5 YouTube Myths That Need to STOP (How to Grow Without Hurting Your Channel)

There are GOOD ways to grow on YouTube, and there are BAD ways. The problem is, so many people are taught ways to grow a channel that simply don’t work. In this video I do some mythbusting of the most popular hacks for growing a YouTube channel.

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so i need to tread lightly here because

there’s a good chance that some of you

or several of you have either tried or

are thinking about doing some of these

things on your channel

so because of that i am treating this

video differently i want to save you a

lot of time and headache

so that you know the right things to

focus on and you don’t focus on these


howdy howdy everyone nate here and we

will see if you still like me by the end

of this video

so jumping right in myth number one is

youtube is

luck youtube is never luck it’s either

conscious competence or unconscious


it is never just luck so when we see

channels that blow up really quickly or

channels that grow steadily it’s always

because they are learning

successful principles and successful

skills to grow on youtube

and i know man i know it can be really

tempting to feel like man

if if only i got lucky if only the

youtube gods the algorithm

blessed my channel then i would be


but really it’s always something you can

control and even in the cases where a

channel gets

has that chance happen they get lucky on


the channel maker has to get wise really

quick otherwise it will be

as if that little success never happened

because they don’t know what to do about

it so the myth here is that youtube is

entirely outside of your control

but the fact or the action here is find


is in your control and do that for

example you do have control over

publishing what you put in your videos

and how often you publish your videos

you also have control over what you

invest in yourself your skill sets your


whatever you put into the channel you do

have control over that myth number two

if i get the right blend of metrics my

channel will blow

up now i just made another video about

this very topic i’m gonna put it right

up here so the myth here is

if i get the right ratio of the right

combo of metrics then my channel will

blow up the fact is

metrics are signposts to learn from

and when i look at a channel i’m going

to let you on the inside of nate’s brain

here when i look at a channel

i look at outliers i look at what went

really really well

and what went really really bad and i

ask myself

what can be learned about those specific

things in fact

that is why i just barely added a new

lesson to project 24 my program

about how to do your own channel review

and for that lesson i created a

worksheet to walk through

step by step each of the most important


and what can be pulled out of them to

know what actions to take so you’re not

wandering around in the dark

wondering okay what do i focus on myth

number four

numbered lists that don’t add up

i’m just kidding myth number three

growing together on youtube now here’s

what let me explain what i mean here

that what i’ll see often especially on

channels that are looking to help people

grow on youtube

is people go in the comments and they’ll

say who’s here to grow a youtube channel

you know raise your hand or hey let’s

grow together on youtube

you can do it i’m i’m believing you on

youtube now here’s here’s where i need

to tread lightly

i am all about supporting other people

and encouraging growth that’s what this

channel is all about

and i love when i see those types of

comments because i

love the positivity behind them however

whenever i see one and i could be wrong

in this assumption

i think that the person who comments

that is looking to grow their channel

they want to be successful in youtube we

all want to be successful on youtube

right but when i look at that and i see

that they do that

often on a lot of videos i start

wondering strategically

if we’ve thought through how valuable

that action is because while it is

great to get exposure for the channel

from a strategic standpoint

commenting on multiple videos and hoping

that people will visit the channel

is not very effective so i’m going to

pursue this thread of

let’s grow together are there better

ways to do this abso freaking lutely

collaborations guys if any of you are

watching this and you are thinking

what are ways that i can just grow my

channel for free

more quickly collaborations so the myth

here is that way of approaching it the

fact or the action we can take from this

is collaborations and let me give you an

example if i were to say for my own

channel if someone were trying to

collaborate with channel makers

first thing i would say if i were a

channel is is my audience

a complementary audience to the channel

maker’s audience and i want you to apply

this to where

whatever your niche is on youtube i

would i would look i would find other

channels and say okay

is my is my channel’s audience

complimentary to that audience because

what do what do all channel makers want

they want new audience they want

to collaborate with other creators they

want to create relationships right so i

would ask okay is it complimentary for

channel makers that might be things like

tech focused channels if we’re doing

review of camera recording equipment

maybe some gaming channels

cinematography maybe camera skills or

presenting so if my channel were in that


i would do my job to do the due

diligence to think through

okay what would be a valuable

collaboration i could do with that

channel and then reach out and then from

there the actions for the collaboration

could look like

doing a video together or cross-posting

community posts on each other’s channels

the secret

behind collaborations is to give value


and then ask myth number four sub for

sub so if you’re unfamiliar with the

term sub4sub it looks like this when you

look at a channel and there’s a lot of

comments saying hey i’m going to

subscribe to anybody who subscribes to

my channel or anybody who likes this

comment or anybody who comments on this

comment and i would put this under the

category of any other exploits or

hacks on youtube the thing here is are

there technical exploits you can do on

youtube yes

and many channels have exploited them to

great success on youtube

but the thing is every time that happens

it always gets patched up so it’s not a

long term strategy and it will never

replace creating

valuable content for an audience of

people so the myth here is that the

sub4sub approach and similar hacks work

on youtube the fact

is they don’t really work and in the

case that they do work it’s always

short-lived and in fact i did make a

video about that you can check out after


myth number four nate should stop asking

people to boop the like button

first of all who even said that i’m

obviously joking with this one but


if this video is helpful to you i would

love it if you would boop the like

button so it can spread to more people

myth number five i need a certain


to make it on youtube whether that’s a

number of subscribers whether it’s

getting monetized whatever it may be

so to disband this really you will never

make it on youtube the thinking of make

it is

when i reach a certain point it will get

easy have you ever thought about that

logically have you ever really taken a

step back and said

okay if only this happened if only i got

this certain milestone on my channel or

anywhere in your life right the thinking

there is when i get that

then life will be easy is it ever easy

after that really

is it it’s not no as much as it may seem

that a large channel oh they’ve got it

they’re making the buku bucks they’re

making it

they’ve got it made there’s always

another thing and that’s part of what’s

so exciting about life there’s always a


thing so to combat this myth i want you

to shift your thinking from i’m gonna

i’ve gotta make it at some point to

what are the most valuable actions i can

take right now

the myth is when you reach a certain

milestone you will have made it the fact

is you can focus on the most important

actions to take right now

and you will always be progressing and

also there have been some huge things

happening on youtube that i can’t talk

about publicly because they’re just

theories at this point so to combat that

i just launched an internal podcast

in project 24 where i can answer

specific questions from the project 24

community about youtube

but also i can talk about these theories

and the things that are happening

before they even go public on youtube

for example i’m going to share an

example here

i have started to notice some indicators

that so we know that

when you publish a video youtube

measures it the algorithm measures that

video against your current audience and

spreads it out from there right

determining how successful that video

does i have started to see some


that perhaps they do that before the

video ever goes

live based on the metadata in a video

youtube will start pre-qualifying which

audience to show that video to it’s blow

your mind crazy i know

right so the question is what in the

world do we do about that and

i am talking about that on the project

24 youtube podcast this week so members

of project 24

add it to your feeds right now now there

are two ways you can go from here if you

want to know better which metrics

really move the needle and matter the

most on your channel i’m going to give

you this video right

here yes right there and then if you

want to know some more mistakes that

really can dampen your channel

i made this video for you guys right

there and nate out

next we have myth number four but before

i get to that i wanted to take a moment

to thank today’s video’s sponsor


never gets old


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