3 Steps to Leverage Black Friday for Your Business on YouTube

Black Friday is coming up soon! If you create and sell your own products on your channel, this can be a great time to increase sales as well as get new customers for future promotions. Today we’ll talk through some ideas of how to incorporate your YouTube channel into that sales process next week, how to structure a sales video, follow-up, and more so you can better monetize and serve the audience you’ve built on YouTube.

CREATOR SPOTLIGHT: Craig Palsson of Market Power shows us that you can still definitely grow a channel in a very small, specific niche. Not every market on YouTube has the same amount of potential audience, but there is an audience for every channel if you follow the advice that Craig shares in today’s podcast. Check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9a_V7YbGGmWphAzk8_4LFQ

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hello creators how are you guys it’s

great to hang out with you again for


video creators podcast episode

where every week we are helping you grow

your channel giving you advice ideas


for how you can reach more people grow

your business and change

their lives with not only the services

that you’re providing but the content

that you’re creating and publishing

on your youtube channel as well and

today we want to talk about what does

that mean with black friday

coming up i’ve been doing video creators


uh well seven years now and we have

found that leveraging black friday has

been really good for us

and our company for a few different

reasons why we’ll talk about and i think

it will be for you too

if you have anything on your channel

that you sell that you create whether it


maybe plans maybe like uh

like like woodworking plans maybe it’s

like downloadable files for

different software that you’re that

you’re that your content revolves around

maybe you’ve got uh like an online

course or maybe it’s like more services

based and you’ve

and you do accounting for people or you

do some sort of

coaching for people whatever if you have

a business

that your channel kind of surrounds then

today we’re going to talk about what

what does black friday look like and how

should we use that i know that

through our experiences here we found a

lot of value and not just value in terms

of like oh yeah you

made some money and you and you made

some sales there’s more to it than that

and we’re gonna walk through that that

process of what it looks like it’s a

three-step process we’re gonna walk you

guys through here today

and we’re gonna talk about how you can

incorporate some of these things

into your channel so that going forward

after listening

listening this episode you can put the

things in place on your channel that you

need to have in place

so that you can grow your business but

ultimately use your business to serve

more people and that’s what we’re all

about and looking forward to diving into

that with you guys here today

before we dive in we want to i want to

thank ken

king of adventures in dirt for

moderating with us here today

now those of you guys who are in the

chat if you have any questions for

delena and i

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and often the the podcast people

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questions because like

you guys are asking the questions that

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the gaps

of what we’re kind of leaving out and

making making the content better for

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i do have an announcement before we dive

