Check These 3 Things to KNOW Your Channel is Successful (or Not)

Here are 3 uncommon, super helpful ways to check your YouTube channel’s growth trajectory so you KNOW how it’s going.

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6:27 Growth Indicator #3 — Audience Response
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howdy howdy everyone nate here how big

is your channel because i don’t care if

you have a hundred subscribers and

you’re wondering if this whole youtube

thing is even gonna work or you have a

hundred thousand subscribers and you’re

just feeling stagnant either way i would

look at similar things so let me show

you the first thing i look at is

actually in your youtube analytics so if

you have a moment and you have the

availability to do so go and pause this

video and pull up your analytics you can

follow along here so what i’m looking

for is in the vanilla analytics not in

advanced mode or anything you’re just

going to click on analytics you’re going

to hit audience and you’re going to look

for this

videos growing your audience now this is

a fairly new edition as a recording this

video to the youtube analytics and i

absolutely love it in fact this is the

first time that i have mentioned this

publicly here on this channel because

what this video is showing me is showing

you is which videos are causing people

to stay on your channel so they watch a

video and they decide to either return

to that video or watch other content on

your channel i love that youtube is

sharing this with us and so what it

looks like is it gives kind of a little

rating high moderate to low of what that

video is doing for your channel so on

this one it’s got a high rating meaning

people who find this video for the first

time they’re coming to watch other

videos on my channel these ones are both

doing moderate and these ones are a bit

lower now it’s natural for you to have a

lot of videos that are lower on this

scale because all that means is those

videos are returning viewers and they’re

not necessarily videos that new people

are finding and they’re choosing to

watch other content on your channel i

hope you’re following now i did some

checking across my own channels to see

if this metric would be available to a

variety of smaller channels not just

channels the size of this one and to my

knowledge looking across the other

channels that i managed even channels

the size of around 700 subscribers it

had this box in my analytics but in the

case that you don’t have this yet the

very next place i’m going to look that

gives me a similar idea is this

returning viewers graph right here

because what this is showing me here is

how my videos are performing over time

in terms of total viewers on my channel

so the purple line is people who are

coming back after having already watched

a video on my channel or more videos on

my channel and the blue line is videos

being shown to people for the first time

so with this and with this video

screwing your audience box what we’re

looking for is to always have new

viewers going on because in your channel

if it is not growing if you’re not

attracting new viewers then that is a

channel that is going down on youtube

it’s just the way that it works so what

i would look for is in this box of

videos growing your audience i would

look to have at least a few of these

that are moderate to high on this new

viewers who returned and then up here

i’m looking for at least a baseline of

new viewers that are coming and they’re

finding my content for the first time

now i know i said this video as a video

about hey what signs that your channel

is working but i gotta add a few

warnings here what happens if this new

viewer line is just really low and i

only have returning viewers so in those

cases i would look down here below to

this one watch time from subscribers and

if you’re seeing an abnormally high

amount of watch time from subscribed

viewers meaning this number is like 80

or more then that’s when i start to get

worried because that is telling me that

my channel again is not finding new

audience it’s just a warning i realize

this video is not directly about that

but i had to include that in here to let

you know what to look for so bringing it

back to this metric if you’ve got a good

blend of returning viewers versus new

viewers and you have at least a couple

of videos in any given time because this

shows for the last 90 days if you have

at least a couple of videos that are

doing this that are causing new viewers

to come back to your channel those are

good signs the next thing that i see

being a huge indicator of your success

as a channel is this and it’s going to

sound obvious but but bear with me here

you are implementing new skills and

strategies regularly on your channel and

i don’t just mean watching videos

similar to this and saying oh yeah

that’s that’s a great idea i mean how

often are you actually applying things

that you are learning if you’re part of

project 24 how often are you going

through a lesson and saying okay today i

am implementing this skill set right now

if you’re watching videos like this one

on youtube and i just said this one

analytic is an indicator of your channel

being successful did you actually go and

look at the analytic on your own channel

i’m calling you out here on purpose

because what separates you from everyone

who says they want to do youtube is you

actually do it you actually test new

strategies you actually try new skills

you actually implement things into your

very next video that you’re producing

and this is why i said it sounds simple

because it almost sounds like a

motivational poster hey are you actually

implementing what you’re learning about

youtube it almost sounds like that but

it really is a conscious choice to

actually apply things and try things in

the moment because here’s how i’d say it

if you’re beginning on youtube it’s all

about finding your rhythm with the skill

sets and the strategies that you’re

playing with your channel it’s about

finding the rhythm and if you have an

established channel it’s about refining

or improving the rhythm you already have

if this is being awesome to you thus far

i would love if you would boop the like

button on this video so it can spread to

