Community vs. Advertiser Friendly Guidelines — What’s the Difference?

Hello Insiders! Today we’re back answering a common question: "What’s the difference between the Community Guidelines and the Advertiser Friendly Guidelines on YouTube?".

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

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why are there two sets of guidelines on

youtube you got the community guidelines

and then you got the advertiser friendly

guidelines why two sets of rules it’s a

question we hear all the time to put it

simply if you want to upload on youtube

in general the platform has a set of

rules of the road that you need to

follow and if you want your videos to be

monetized where you’re essentially

partnering with brands you need to not

only follow youtube’s community

guidelines but also advertiser friendly

guidelines those are a little different

a little more stringent let’s dig into

both basically the community guidelines

are set by youtube developed by policy

teams who routinely consult outside

experts and creators

these guidelines exist to make sure

youtube can operate as an open platform

while also protecting users advertiser

friendly guidelines exists because

advertisers want to be

comfortable when spending their money to

market their products and services let’s

say you were marketing a product with

youtube ads like a new invention or

grandma’s famous chicken salad recipe or

an online course you’d probably want

some comfort and control over where your

ad shows up so as you might expect most

advertisers tend to choose the cleanest

and safest content out there since

videos can be associated with their

brands and products but recently edgier

brands have been choosing to run ads on

edgier content so it’s not like only the

squeaky clean creators can make ad

revenue your video that got a yellow

icon still might make some revenue from

ads if that sounds like you i will link

a past video below for much more detail

on that topic lastly keep in mind that

while some of the principles of these

two sets of guidelines are in agreement

they’re not all the same for example you

might be able to give a controversial

opinion on a controversial topic and it

can stay on youtube but advertisers may

not be interested in running ads on it

now from my experience having been a

creator and then working at youtube this

stuff is all very nuanced and complex

there is a ton of gray area and the

policy teams do their best to update and

improve the language for everyone

they also do welcome your feedback on

where they can be more clear and around

which policies so be sure to leave your

comments and questions below and lauren

and i will make sure the policy team

sees them

i’ll also add links to more detail in

the description i hope that was helpful


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