in here today guys

and it’s kind of a sad one

as you notice lennon’s not here no it

has nothing to do with it

oh my god i’m just gonna see where

people want that

today is our last our last final live


of the year here on video creators i

know like the years

isn’t uh you’re like hey tim don’t we

still get like

like do it like what do we have a month

and a half is that what we got what are


yeah next week is thanksgiving isn’t it

yeah and so we i haven’t actually done

this before

it freaked me out for a moment susan

says uh

i haven’t done this before uh we usually

just kind of i kind of keep going maybe

take a week or two off but as

if you guys have been listening the past

episodes you know that

uh you know i just got a lot going on

i’m gonna be taking a three week break

and could completely disconnect and let

the team

kind of hold down the fort and continue

to serve you guys

uh and then i’m gonna come back from

break and then i assume they’re going

off on break although i don’t know if we

have that officially planned out yet we

should probably do that but

uh but the new years and things will be

happening and so

uh now we will still be having podcast

episodes for you guys

so even though we won’t be live here

tomorrow delana and i

and lennon we’re going to sit down we’re

going to crank out a whole bunch of

podcast episodes for you so they won’t

be streamed here live

but definitely go subscribe in itunes


stitcher spotify google play like


you listen to your podcast episodes we

will have

content scheduled out and that’s where

we’re going to be talking about things

like how you should plan your your

youtube strategy

going forward in 2021 based on all the

changes that have happened in youtube

this past

year and we’ll be looking at what are

the biggest

lessons we learned about youtube growth

over the past

year here on youtube that will really


your strategy so a lot of really good

content coming up

and i would like encourage you guys to

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make sure you

download that so cool with all my

announcements let me check

uh yes that was it all right

delano oh let me do it again okay um i

always want to set you up because

not everyone it’s always potentially

someone’s first time so

if this is your first time here at video

creators to our

podcast and introduce you to delena

she’s one of the youtube strategists on

our team who’s

working with our clients one-on-one

generating reports for them

why don’t you summarize people who might

be newer here summarize what you do here


i mainly work with what is our most

intimate form of uh channel strategy for

creators so it’s our most one-on-one

version of what we do

um which does include yes creating

reports for them pulling their analytics

diving into exactly what’s going on on

their channel and creating customized

strategies for them so that’s primarily

what i do

with some other things like video labs


miscellaneous tasks and normally lennon

is here

as well he his focus is on managing our

online community

he also runs video labs he does

consultations one-on-one consultations

with clients as well

and so but he’s taken today off and he’s

not feeling very well

and so we’re just gonna let him have the


and so it’s uh delana and i

and elena as you’re looking forward to

black friday

what are you looking to get out of black

friday is there anything you’re keeping

your eye open for for like a really good

deal on something

um i think

okay um i don’t know how many of these

things i’m going to get at once but what

i’m going to be

looking for is uh the

there’s a gut health course that i

saw that i really wanted to take but it

was quite pricey

and so um i’m just gonna kind of wait

and see if

maybe they do a black friday sale um

i’ve also been interested in some

instagram growth

courses just like personally it doesn’t

really play into what we do here i mean

it’s always helpful to have that

knowledge but

um yeah i’ve also there’s some courses

that i’ve found that

i’ve actually been like looking at free

trainings from instagram growth

experts in particular um and i’ll take

like some of their free trainings

because i like to see like who do i feel

i connect with the most or who do i feel

has the most valuable information

um and then go from there and i found

one and so maybe she’ll do a black

friday sale

other than that i’m probably going to be

looking at like beauty products

well it sounds like you’re really into

like education

and yeah and learning and stuff right


uh so which is good i

i don’t know that i want to be honest

i’m not

so take you three weeks to like


not read any business books or


or a podcast and only kind of consume

like stuff for personal growth and uh

things like that but in terms of like

black friday

there’s two things that i’m looking for

a deal for

number one is a chainsaw

so very much not nearly as

as uh i don’t know what’s the right word

not studious but

sophisticated or something i don’t know

is what you’re going for

but we have a little small pond it’s

probably more like a big puddle

on our property and a big tree just fell

across it like two weeks ago

and i have like a little electric

chainsaw but that battery gives out


you know two three four cuts and so i

need to

get like a legit gas powered chainsaw

not just for that tree but just for all


things around our property to keep

popping up yeah i’m gonna be looking for

that and then the second thing

going back to like the self-care

re-energized rejuvenation