more people i appreciate it thank you

next factor that i look for in a

successful channel that proves that your

channel is actually being more

successful than you might feel like

right now is you have a growing core

audience well duh right you say well

done of course i have more audience i’m

growing my audience well great that

seems like the most obvious thing in the

world but not quite so because there’s a

few things that i look for that you may

not have thought of before i’m going to

show you the first with a few example

channels uh subscribers some of you that

shared your channels with me this one is

shroom it’s all about vlogs of fishing

etc similar items and so what i’m

looking for is a baseline of views let

me explain what i mean here if i go back

and i start looking at about six months

ago on my channel and if you’re

following along i’m gonna recommend you

do it right now on your own channel i’m

gonna start looking for the baseline or

the average low amount of views on

videos that are at least two weeks old

or older so what i’m looking at here is

i see 5.9 3.7 4.1 5.5 4.1 this is about

five to six months ago as a recording

i’m gonna go up to more recent videos

i’m going to look at least two weeks ago

6.4 3.7 4.8 what i’m looking for is the

average baseline so what i would say

here on the more recent videos is about

4.8 000 views now why does this number

even matter to me is because this number

the baseline average is what tells me

these are the videos that will get views

no matter what the topic is about this

is the view count that’s indicating the

core audience for this channel now of

course there are going to be variations

on all of these things but what we’re

looking for once we have an established

baseline is over time is that number

going up next thing i’m looking for on a

growing core audience is this i’m going

to use an example from the channel

learning and technology with frank which

by the way frank if you’re watching this

thank you for always commenting and

providing just great insights and

comments in the comment sections of all

the videos and community posts i

appreciate that now frank submitted this

video originally for me to roast because

it had a lower amount of views than the

average video on his channel but i’m not

going to be looking directly at the view

count or even the video itself what i’m

looking for and what i want you to look

for is the comment section you see there

was a comment that stood out to me on

this one from savage flies and it says

to frank and i’m paraphrasing frank

fellow content creator here not a tech

channel nor do i have a major interest

in tech but i just wanted to say your

backdrop and studio setup is amazing

then it goes on to say hey it’s evolved

over time i see things being really

successful so looking at your own

channel are you seeing repeat audience

meaning people are coming back and

they’re watching your content because

they like your content not just this is

important not just because they want to

support you or support your youtube

journey they actually like your content

and they’re actually your target

audience what we’re looking for here is

repeat comments people coming back to

videos over and over and get this this

is the moment when it’s really exciting

for you if you start to see comments

from newer viewers and they come to your

videos and they say oh my goodness how

does this channel not have 10 times the

subscribers if you start getting

comments like that my friend you’re on

the right track because what you’re

doing is you’re expanding your channel

into larger than what it currently is

and it has to grow at that point now as

i mentioned earlier it’s not always

sunshine and roses while you’re growing

your channel and sometimes you just need

to know why the channel isn’t performing

the way that you want it to which is why

i just dropped a brand new lesson in

phase one of my youtube system in

project 24 and i’m calling it your

channel aid kit because what it is is a

step-by-step process to ask yourself

questions from foundation all the way to

the pinnacle of what makes a channel

successful all the way through

methodically is this in line is this in

line is this in line and based on your

answers that you answer about your own

channel you’re able to assess exactly

where the broken parts are exactly why

the channel is not growing and where to

pivot so members of project 24 go log in

it’s in phase one of the youtube system

all right now i’ve got a bonus item you

weren’t expecting this i only said three

things right this is the other item that

i’m going to include here when ideas are

flowing freely for your content and what

i mean is on an ongoing basis when you

think about your channel you always have

new exciting ideas ideas that you are

excited to make so what i’m going to say

there is do you have a place to keep

track of the ideas the midnight

inspiration the things that come to mind

are you keeping track of it and if

you’re ever feeling stuck on ideas take

a break and do something else for a

while whether that’s you stop publishing

for a while you ask for outside help you

go for a walk or you take a vacation

where possible the point here is if

you’re feeling the opposite of ideas

flowing usually it’s writer’s block for

youtube and you need to take care of

that help yourself out help your mental

health and you as the channel maker help

yourself to help your audience now on

the topic of youtube analytics and

understanding what are the most

important ones and what actually show

the success of your channel versus not

first of all members of project 24 go

ahead and log in today and check out the

channel aid kit and start working

through the process if you’re not

familiar with project 24 my youtube

program you can check it out at i have a link in the

description but also i made a playlist

specifically about youtube analytics and

understanding it’s here on channel

makers and understanding exactly what

the most important ones are to look at

at any given moment on your channel

because i do my best to make it really

simple but explain advanced concepts no

matter what your channel size is so i’m

gonna put that for you to watch here

next and we’ll see you there


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