8 Free YouTube Resources You Didn’t Know Existed!

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📒 Show Notes 📒

1️⃣ https://thumbsup.tv/

2️⃣ https://capitalizemytitle.com/

3️⃣ https://vidiq.com/think

4️⃣ https://answerthepublic.com/

5️⃣ https://www.thumbnail.guide/

6️⃣ https://www.ThinkMasterclass.com

7️⃣ https://www.pexels.com/
(& This One): https://coverr.co/

8️⃣ https://go.creatorhooks.com/signup

Easy Title Hacks (Guaranteed to Get Views) ➡️ https://youtu.be/lSdA9CLBgx8

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In this video, Nolan covers 8 FREE YouTube Resources and Tools that you probably didn’t know existed, but are totally worth checking out!

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=================== text video ====================

this is the first free resource you have

to be using if you create youtube videos

called thumbs up dot tv now all you have

to do is go into this text box right

here and you’re gonna put in your

youtube title and then you’re gonna drag

in your thumbnail and you’re gonna drop

it right here now what this website is

going to do it’s gonna give you a

mock-up of what your video is going to

look like whether people are watching on

mobile on a tv a tablet or just on

desktop now if i keep scrolling down

you’re going to see that it’s going to

give you all the different options on

how your video could show up on youtube

there’s two reasons why this website is

so important first of all we want to

make sure that our youtube title is not

getting cut off let’s say i changed my

title to be a little bit longer as i

scroll down right now we can see that

nothing is getting cut off but if i

scroll down a little bit further when

it’s on the home small and this is on

desktop we can see that words are now

getting cut off so now it says three new

and exciting updates that will change

youtube now this title could still work

but it’s super important to know if your

titles are getting cut off or if they

aren’t getting cut off and going onto

this website and throwing it in there is

the best way to make sure that your

titles are going to make it everywhere

on youtube the second reason i love this

website is because it shows your

thumbnails in a much smaller image and

it adds in that time code right there in

the bottom right hand corner so you can

see if anything important is getting cut

off and this is a great way to see if

your thumbnail still looks good when

it’s small and with those time codes

over it the last little thing i love

about this website is there is a dark

mode so you can toggle that on and off

if you want to see how your thumbnails

and titles look in dark mode the next

free resource is capitalize my title dot

com all you have to do is throw your

title into this website and then it is

going to automatically capitalize the

words that need to be capitalized and

not capitalize the ones that don’t you

can see on our original video we

capitalized the t on 2 and actually on

this website it’s saying to not

capitalize that so i need to go back and

fix that so that the t is lowercase and

this is going to be more grammatically

correct i don’t know about you but i

suck that english class and this just

makes it really easy to make sure my

titles are perfectly capitalized the

next free tool you need for youtube is

vid iq and this is actually a chrome

extension that you can install on your

browser and it gives you some really

really cool stuff and they have a free

option now they also do have paid

options and i’ll leave links to all this

stuff in the description so you can

check it out and see what kind of plan

is going to be best for you but even

just on their basic option which is

absolutely free you’re going to get some

really really cool stuff now the awesome

thing is that vid iq is going to give

you 30 days for free off of any of these

plans so if you want to get the pro plan

the boost plan or even the max plan you

can get 30 days for free by going to

vidiq.com forward slash think now once

you get vidiq installed you’re going to

have some really cool stuff that you can

use on youtube for example if you type

in a search term like best camera for

youtube 2022 you can see where you have

a video ranked for this but when we were

actually deciding to make this video we

looked at vid iq we looked at some of

the numbers that they gave us and

decided that this would be a great video

to make so once you type in your keyword

and it could be anything related to your

niche you’re going to see this vid iq

panel on the right hand side and here we

can see that gives us an overall score

of high and this just means that the

volume is pretty high at 57 but the

competition is pretty low and that’s

saying hey there’s a lot of people that

are searching for this topic but there’s

not a lot of videos out there that are

doing really well so it’s saying yeah

this is an overall score of high you

should definitely go for it and that is

exactly what we did you can see we

pulled in 460 000 views in the last

seven months just off of looking at some

of these numbers and deciding that this

video was worth making number four is

answerthepublic.com and this website it