thing is i’m looking for a black friday

deal on xbox

live game pass so i can play the new


when that comes out and also like

video games were always so such like a

good stress release for me when i was in


my my my routine well mostly early 20s i


and i haven’t done it in a long time but

i think

i’m looking forward to just have let’s

just blowing some stuff up you know

just getting that that out of my system

so and i did find that there’s a couple

places online that will be having a deal

on those so i’ll be looking for the xbox


game pass subscription discounts um

here for black friday myself as well

yeah my husband and i are huge

gamers well i shouldn’t say huge gamers


we love video games i don’t actually


a ton but i but i love them because

uh but the thing is most of the video

games that i’ve been playing

has they’ve been like problem solving

and if i have a

like a really intense day of reports and

problem solving

i don’t want to do more problems you

love problem solving you love that’s

like why

you do so well with our clients and

things was you like

problem solving but to do it for fun

then after a long day of that i could

see and be like

nope i’m out yeah i just need like

an easy going game after that yeah


before we jump into our content i have a

surprise for you delaina and everyone

here in the chat oh

oh snap i have no idea what’s going on


what is this oh he’s leaving he’s just

going to let me take over

oh my god

what yes i finally got one i joined the


oh my god you’re listening maybe audio

wait you gotta you gotta back up and let

us see we finally got the denim jacket

to fit in with lennon and elena and

everyone else who is in the

in the chat here in the live stream


dirt lol eileen smith denim

dear julie julie like lol everyone

build those sticks wow it actually

happened jasmine apple looks fantastic

everyone’s like screen grab screen craft


okay i know and yeah mr mc your

community london’s not here to see it

i know so oh man

okay wait did did dana have a part in


a hundred percent she brought it back

home for me like i got something for you

but i saw on slack in our team slack

that that

she was asking you guys for tips on

denim and stuff like that so she just

kind of took it into her whole

her uh herself yeah november 16

2020 you were here


a monumentous day there’s some people

here uh

green shorts hey tom he’s asking some

context please because like what the

heck is going


he’s like why is everybody so excited

about a jean jacket

you want to explain it uh lennon and i


both had jean jackets for uh ever since

we started working with video creators

and we both wore them to events that we

went to

and so then we started making a joke

that tim needed to get a jean jacket too

and so then we started wearing them on

live streams coincidentally

and start and then we got all of you

guys in on the fact that tim needs to

get a jean jacket

and so after months and months what is

it almost two years now

tim finally has a jean jacket

so is my wife pick out a good one oh


looks great it looks so good i like this

it’s not just super stiff it’s kind of

stretchy so it feels

feels better than i was expecting it to

i was expecting it to feel like the

jeans i put on where it like

automatically straightens your leg

whenever you bend them

because they’re so not is that tight uh

and not like what kind of jeans are you


well i don’t wear that very much this is

why i didn’t really want a jean jacket

but this one’s there

that’s good tom says this the buttons

need to be in red though

so a little uh maybe a little paint i

don’t know

they might ruin it at that point

all right um

all right so for our creator spotlight

for this week i want to introduce you

guys to someone named

craig of from market power and

what i want you guys to get from this

conversation from him and leonard london

is doing a consultation with him they’re

talking about

growing their channel i think this is

the second session that he’s done with


and i know a lot of us myself included

we have youtube channels

that that

don’t have like the potential to reach

the largest

audience right like not all of us

are doing really broad appeal type of


or just vlogging

or we’re not making music videos that

have tremendous replay

value some of us and i get this too like

hey tim

if you’re like a youtube expert why

don’t you have five million subscribers

you know and i’m like well how how many

active youtube creators do you think

there are

in the world who speak english and are

interested in content like this

and my best guess is that there’s maybe

a million

but then you limit that to the audience

that we’re going after which is the more

established creator who’s

has more of a business mindset around

their channel and i don’t know what that

number is but i’m guessing we’re getting

really small maybe a hundred thousand


in our market in the world who had that

type of mentality

and mindset around their content so that

doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with

that some of you guys like uh delano i

think i’ve told you this before but i

remember i was at

i think i was at vidcon several years

ago and i

met someone they’re like oh tim i love

your content like oh yeah tell me about

your channel

and they’re like well i do i do i have a

channel that reviews antique socks

i was like antique socks that’s a that’s

a thing

they’re like wow and so that she told me

about it it’s like growing to do well

apparently there’s a niche out there for

