Comment Search Filters on Studio Mobile, Wellbeing Experiment, and Watermarks and the Shorts Fund!

Hello Insiders! Today we’re talking about the launch of comments search filters on Studio Mobile, an experiment to improve creator wellbeing, and an audience question about watermarks and the Shorts Fund.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

0:00 Intro
0:04 [Experiment] Wellbeing Improvements to the Snapshot Card
0:47 [Launch] Adding Comment Search Filters to YT Studio Mobile
1:49 [Reminder] Required 2SV
2:19 Audience Question



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=================== text video ====================

what’s up creators this is your weekly

news flash let’s get into those updates

alright first up let’s discuss wellness

improvements that we’ve made to the

snapshot card now we’ve heard that the

latest video performance card within

studio desktop is really useful to many

of you but for some it can cause anxiety

as well as stress by constantly drawing

your attention to views and ranking so

as a result we’re running a small

experiment that we hope will help with

greater well-being what we’re doing is

moving the ranking which we know is a

source of anxiety for creators from the

main card to the tooltip next to views

we’re now going to show you how big the

difference is between your latest video

and your typical video within the

tooltip now let’s discuss an exciting

launch the addition of comment search

filters on studio mobile

first thing to call out is this is

happening as a result of your positive

feedback what you need to know about

this is you’ll now be able to use those

filters that you’ve always enjoyed on

desktop via studio mobile to respond to

and search for specific comments what

this also means is that within the

studio mobile app you can now filter by

response status have i already responded

to the comment

contains question does the comment

contain a question

subscriber count does the commenter have

at least 1k subscribers 10k 100k 1

million 10 million subscribers the

subscriber status is the commenter

publicly subscribed to me and member

status is the commenter a member how do

i start using this connor well you go to

the comments page within the mobile

youtube studio app

we’re hoping to bring this to more

channels in the future so stay tuned now

let’s talk reminders you’ve heard me say

before i’ll say it again two-step

verification is coming to a screen near


now this is a reminder to any creator

with access to a monetizing channel

to enable two-step verification with the

associated account in order to maintain

access to youtube studio

if you fail to do this by november 1st

you will no longer be able to view edit

or upload videos within youtube studio

let us know if you’ve any questions in

the comments below and now it’s been a

while but we’re going to leave you with

an audience question this question came

from a creator who wondered does adding

a watermark to my work make me

ineligible for the shorts fund well

great question we brought it to the

shorts team and they clarified that

shorts should be eligible for the shorts

fund if the watermark in question

is from the creator themself like their

channel name or avatar

when watermarks make shorts ineligible

for the shorts fund is when they’re from

a third-party social media site we hope

that clarifies let us know if you’ve any

questions in the comments below from the

creators of youtube to youtube creators

thank you so much for tuning in and

we’ll see you next week


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