ADVICE FOR NEW YOUTUBERS: Unsupportive Family Members, Video Editing, and Getting it All Done

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In this video, Benji Travis from Video Influencers talks with Judy Travis about to learn her YouTube tips and advice for new youtubers.

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don’t overwork yourself i was judy’s

official first hater

there’s times when i was really burnt

out and i had to

i was judy’s official first hater saying

hey you’re wasting your time on youtube

you’re always going to have people that

judge you especially if you come from

conservative parents um you know my

parents are both

catholic conservative first generation

here moving here from the philippines

in their mind you go to school you get a

good job

you know just have steady money and work

to support your family

mom didn’t she wasn’t as understanding

but when she saw that we were starting


live a life for ourselves then she was

becoming more understanding

and i mean mom’s my number one fan but

my advice to others

is to just do what you’re passionate if

you’re passionate about being a doctor

then completely go for it if you’re

passionate about

sharing tips on how to keep plants alive

use youtube as a platform or start a

small business you know

like there’s so many opportunities out

there you know they’re gonna judge you


you’re on the internet or not i mean as

long as you’re

passionate about it for example some

people may be into

i don’t know gaming or whatever but then

they don’t know how to edit

you can find people that would enjoy

that me personally i love editing i find

it fun and creative

so i like recording and editing but you

don’t have to do it all

i think the reason why we were able to

keep up with youtube for

over a decade was because i don’t do it

all and i don’t try to do it all

yeah don’t overwork yourself there’s

times when i was really

burned out and i had to just do less

work oh yeah

and it’s how you stop your beauty

channel too it was what i needed to

have that refresher but i’m still so

passionate about the vlogs

i love it like i said i mean this might

be a selfish thing but i see it as our


as our daily diary and i love just

documenting it

the magic of editing something as simple

as working in the garden

cooking cooking you know it truly is the

magic of editing like when you’re

cooking i

or whenever you’re on the vlog i always

try to find a way to make it quirky

when you work out like you’re so sexy af


i’ll put like crazy music like clown

but no it’s just it’s all for fun um

i enjoy it like i love editing and

laughing at the same time

oh time blocking is like my number one


having a consistent time in the day


you know like especially if you have

kids you know that the kids are occupied

um the kids started kindergarten and i

was like what do i

do with all this time get pregnant

no but really utilize those times when

you have that free time

yeah get it done and sometimes that also

means doing it when the kids are asleep

and if that means you know you lose just

one hour of sleep

take advantage of it so time blocking is


also when you’re when you have a partner

that understands

that you know you need this time to work

you know just be on the same page have

that communication with your partner

and um number one just stay passionate

if you lose your passion then you’re

just dragging along and

it’s not going to be fun for anybody


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