antique socks i left thinking like you


have a channel about old socks but

but the point is like there’s like an

audience in a community for

everything so here craig i think

the the the thing to take away from what

craig’s about to share

is this applies to channels of any level

uh and he he expended some tremendous


for his small niche for his for what he

was doing he’ll share about that with

economics here in a second

but it’s not a huge audience and he’s

still getting some significant traction

given the size

of his potential audience and his advice

applies not only to what he’s been doing

that’s been getting momentum for him

for maybe you if you have a smaller

channel but also for those of you guys

who are more established

and maybe even have millions and

millions and millions of subscribers so

let’s listen to lennon’s conversation

with craig and then we’ll be back

right after that

yeah so i am a professor of economics i

have a phd in economics and just really

want to reach out to people get people

excited about economics so market power

is a place where we just believe in the

power of markets and economics to shape

our world because it really just

influences so much of what we see around


and so i’m trying to create this

community of people just interested in

and excited about economics that’s

awesome and so we

actually did a consultation um so we

just ended one today but we did one

probably a year ago right

tell us about i think it’s july last

year yeah tell us about what’s happened

sort of since then

so last year we talked and things were

good you know i had just over a thousand

subscribers i was monetized things

were on a good path um but the strategy

that i really had was trying to

ride whatever was going to be trending

like that week

um during the consultation last year we

really talked about

story which was really difficult to

apply to

an economics channel right i’m trying to

teach people about economic principles

and trying to find like the story in


the other thing we really talked about

was coming in and making sure you have a

target viewer

and it’s really in the past few months

where i’ve

really focused on that and said like who

is my target viewer and getting that


and finding out like okay my target

viewer right now is someone who’s

16 to 22 years old has just taken their

ap economics class or an economics class

in college

and they are really excited about

economics they’re thinking about

majoring in it

and they want to go on and find out you

know is this a good

career path and that was something that

was really relatable to me because i had

taken ap economics in high school

um i wanted to major in economics after

i took that class

but then had a like crisis of faith kind

of thing where i was like no there’s no

way i’m gonna do well

in life if that’s my major and so when i

got to college

i switched to a different major and it

was only after a year of that major

where i was like no i really like

economics i want to go

back and major in economics and so i

could like

it was really easy for me to identify

who that was i wanted to talk to

18 year old craig and help him on his

path to

learning about economics and so once i

got that

i started making those kind of videos

like what is it like to major in

economics what books can you do to study

economics what kind of jobs are


and just in the last three months the

the channel has grown

really well just in the last 28 days

1800 new subscribers um

i should pass 5 000 subscribers today

which is exciting for me to see

this kind of growth it was stagnant for

a while but once i really nailed that

target viewer

of just myself many years ago that’s

when it really helped me understand

what kind of content i needed to create

and what kind of community i needed to


what i want people to avoid a little bit

here is not

getting so much caught up in the fact

that you said okay i’m gonna make these

just these informational type videos

that serve this person like it’s not

just about that right you just knew that

for you

that’s what you needed to do it’s not

just like let’s go make these how-to


that wasn’t the point it was that you

looked at the person first

and said this is what this person needs

oh yeah absolutely

and so now you you’ll go ahead oh that

was really one of the first things that

that first video that i made once i

figured out who i was addressing

it’s called the the six biggest lies

about majoring in economics

that was like those were the things that

i was told

about majoring in economics when i was

back starting college and then so i

addressed every like each one of those

things and said hey

you know young craig these are the lies

you’re going to hear and this is why you

shouldn’t be worried about those things

and so i was taking that information i

wanted and figuring out

what i wanted to know about that kind of

stuff when i was in that position

yeah i love that and it’s not like

that’s not a searchable

term it’s not like you just went went

for what yeah what you knew you would

have wanted

to see and then you’ve taken this idea


and you’ve experimented and you’ve built

a second channel since we talked tell us

about that because this is really cool

yeah so i’ve got the strange thing about

me is i speak

uh haitian creole so haiti is

this you know it’s an island of the

caribbean it’s a poorest country in the

western hemisphere

there’s like i think population is 11

million maybe 12 million if you include

everyone um outside of haiti i lived in

