Video Manager and Product
Expert here at TubeBuddy.

Creating a content
roadmap may sound scary,

but some of the benefits
include peace of mind,

knowing what to film next,

and being able to release videos

in a sequential order or series.

And so, how do you get started
creating a content roadmap?

That’s what we’re diving into.

So, let’s go ahead and get started.

One of the worst feelings
as a content creator

is feeling like you have
no idea what videos to make

or feeling like you’re out of ideas

and then getting into a creative rut.

So, one of the first things
that we always suggest

is to have a running
list of ideas and topics

that you can talk about.

Some people choose a pen
and paper, others post-its,

others will also do digital,

but we also suggest a great way to do it

is on your phone or computer.

And by using TubeBuddy’s Topic Planner,

this is actually a great
way that we can help you

have a digital post-it
so that you can come back

to all of your video
topic ideas at one point,

and then decide if
there’s something in there

that sparks your interest

to go ahead and make a video about.

There are several ways to add
items to your Topic Planner.

One of the easiest ways
is if you’re kicking off

keyword research inside of our tool

and you come across a term that you think

would be a great video idea for you later,

you can actually save that
term to a Topic Planner.

And from there, you can also add notes

if you have additional points

that you wanna make on that topic.

A few additional ways to find items

to fill out your Video Topic Planner

would be first to look at
the What’s Trending page

inside of the Keyword Explorer.

Again, you can dropdown from the menu

and select the country that
is most appropriate for you.

That can be a great way
to tie in recent events

into whatever your channel may be about

and see if you can marry the two.

An additional way to find more topics

for your Video Topic Planner
is to do a quick Google search

for a national holiday calendar

or weird, quirky holiday
calendar for your genre,

and see and scan if
there are specific dates

that you can add, that would
be great in your content plan.

And one place you may not have thought of

is to go back through your videos

that you’ve already
published on your channel,

and see if historically, you
have a well-performing video

that happened at a
certain time of the year

and see if it’s a video
that might be worth remaking

into a new updated version.

For instance, if last year,
right before Christmas,

you did a best gifts
under $50 type of video,

and that performed really well for you,

it may be a video that is worth remaking.

When you make a video

that really resonates with your audience,

they may leave you some amazing comments.

And sometimes those comments
include video ideas, followups,

or questions that can be turned
later into videos as well.

TubeBuddy even has an option

inside of our Canned Responses
area for inline comment menu,

where you can take a comment

and add it to the Video Topic Planner,

and it will even keep track

of the channel name that left the comment.

If you’re on the free
version of TubeBuddy,

we’ll keep track of your first five items

in the Video Topic Planner,

and if you’re on any paid level,
you have unlimited entries.

Once inside of the Video Topic Planner,

you can drag and drop to change
and or rearrange the order

into whatever you see fit.

You can also click into
any one of the topics,

launch Keyword Explorer,
and add additional notes

including bullet points
or write a paragraph

or even your script if you wanna do that,

and we’ll keep it all
safe and sound for you.

You also have the ability to mark items

from inside the Video
Topic Planner as complete

so that you don’t have
to clutter your list

with items that you’ve already filmed,

and you can still have a running tally

of all of the videos
you’ve already planned.

If you’re managing your
YouTube channel on the go

or managing your YouTube
channel from your phone,

you can use the TubeBuddy
iOS or Android mobile app,

and still have access to
your Video Topic Planner.

If you make any changes,
additions, deletions,

you can also have that synced

so the next time you’re
back on a computer browser,

it will still be the same
information and kept up to date.

One important factor

when it comes to creating a content plan

or a content calendar,

would be to take into account
events that are happening

perhaps around the world
or in your country.

Here in the United States
in the month of September,

we may have a lot of people
going back to school.

So, you may see a lot of videos
around this type of event.

So, once you start to think about

some of these seasonal
events or life events,

or events that happen around the world,

it’s easier for you to start filling in

areas into your content plan.

And if you know about them a week,

three weeks, a month in advance,

it’s easier for you to plan your content

and decide what kind of video to make.

One great benefit of having a content plan

or content calendar in place

is that it’s easier for you to create

a series of sequential videos.

For instance, you’re a technology channel

talking about the latest iPhone,

you can first have a
video of the unboxing,

and then setting up the iPhone,

and then the favorite apps on
iPhone and so on and so forth.

And by knowing what order
you’d like to film the videos,

it makes it easier for
you to plan your content.

Speaking of highlighting comments
from your comment section,

I do wanna take a second
to thank Artwithhands

for their lovely comment
on our community post.

And if you’d like a chance

for your comment to be in
one of our future videos,

comment on our community
posts or on our videos.

So, of course, it’s great to have

an entire month’s worth of
videos already planned out,

but wouldn’t it be even better

if you could create batch content,

get that video uploaded and
scheduled to be published

so that if you decide to take
a vacation, go on holiday,

you don’t have to worry about

coming back to your YouTube channel

and having content put out.

Another way that TubeBuddy
can help you with this

is by using the Scheduled Publish feature.

One of the greatest parts about that

is that you can set not
only the publish date,

but you can set it to add to a playlist,

and you can also schedule the
first comment on that video.

One of the best ways to
stop feeling so behind

is by knowing what’s ahead.

So, we hope that by watching this video,

you feel more confident and secure

in knowing how you can create
a content calendar plan

and how TubeBuddy can help you with that.

Thank you so much for watching.

We’ll see you next time, TubeBuddies.



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