Channel Guidelines Expansion, Members Recognition Shelf, Making Dislikes Private, and YTA Mobile!

Hello Insiders! We’re back with our weekly Newsflash covering the latest experiments, launches and policies at YT.

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0:00 Intro
1:05 Making Dislikes Private
1:20 [Experiment] Channel Guidelines Expansion
2:26 [Experiment] Member Recognition Shelf
3:04 [Launch] YouTube Analytics Mobile Parity: Video Overview
3:32 [Launch] Easier Copyright Protection to 100%

Making Dislikes Private-
Channel Guidelines Experiment Forum-
Easier Copyright Protection for Creators-


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Creator Insider is an informal YouTube channel to share information from the YouTube Creator technical team with the wider Creator community. We will feature different people talking about the products they work on and changes we are making so you have more context. Please note this is not an official YouTube channel and is an experiment.

=================== text video ====================

what’s up insiders we are back with

another exciting news flash now you may

have noticed we were on a brief hiatus

why because our producer was on a well

deserved vacation but that may have left

you asking what does a producer do for

creator insider

well all week they chase policy and

product teams about their updates their

launches the experiments that they’re

planning so that they can be included in

the news flash and we can feature

separate videos on thursdays around

updates that are a little bit more

complex and deserve more visibility

now as a result of the success of this

channel which is in no small part down

to subscribers like you like the people

that comment the people that watch the

people that give us feedback it’s

typically the case that those policy and

product teams are now chasing our

producer to ensure that their updates

get into the news flash

as a result

our producer is working through a bit of

a backlog and is ramping back up so

we’ll be resuming normal programming

pretty soon but thank you for your

patience in the meantime here are this

week’s updates first and foremost let’s

talk dislikes you may have seen last

week youtube’s announcement that it will

be making the dislike count private if

you want to learn more about this topic

we’ll leave a link in the description to

a video that matt has done on this topic

next up let’s discuss our channel

guidelines experiment and the fact that

we’re expanding it to more creators

as a refresher this feature allows

creators to define up to three channel

guidelines for video comments users must

read and accept these guidelines before

they make a comment and they’re a good

guide as to what conversations you want

to see on your own channel let’s take a

look at some of the small print the

feature will not cause comments to be

hidden or removed if you’re part of the

experiment you can set your own channel

guidelines by going into studio

clicking on settings and then clicking

on community

and during the experiment the guidelines

will only be presented to users who are

using ios or android mobile devices also

please note that your channel guidelines

must also adhere to youtube’s community


in addition given that this is an

experiment as we experiment access to

the feature may only be available for a

short period of time now if you want to

stay tuned about this features

availability the youtube forum is the

best way in which you can keep abreast

of updates next up let’s talk member

recognition and an awesome shelf

experiment now within this experiment

members avatars will be featured on a

new shelf on the home tab of the channel

page mobile only

thanking them for their membership and

publicly recognizing them to other

viewers but what’s the goal here well

it’s to celebrate members and publicly

showcase your active membership

community to non-members now what this

does is increase the visibility of your

channel’s membership offering

encouraging other viewers to consider


members avatars will be regularly

rotated to ensure more members get

recognition next up let’s discuss

analytics mobile party now what we’re

talking about here is us rolling out

updates to the analytics video overview

by aligning the mobile and desktop

experience as well as making video

performance insights more visually

appealing and integrated in the page

explanations tips and more data are

still available if you press on the

understand your performance card any

questions drop them in the comments

a lot of updates this week i hope you’re

still with me because this next one is


back in june we announced efforts around

easier copyright protection for creators

if you missed that we’ll leave a link to

a related video in the description for

this one

but the good news is that since then

we’ve been gradually rolling out this

feature to more creators and the good

news is that as of october it’s fully

launched to all creators now if you

don’t want to watch that video here’s a

quick recap

this is a new feature within the take

down web form that allows you to

automatically prevent copies of content

that you have removed from being


we’ve also expanded access to the

copyright match tool to anyone who has

submitted a valid take down request by

sharing with them potential copies of

content that they’ve removed

quick note though all of these takedown

requests are reviewed to ensure they are

valid and complete and we terminate

accounts for submitting fraudulent


any questions you know where to leave

them in the comments underneath this

video and that’s about it for this

week’s news flash from the creators of

youtube to youtube creators it’s been a

pleasure and we’ll see you next week


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