florida for two years as a missionary

for my church and learned how to speak

haitian creole and so while i was you

know i’ve kept that up that’s what a lot

of my research as an economist is is

with haiti

and one day i just saw a video where

someone was speaking creole with their

family and it had like

so many views and like none of my videos

on market power were anywhere close to

that i was like

i’m just gonna throw up a similar video

and see what happens

and it started getting like a little bit

of momentum by a little bit of momentum

like january first

of this year um i had i think 14


and that video had 100 views but i


shared it with anyone i hadn’t done

anything i was just letting youtube do

its thing

um and so i was like oh you know like

some people are getting this let me just

throw another video on there and each

video i would throw

would just gain more and more momentum

and until like it just blew up in


and as of today it’s at it’s just under


000 subscribers without sharing you know

it’s all through

browse and suggested but that was when i

had this revelation that that was

the target viewer was so important it


it was that you know youtube had a

really easy time

identifying the target viewer because

you’re speaking a language

shared with other videos right like only

a few people are going to watch

videos in these languages and so if

people are watching that video

it’s easy to share it with across those

other things

it’s very easy for youtube to find that

target audience and that’s what i


i was missing on market power was having

that easily identifiable viewer

and so that’s when i’m really committed

to thinking about who my viewer was

and how i could get them to find this

channel about economics

i love it yeah and i guess i just want

to point out that like the

the mood on my channel has significantly

changed when i was targeting search last

year during our first consultation the

kind of comments i got

they’re the don’t read the comments

section kind of comments

and now that i’ve focused on the viewer

and their journey and what

they’re trying to get through it’s

amazing how the comments today are

thank you so much like i’ve been looking

for a channel like this you answer the

questions i kind of

i’ve been having and it’s been amazing

to have that so

really focus on who that target viewer

is i love it yeah thank you so much man

and i’m looking forward to chatting


yeah we’ll talk again

whether you are just trying to grow a

youtube channel or grow a business

the goal to be like that a lot of people

have is like i just need to be in front

of as many people as possible

and that’s not always the right goal

sometimes a better goal is to be in

front of the right people

is it better to be in front of a

football stadium of the wrong people who

will never subscribe never really be

interested in your content

never really buy from you never really

support what you’re trying to be

and what you’re trying to do or is it

better be in front of 10 of the right

people who are like

this is exactly what i need this is

exactly what i’m looking for and oh my

gosh this is gonna change my life

and there’s maybe times when each of

those goals would be appropriate

but overall the way you grow a youtube

channel and then youtube’s approach

is to put the right video for the right

person at the right time

so youtube system is very much a viewer


system and once youtube system starts

figuring out who it is that’s going to

respond well to your content

they are far more likely to actually

start putting your content in front of

those types

of people so figuring out that target

audience is very important

and craig’s craig’s type of uh

like the results that he saw on his

channel are very normal

for people who like once they hone in on

who that target audience is

and they start making content that’s

providing a very specific value to that


they start it’s not unusual for them to

really just start getting a lot of


on their youtube channel and so if

that’s something you really want help

figuring out and diving into

our course 30 days to better youtube

channel has a whole section in there

it’s designed

just to help you figure out who your

target audience is

it’s going to give you worksheets give

you assignments i’ve got a

video trainings in there to really help

you as part of that process

in fact this at the very beginning of

the process if you want to create a

highly subscribable channel and reach

this target audience who

will be the exact right people to have

already in your community when your

black friday sale comes around

then i highly recommend go to


and register for the course today get


start working through that material to

really figure out who is it that you are

trying to reach because i know a lot of


we work with them they’re like oh i’m

trying to reach this type of person and

to them that means like a certain age

range certain demographic

in terms of location and it’s usually

like anywhere between the ages of

like 18 and 54 years old who lives in

the united states

could be a boy it could be a girl like

and i’m like no no what’s this person’s

story what do they want

why can’t they have what they want what

are the obstacles that they’re trying to


and even entertainment types of channels

that still does the job for these


they they’re consuming entertainment

content because it’s doing something for

them it’s

providing a value to them even if that

value is just to escape from reality for

a little bit there’s

