Audio Library Attributions, Search Improvements, Contextual Actions Experiment, and MORE!

Hello Insiders! This week we’re covering a few launches in Studio and YouTube Search, as well as an experiment.

Check it out and leave us your comments and questions below!

0:00 Intro
0:07 [Launch] Audio Library Attributions
0:35 [Launch] YouTube Search Improvements
1:59 [Experiment] Contextual Actions in YouTube Main App
2:52 YouTube’s Blog Post on The Creator Economy

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Creator Economy Blog Post:



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=================== text video ====================

what’s up insiders you know the drill

this is the news flash we’re gonna run

through a couple of updates to keep you

informed about what’s going on on the

platform first up hot off the press is

audio library attributions now this is a

launch this launched just yesterday so

hot off the press indeed we’re talking

about videos which contain music that is

stored in the youtube audio library

what’s going to happen here is that they

will now see a music in this video

attribution on their watch page the goal

here is to connect users to music

featured in a particular video let us

know if you’ve any questions in the

comments below now i want to take you

through a launch that i’m really excited

about and that is around youtube search

improvements i want to take you through

two ways in which we’re trying to make

the youtube search experience better

helping users to find the content

they’re looking for more easily

now to start we’ll be making youtube

search more visual but i hear you cry

what does that actually mean

well up until now we’ve provided you

with a thumbnail image for the videos

that you’re browsing and that thumbnail

image was designed to give you a

snapshot of the content that you’re

browsing through but now you’ll be able

to make an even more informed decision

about the video that you’re about to

watch through video chapters which will

be available directly in the search page

itself now when available these time

stamped images will detail the different

topics covered in a specific video and

let you evaluate the overall video

you’re about to watch

you can also jump to specific sections

in the video that pique your interest


being able to see a snippet of the video

is really helpful in providing context

about what the video is about now on

desktop you can scroll over the video

and begin to see a snippet that details

the context of a given video directly on

the search page itself we’re rolling

this version out on mobile to help you

preview content and really make a

decision as to whether it’s the content

that you’re looking for now if all that

excitement wasn’t enough for you let’s

talk about a really awesome experiment

and this is called contextual actions in

the youtube main app

we’re introducing a new feature that’s

going to suggest actions based on the

content of the video that you’re


the suggested actions may include things

like reading movie reviews if you’re

watching a movie trailer or

looking at the local store hours if a

specific business is mentioned in a

video and you can find these suggested

actions in the video description itself

now when you tap on these suggestions

you’re going to be presented with an

information panel based on what you’ve

clicked on

when you’re done reading you can easily

close the panel and get back to watching

the video itself we’re going to be

rolling out this feature on the youtube

android app and we’ll consider rolling

it out more broadly based on feedback so

if you have any feedback make sure you

drop a comment below this video and

finally we’re about done but not before

i tell you about a really interesting

blog post that we just published and

that is around the creator economy and

various efforts around responsibility

and rewarding creators make sure you

check out that blog post really

interesting stuff and there’s a link in

the description below this video from

the creators of youtube to youtube

creators thanks for tuning in and i’ll

see you soon


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