Want to know how to become a full-time Content Creator? Or how to have the right Creator Mindset? These 7 Tips for Content Creators will help you navigate the Creator Economy and build your personal brand and grow your audience more intentionally.

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This is some of my best NO BS Advice for Content Creators who want to go full-time on YouTube or Social Media, avoid burnout, or may be struggling to get results. Every Content Creator is different but these 7 tips will help you build the right Creator Mindset to be successful, grow an audience and stop struggling and stressing over everything.

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00:40 Tip 01 For Creators
01:09 Tip 02 If You’re Not Motivated
03:05 Tip 03 Don’t Get Stuck
04:13 Tip 04 If You’re Not Getting Results
05:35 Tip 05 Don’t Fall for the Trap
06:27 Tip 06 KNOWLEDGE
07:29 Tip 07 What Nobody Tells You
08:07 Secret for the People in the Back


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=================== text video ====================

— Being a content creator can be one

of the most fulfilling
careers that there is.

It can also be one of
the most frustrating.

So today I’ve got seven
tips for content creation

and the mindset of
successful content creators.

Don’t worry, this is actionable advice.

Tip number one for content creation

is to eliminate distractions
to your destination.

Do you have a clear goal

and a vision for where you wanna be

as a content creator and the
things you want to achieve?

Well, you need to ask yourself

if some of the things you’re
doing right now in the moment,

day to day, hour to hour,

are helping you get there any faster

and you need to eliminate distractions

and bad habits from your life,

and, you know, just in general,

that you feel will not help
you to achieve your goals

and get to your destination.

That doesn’t mean there
isn’t room for hobbies

or what people like to refer
to as work-life balance.

It just means that you
need to have priorities

and that you need to constantly
check in with yourself

and know that the things that you’re doing

are going to get you where you want to be,

and that you’re not doing
unnecessary busy work

or allowing yourself to be distracted

from doing any work at all
through procrastination.

Now, if you’re familiar with the channel,

then you know I’ve done
about roughly 1500 videos

of this main YouTube channel

over the last eight years or so.

That speaks a lot to the
importance of consistency,

and I don’t think I could have achieved

over 500,000 subscribers or a
Silver Play Button in YouTube

and like maybe I think
it’s 30 million views

without consistency
because none of my videos

ever went viral.

Not once.

Often there’s the misconception

that being a successful content
creator revolves around luck

and vitality and things
outside of your control.

And while those things could play a factor

in some people’s success,
usually in outlier cases,

the fact is that most
people are a by-product

of their consistency one way or another.

And it’s just good common sense.

It’s just good old fashioned common sense

to know that everything you do today

adds up to an outcome that
you’re going to experience

some time in your future.

This is true whether it
comes to content creation

or whether you want those washboard abs,

every little bit of effort that you do

or don’t make right now,

is going to produce an outcome

that you’re gonna live with later.

So it’s best to focus on the
things that you can control,

like we talked about
eliminating distractions,

think about what you can control

and think about areas where
you can be consistent.

Consistency isn’t just about the frequency

of content that you put out,

whether it’s your podcast
or your YouTube channel

or on TikTok,

it’s also consistency when it comes

to the values that you’re
conveying and representing

and the things that you
are doing and portraying.

You want to have consistent messaging,

consistency in your brand
in terms of your visuals

and your aesthetic can be good.

You don’t need to be boring
and never change things up

but sometimes you need to wonder

about the expectations
you set for your audience.

Consistency does create comfort

and creates credibility with an audience.

Tip number three around content creation,

be willing to experiment
and to have experiences.

A lot of times you’ll hear
me say something like,

well just make your
first 100 crappy videos,

that’s how you’re gonna get experience.

And I say crappy, some of
you take that too literally,

because what I’m talking about

is you’re gonna reflect on that,

and all of those videos
will feel crappy to you

compared to where you are later,

if your goal is to find one
thing that you can learn

from the experience of creating content

and then improve upon it
each and every single time.

You know, the journey of a thousand miles

begins with just one step.

So if that’s the case,

then we need to have a
process of experimentation

where we can kind of
taste different things

and we can kind of see

and experience what
happens if we just try.