there’s there it’s always providing

value of some kind

and so i highly recommend again you

check out that course videocreators.com

30 days to dive into our course 30 days

to better youtube channel really start

figuring that out

and working through the process that we

outline there with our worksheets

and our assignments and everything to

really help you figure that out so as

you start creating content

that is targeting that audience and

solving a problem for them

and and really providing the value that

that person wants

your channel will grow your youtube

search and discovery systems will start


putting you in front of the right viewer

at the right

time so link to it is down in the show

notes to this episode as well let’s go

to videocreators.com

30 days

let’s see

look at the chat here any of you guys go

through that course

some of you guys did uh oh yeah yeah i


oh okay one guy said he really liked it

i lost it though green shorts diy says i

started out with a 30 days course

excellent strategies but also accessible

so good i thought that was helpful for

you tom

let’s see here

black friday is coming up sooner than

later i guess by the time you guys are

listening to this it might only be a

week might only be a few days

away and when i think about black friday

for our

business i think there’s two main goals

to it

for me and that is one

it does just be totally honest it does

help generate a burst of sales

and it gets like a lot of people who

never otherwise would have bought

they’re like

in black friday they’re just even if

it’s not even on sale they’re just

in this buying mentality and they’re

like what can i get today and they’re

looking for good deals

but even if it’s not a good deal like i

think a lot of us

hopefully by now know that things that


quote unquote on sale actually aren’t

it’s just that they inflated the retail

price to make it look like it’s now on


but the actual price on black friday is

the same price you could have gotten it

for like three months ago too or even

three months from now

so so there’s it’s not like even a lot


good deals out there so one is you can

tap into that for your business that

people are just kind of looking

they’re they’re mentally have christmas

coming up and they’re like i’m looking


buy things so it does generate a burst

of sales especially when you do give a


discount for it but number two and i

think this is the part

that a lot of small business owners


which is it also helps grow your email

list it helps grow your customer base

and the more people who are buying the

more customers we have to potentially

tap into

in the future and so like for our

business model we have different

levels of different types of basically

it comes down to how hands-on are we

going to be with you

and in your channel so it starts off

with 30 days to better youtube channel

well actually it starts off for free

with like one of our lead magnets but in

terms of paying for something

30 days to a better youtube channel is a

work at your own pace go through it on

your own time

pretty hands-off from us we’ll be

somewhat hands-on

if you want to um if if you

join our community our paid online

community after that

but for the most part you’re working

through it with a group of other people

and on your own but then there’s video

labs after that

and so if i do a a sale for

30 days to better youtube channel people

get into that and they have a really

good positive experience and they’re


oh my gosh i can’t believe how much i

got it was only like this price and i

got it for half of that like

i can’t believe this feels like such an

amazing deal and it really helps build a

lot of credibility it earns trust

with those people and then when the next

offer comes later for

video labs or the action plan or a

consultation or something like that

people are like heck yeah i am in and

and like i can’t believe the value i got

for that price this is gonna be so much


and so even though we kind of are

maybe depending how you look at it

losing money in

the first sale now that we’re offering


30 days to better youtube channel on

black friday

it’s it’s uh we we still make up for it

later um in terms of like now we have

more people that have got it really had

a really good positive experience with

it and

feel that they’re really excited to keep

going because now they understand what

it’s going to take to get their channel

going and what it’s gonna take to grow

and so they’re more likely to jump in

so don’t think about it just in terms of

like oh i’m gonna make some money or i’m

gonna generate some sales that will


but in our my experience the real

benefit of it comes further down the

line now if you don’t have multiple

products and you don’t have like more of

a sales funnel

like that of getting people from one

product to the next it’s still fine

it’s still like you sell it for cheaper

like don’t

don’t like lose them don’t lose money on


but still sell for cheaper in order to

grow that email list and to grow your

community of people who are having

experiences with your product and your


and and getting really excited about it

and i found that that’s been

good overall now i did make one mistake

it was a few years ago

which is i sold a discount on one-on-one


and to give you guys an idea just kind

of where we’re at right now

lennon and i and elena we’re we are all

booked through to the end of the year so

if you go look at our calendars right

now on our website to book a session

with us

you will not find i know on my schedule

