Advice for NEW YouTubers: 4 Mindsets That Will Help You Grow Your Channel

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1:43 Commitment to Wellness
3:13 Commitment to Service
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In this video, Sean is going to be teaching the 4 secret mindsets that are critical for success on YouTube. It’s a long journey to become successful on YouTube but it’s even more difficult to sustain that success.

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— Like, if you reach
the top of the mountain,

but your spiritual health, your
family, like your physical,

you know, your whole
life’s in total shamble,

is that really success?

We don’t believe so.

You gotta just press record.

Okay, so let’s kick it
off with these four points

and these are four
commitments that we have here

at Think Media that I
believe have helped us

rise to the influence that
we have in the industry

and will help you in
your own niche as well.

Number one is a commitment to excellence.

I believe if you want to win on YouTube,

you want to win on business,
you want to win as an author,

a speaker, you want to win on a podcast,

I think you have to have a
commitment to excellence.

When a new industry starts,
it’s about who’s first,

but once it matures,
it’s about who’s best.

That’s just a fact of things.

So when something new comes
along, call it Tik Tok

or even like YouTube Shorts,

you do have a chance
to have some influence

if you don’t necessarily
have, if you will, excellence.

You’re not the best, you were just first.

You got a lot of momentum.

But eventually as an industry matures,

it’s about who’s best.

Now, this shouldn’t make you
feel overwhelmed because you

might be like, «Ah, there’s
always someone better.»

Of course.

There’s always a better athlete,

always a better YouTuber,
always a better speaker,

always a better marketer.

Of course there’s always somebody better,

but at some point you cannot
compromise on excellence.

You know, I heard Omar El
Takrori on the Think Media team

define excellence as
simply «doing the best

with what you have.»

So again, this isn’t actually being like,

«Shoot, there seems to
be such a large chasm

between me and the competition,»

but a commitment to excellence
means a commitment to getting

1% better every day, getting
1% better with every upload.

Number two, let’s dominate
the next decade on YouTube.

By number two, a commitment to wellness.

You might be saying, Sean, listen, bro,

talk about the algorithm, man.

Give me some tips on thumbnails.

Give me some tips on, you know,

on how to hack YouTube views.

But I actually really believe
that this number two point

is one of the most important
YouTube success principles

and just life and business
principles in general,

a commitment to wellness.

And here’s the thing, friend.

You cannot persevere if you burn out.

You cannot last for, think
about three years from now

as you’re building your YouTube empire.

Think about six years from now

as you’re building your YouTube empire.

If you don’t have a foundation
of wellness and health,

then you’re not gonna be
able to sustain a pace

of building your business brick
by brick, moment by moment.

Furthermore, you’re not gonna be able

to be growing in excellence or coming up

with your best content, your best titles,

your best ideas, your best thumbnails.

You’re not gonna be able
to be your best on camera

if you don’t have world-class energy.

In my opinion, success is not just,

even just hitting a
successful YouTube channel

if you lose your health in the process.

I don’t want you to
build financial freedom

but lose your health
freedom because you’ve fried

your adrenal glands on the process

for all the stress it took

to get where you were trying to get.

We want you to not just
have short-term success,

but long-term success.

That’s how you build real legacy

and that’s impossible without
a commitment to wellness.

Number three is a commitment to service.

Commit to service.

Number one’s commit to excellence.

Number two’s commit to wellness.

Number three’s commit to service.

Tony Hsieh said this, «Customer
service shouldn’t just be

a department, it should
be an entire company.»

Yeah, yeah.

Scott Cook said this, «Instead of focusing

on the competition,
focus on the customer.»


You know, on YouTube, it
can be really challenging

to just worry about what
our competition is doing.

To just think that YouTube is about views,

subscribers and oh, look at how many views

the competition is getting,
how many subscribers they have,

but did you know that every one

of those subscribers is a person?

Like every single one of
those subscribers is a human

and in a way they are your customer,

because even if they’re
watching your free content,

which you can monetize through
ads at a certain point,

they’re your viewer.

If you commit to service and if you think,

«Man, my YouTube channel
channel is in service

of other people,» it’s a
whole different perspective

than most people’s approach to YouTube.

If you want to build a real
legacy over the next decade

and really build not just like
a powerful YouTube channel,

but a powerful movement
and a powerful brand,

commit to service.

Maya Angelou said it this way,

«I’ve learned that people
will forget what you said,

they’ll forget what you
did, forget what you did,

but they will never forget
how you made them feel.»

Can you inject more
love, service, gratitude,

appreciation in your content?

Number four is commit to
mission, commit to mission.

What have you set as a
powerful, long-term vision,

mission and principles for you,

your company or your YouTube channel?

Have you set a long-term vision?

Like, number one, you probably don’t need

to take three months to do it,

but you might need to take three hours.

You might need to take a weekend

to really go deep in
clarifying your vision.

Have you set a mission for your YouTube?

Like what’s the mission
of your YouTube channel?

This will give you so much more clarity,

so much more direction.

It’ll help other people going.

And even principals,

like if you’ve predefined
your principles, then you know

actually how to make
decisions a lot quicker

when you come up Ys in the
road of which way to go.

You know, our mission here
at Think Media is to help

10,000 purpose-driven people
create a full-time living

doing what they love while
making a difference in the world

with YouTube, and to help those
people that reach full time

achieve that success
without losing their soul.

Success without losing your soul, right,

which kind of goes back to that wellness.

Like if you reach the top of the mountain,

but your spiritual health, your
family, like your physical,

you know, your whole
life’s in total shamble,

is that really success?

We don’t believe so.

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