Can «Normal» People Become Full-Time YouTubers?

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In this video, Sean breaks down if YouTube is a legitimate Career Path and how normal people can be full time youtube content creators.

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=================== text video ====================

if you’ve already been a content creator

for a while if you’ve already been

creating content maybe you’re a

part-time youtuber maybe you’re already

doing it full-time the question is

really awkward to answer i mean i’ll be

driving in an uber and sometime you know

people say what is it you do and i have

a second to be like

uh i’m a youtuber you gotta just press

record what is a youtuber i mean you

have these questions like what is a

full-time you what’s a youtuber make

what does youtuber even mean these are

google questions like what do you need

to become a youtuber who was the first

youtuber we’re gonna be going into uh

data where they were now this very real

career uh they’ve been revealing some of

the attributes of really what a youtuber

is or kind of more importantly what a

youtube entrepreneur is because i think

what happens is that when it comes to

youtubers there’s a big difference

between like a youtube entrepreneur and

a youtuber have you ever looked up who

are the most famous and richest

youtubers a lot of people want to know

this there was actually a forbes article

and uh here’s some of the big ones i

noticed david dobrik he made 15.5

million dollars in 2020.

could you live on that like would you be

able to is that uh here’s this guy his

name’s blippi he he does kids content he

had a 17 million a year not not too bad

if you’ve heard of nastia she’s a

eight-year-old russian youtuber and she

had an

18.5 million dollar year that’s pretty

good you know creating content i think

she has multiple channels and then at

the top of the list of the highest paid


was ryan’s toy review right

29.5 million

in a year

can somebody say

well that would be pretty nice like that

you know what i’m saying like

and maybe this is what people think

right what maybe people think when you

think about what is a full-time youtuber

you think about you know nerdy nummies

or lilly singh or pewdiepie or mr beast

in fact tell me who is your favorite

youtuber right you think about uh oh man

it’s only about these celebrities now

these famous youtubers but the question

we’re asking today is is it possible

for everyday people not superstars right

for everyday people to make a full-time


and build a real legitimate business on

youtube without a huge following or

superstar status that’s the question

and so we enter what’s called now the

creator economy now another term for

this has been called the passion economy

and and this is actually putting some

language you know for me i got started

creating youtube videos in 2010 actually

originally for my church in 2007

two years after youtube started and so

there was no creator economy or passion

economy at the time but these are some

language that’s coming around this and

their signal fire actually did a report

that revealed there are now

50 million

content creators a part of the creator

economy you know only about 12 or rather

13 million of those are youtubers and

they revealed that 1 million of those

are professional creators that means

they’re earning over six figures a year

and then on youtube and the other 12

million on youtube are our amateur

creators so they’re on the journey of

maybe they haven’t earned any money yet

or they’re beginning to earn you know

100 bucks a month or 10 000 a month or

whatever it is and of course there’s

other platforms you could be building

your influence on but what’s crazy about

the creator economy is signalfire

revealed that this is actually and i


the fastest growing small business type

right now


like opening up a subway franchise right

like starting some kind of other small

business endeavor

the fastest growing small business type

is actually being a content creator but

this we have to ask the question

is the goal

to be

a content creator like is the goal to

actually be a a full-time content

creator and even more what’s the



a content creator and a content

entrepreneur and i’m reading the article

now or rather the study

the media invariably focuses on young

influencers with viral hits on tick tock

and youtube that’s what we think about

when we think about a youtuber but it’s

high time to debunk that stereotype

content entrepreneurs span all age

groups industries

channels and for the most part

their success is not based on a viral

hit or a massive audience

this is the rising trend that we’re

seeing of the real ones that are

creating a full-time income on youtube

this is what we’re seeing of those that

are really building

a real business around their youtube

channel it’s not celebrity status there

may never be a viral hit they may not be

known in fact they’re not known by you

they’re not being written up in articles

necessarily by forbes but yet they’re

building full-time incomes in fact

content entrepreneurs are not who you

think banish the image of under 30 viral

youtube and tick tock stars the largest

and most financially successful cohort

in the study was gen x


that were now in their 40s and their 50s


here’s the top 10 industries that this

study revealed of those that were

succeeding as content entrepreneurs

business was 19 these are the niches

right people in the marketing niche the

education needs niche health and fitness

lifestyle was only seven percent you

have arts crafts and diy

entertainment science and technology

travel and events and cooking and food

as far as content entrepreneurs go so

let’s think about it

like again you can choose your own path

youtube really is your tube you can

choose your own adventure right

and so my question to you is what

category do you fall in what what is

your niche what is your category what is

your topic and do you personally relate

more with the term


or do you more closely relate with maybe

new language

which we’re calling youtube

entrepreneurs or youtube preneurs for


to be clear this study is talking about

content entrepreneurs which might be

across platforms they’re doing it in

blogs or tik tok or instagram but it’s

our belief here at think media that

youtube is the absolute best place to

plant your flag and here’s what one

person explained it said people don’t

consider it a real business because they

think about instagram influencers or

youtubers doing silly stuff

content creation covers a lot more than

what most people think including

business blogging and education are you

ready to start or grow your youtube

channel do you feel stuck and need help

connecting the dots

join this free web class where you’ll

learn the step-by-step playbook for

youtube success we’ve helped thousands

of purpose-driven entrepreneurs just

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