Best Time to Post on YouTube (2021 UPDATE)

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In this video, Sean breaks down how to know the best time to upload and post on YouTube to get more views.

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— So I’m asking myself two things.

When is the peak of my subscribers
and viewers on YouTube,

and then when is the longest run?

You gotta just press record.

So what is the best time of
day to drop a YouTube video?

That’s a great question.

And my favorite way to
answer that question

is to look in your own analytics.

So if you go into your analytics
and you go to audience,

it says when your viewers are on YouTube.

And a lot of times we’ve
been seeing this lately

at Think Media,

that a video’s performance
in the first 24 hours

or 48 hours or seven days I should say,

might not necessarily affect

the long-term performance of that video.

I will give you a point.

So we published this two hour tutorial

on Final Cut Pro.

We’ve lost 14 subscribers so far,

cause people were so mad about that.

And it makes sense, it’s a little niche,

it’s a little off-brand,

but here’s the strategy behind it.

It’s also underperforming
in the short term.

What they’re saying is when you publish

or even that beginning might not affect

the long-term results of this video.

So here’s what I say,

and I declare to you that this video

will break through this gray line

and will over-perform in the future.

And it might take 45 to 60 days

to 90 days for that to happen.

So, an answer to your question of

when should you publish
your YouTube video,

first of all, don’t
worry about it too much.

Second of all, you might
as well give your video

the best chance of success.

And so what I would say,

look at when your viewers are on YouTube,

you’re going to see the
lowest is the light pink,

darker purple is kind of medium.

And then the highest is the
darkest purple if that’s clear.

So I’m asking myself two things.

When is the peak of my subscribers
and viewers on YouTube?

And then when is the longest run?

Besides Saturday, every day,

the main run is from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM,

is when the video could
get the most action

for that initial momentum.

And actually, but longer is Monday.

It starts a little bit earlier.

So you might notice we publish

five days a week on Think Media,

and we publish at 5:00 AM.

The way YouTube works, in my opinion,

if you’re doing it right,

especially with education type channels,

is it’s way less about the short term,

and it’s about making videos today

that are going to be watched

3, 6, 9, 12, 3 years later from now.

So to a point,

the best time of day
doesn’t necessarily matter.

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