looks kind of weird at first but this is

going to give you so many options when

it comes to coming up with video ideas

you definitely want to head to this

website so i’m going to type in youtube

and then we’ll hit search now if i

scroll down we’re going to see a bunch

of topics and this is all around people

searching for stuff online that has to

do with youtube of course for you you’re

gonna type in whatever is related to

your niche but here on think media we

talk about youtube and so this is going

to work for us here we can see that

people are wondering how youtube pays or

how the youtube algorithm works and

going through here i’m gonna write down

the best ones and these are gonna be

great video ideas number five is to

download j alto’s free thumbnail guide i

first found this on his twitter which

i’ll leave a link to because there’s

tons of awesome stuff on there as well

but you can just go to thumbnail.guide

and you can check out this free

thumbnail guide that literally is worth

tons of money i learned so much from

this and when i found out about this i

was sending it to friends and i was like

hey you gotta check this out because

this is really really cool now inside of

his guide he goes really in depth on how

to create good thumbnails and so i’m not

going to show you too much go to his

website download that go through it it’s

going to be totally worth it the sixth

free tool that you need to be checking

out is

thinkmasterclass.com now this is a class

that we offer here at think media that

is absolutely free and sean cannell the

owner the ceo of think media goes

through and he teaches you how to learn

the one youtube strategy that he uses to

generate 57 000 views per day and how it

makes over a hundred thousand dollars

per month from those views without

youtube adsense tons of people have

taken this free training and absolutely

love it you’re gonna learn stuff like

the three reasons that youtubers fail

and how to avoid those mistakes the one

power strategy for getting views and

making money on youtube and the most

recent tactics based on youtube’s newest

updates if you have not taken the think

master class yet make sure you go do

that today because it is totally worth

it and it’s absolutely free now with

number seven i’m actually going to give

you guys two different websites that are

both equally awesome and a lot of people

don’t know that there are some free

websites that you can use to find free

stock footage the first one is

pexels.com and this has free videos and

photos that you can use in your videos

and still monetize so we’re gonna go

over to videos and then we’re just gonna

search for something like social media

and then as we search we can see those

vertical videos there are horizontal

videos and there’s some really high

quality stuff in here that would work

perfect inside of a youtube video now

the other website is cover

coverwith2rs.com and we’re going to do

the same thing we’re going to type in

social media we hit search and this top

bar right here is actually shutter stock

videos that’s just an ad but if you

scroll down a little bit you’re going to

see that there are free social media

stock videos right here and these are

high quality as well you can go ahead

and download those use them in your

videos and now you’ve leveled up your

editing your videos everything is just

gonna be that much better in your next

video number eight is creatorhooks.com

this is a newsletter that i got involved

with a long time ago and every single

week i check out this newsletter because

it is so good so every single week

creator hooks is going to send you five

different videos that absolutely blew up

and they’re gonna show you one video

that was a flop but the cool thing is he

breaks down how these videos did so well

and how their titles were structured and

then he gives you a formula so that we

can use it on our own videos so here’s

an example of what this looks like right

here we have a video called ex-employee

warns us about taco bell’s meat you can

see it got tons of views and it was

posted a month ago so he gives you the

title he then gives you a formula he

gives it a score and then he explains

why this worked but the coolest part

about this is he explains how this can

work for you and i he says tell your

audience the story of how an ex-employee

or insider gave out a warning about

what’s going on in the company bonus

points if it’s a warning them about

something they’re already suspicious

about and then it gives you some

examples in different niches and this

really helps you start to think about

how you can incorporate this into your

own niche ex-employee warns us about

instagram’s algorithm ex-realtor warns

us about upcoming housing crisis if

you’re ever stuck and you can’t think of

any video ideas and you need some viral

videos to happen then definitely

subscribe to creatorhooks.com i always

get tons of ideas from this newsletter

now sean cannell and jake the owner of

creator hooks actually did a podcast on

the think media podcast and you can

click on the screen listen to that right

now and i’ll see you guys in the next




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