If we just try things,

we can then have those
experiences and we can decide

for ourselves if we want
to continue down that path,

or whether it’s worth
pursuing something else.

So don’t be afraid to
experiment with things

and try to learn from the
experiences that you’re having

through experimentation.

This is gonna grow your creativity.

Tip number four for content
creators is gonna be

about detaching yourself
emotionally from results.

The art of detachment is something

that’s very important to me

and it’s part of Eastern philosophy.

You’ll find that I’m a big nerd like that.

And I feel that

as content creators
and as artistic people,

creative people we often are
very emotionally invested

in our work and there’s
nothing wrong with that.

But we need to be invested
in the process of creating

and the act of doing.

Often because of social media,

we look through validation in views

and likes and the approval of others.

And this is detrimental to your creativity

because then it stops being yours

and it starts being something
you’re compelled to do

from the outside and that you only do

if you’re rewarded externally from it.

The work needs to be its own reward

for creative people in order to thrive

and to also feel a sense of
pride and accomplishment.

And while I’m not saying those
external things don’t matter,

and while I’m saying that, you know,

you need to focus somewhat
on what is satisfying to you,

it just needs to be in alignment

with the expectations you set

for an audience or the
demand in the market.

So if you can learn to
just not take everything

as personally,

then I think that you will burn out less

and you will actually create more

and be happy with what you’re creating.

Tip number five for content creation,

done is better than perfect.

Now this one seems very obvious

but perfectionism and the
chasing of that, the, you know,

vaunted wisdom of quality over quantity

sets people up to fail because
nothing is ever good enough.

If you’re a creative person,
you can kind of relate to that.

Let me know in the comment section,

because I struggle with this myself,

even though I know better.

I know better and yet a lot of times

my consistency can be hindered

by the fact that I’m
putting standards on myself

that nobody else asked me to.

Learn to give yourself some grace

and realize that done
is better than perfect.

Do not let perfect
become the enemy of good

and realize that an opportunity

for growth exists in those imperfections.

It is a learning opportunity.

Tip number six for creators,
share what you have learned.

That doesn’t mean go out and
make a YouTube tips channel

when you have 1000 subscribers.

It does mean that if you
have learned and benefit

and grown from something,

you should share it with
people that you like

and that you trust or your
peers, or even with the world.

And I feel that this is valid

and that we don’t need to gate keep

people sharing their experiences.

I think that there is value
that a lot of people can create

through sharing what they know

and it’s an opportunity to get feedback.

It’s an opportunity to see if
there is something different

in your process from
other people’s process,

and it’s an opportunity

for them to also test their ideas.

So when you’re sharing also give people

the opportunity to share with
you and to compare notes.

When we can compare notes

and we can see what
we’re doing differently

and whether it’s leading to
producing better outcomes

or different outcomes,

then that is extraordinarily valuable

and we grow as a community.

It’s also the idea that kind
of created this entire channel.

Finally, tip number seven

for content creators is
don’t devalue yourself.

A lot of times creative people can fall

into traps of negativity,
poor mental health,

and just a negative mindset.

Don’t allow this to happen

and rob you of the joy of your creativity.

And also don’t devalue yourself just

because you’re not
seeing results right now.

Look at opportunities where
you can refine your process,

learn from others or experiment

and just remember to be patient.

Remember to be patient and to
ultimately trust the process.

While this can be hard to do

and you could be feeling frustrated,

the thing is that you need
to continue to create.

And when it comes down
to it remember to rest

instead of quit.

There’s no point in abusing
yourself for your art.

You ultimately have to learn

how to make this something sustainable

and build it into your
lifestyle in a realistic way,

and I think that if you
are putting yourself down

just because you’re not
getting the results you want,

instead of looking at it as
an opportunity for growth

then that’s an unhealthy mindset
that has to be corrected,

and I’m hoping content like this

will actually play a role in that.

Question of the day.

What is your best tip
for content creation?

What has helped you in
your journey as a creator?

Share that with everybody
in the comments down below.

If you enjoyed this video,

watch my playlist around
better content creation

or feel free to watch the next video

on «How to Get to Your First
1000 Subscribers on YouTube.»

Both are linked in the description.

As always, thanks so much for
watching and don’t forget,

go out there and create
something awesome today.

Take care.


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