no availability and i’m pretty sure

lennon he might have a session or two

available in there

yeah towards the end of the year i think

yeah we are both

books solid until january

okay so if i did a sale on that right


and people would come in like man i

can’t take advantage of the sale because


and we still get these emails now like

hey tim i think the calendar is broken

on your website

there’s nothing available i’m like no

it’s not broken

it’s just really that booked out so

but the one time i did run a sale in the

consultations i was not

solidly booked and i quickly learned


at that time people would only book

maybe two or three weeks in advance now

people are booking like a month two

months in advance with us

and we even have a waiting list right

now for people who are

waiting to do our more hands-on white

glove personal one-on-one strategy

with elena and so uh and i’ve had to

turn down other people who are like no

we want to do that with you tim and i’m

like i just i can’t right now i just

don’t have capacity

and so when i sold it i i sold it myself

solid for like two to three weeks

and then i realized i kind of put an

artificial cap

on those sessions because people like a

month from now two months from now and

at that time they weren’t sure if they

could do it so yeah so i

i’m not i want to sell now something

that’s scalable like 30 days to better

youtube channel personally

um so let’s see here um

the other thing that happens is that you

better stay in front of your people when

they already take the next step so maybe

not everyone takes the next step right

after the first purchase

but you now have an opportunity to

upsell someone after that first initial


or maybe like no i don’t want any that i

just want the one thing that’s on sale

and that’s great that’s that’s fine

that’s you know and then but you have

them on your email list or your customer

list that you can serve again later

so i think those are like the two main

benefits two main goals let me walk you


a quick three-step process of how we do

it and how

i recommend me if you haven’t done it

before at least start here in terms of

how do we take advantage of

black friday on our own youtube channel


so step number one i’d say is the first

thing you need to do is get the sale set

up obviously and then announce it

so and by announcing it i’m saying like


your email instagram community tab

we’ll be writing some facebook some

unique special facebook ads during that

time as well

and and we’re just promoting it

everywhere that we can

now it’s a little bit difficult right

now because everyone’s promoting like

trying competing for attention

for these types of sales but also more

people are more in tune

and looking for these types of sales so

it’s a good time to do it

and yeah whether you want to just

discount it or maybe you can’t discount

yours because like the profit margin is

already so low

you can’t afford to like discount it

anymore and still

have it be profitable another thing that

i’ve done with something like that is

instead i would just throw in a bonus

instead of the sale or along with the

sale so

maybe for example if you have something

that’s like accounting services you’re

like hey i can’t throw in a black friday

discount for new

clients on black friday just doesn’t

make sense but maybe you say you know

we’re gonna do black friday sale it’s

going to be

our same price as we normally do but

everyone who signs up gets this

or who you know gets this extra uh

online course for free that we did

because that’s more scalable or

they’re gonna send you a free book or a

free guide

or something like that right like and so

when we sell 30 days about our youtube

channel let me do this promo not only do

we discount it but we also throw in a

course from delana

about like how to get started as a

youtube creator all the gear you need to

set up the processes you need to follow

in order

to consistently publish content that’s

going to perform well and also

we throw in for free a course from an

online course from lenin

about how monetization strategies for

your channel like how what are some of

the things you can do to start making

money on your channel

and we walk through all those options

and things like that with his online


so i feel like we throw

we throw like a heck of a party

this stuff away for you guys it’s like a

discounted course

i guess it sounds like i’m kind of

promoting it now

depending on when you’re listening to

this if you haven’t bought it yet you

want all the extra bonus stuff like go

check it out uh

black friday but uh at video


30 days but that’s yeah so i think it’s


really important that you not only set

it up and then you actually got to

promote it

a lot and uh

yeah now if you’re at a place right now

you’ll see that you’re like hey tim this

sounds great this isn’t for me though

i’ve got i don’t have a product i’m

i’m sharing then i have a

free guide for you it’s called product

to profit a link to that down is this

in the show notes and it’s you can check

it out down there

and it’s a free guide that i put

together all about our exact process for

how do you go for figuring out what your

audience wants to buy from you

how do you go about creating that thing

and then

how do you go about selling it a lot of

people think that

just because they have an audience that

people must want to buy anything that

they tell them about and that’s not

true there’s a lot of very big channels

who can’t move merch or

sales for nothing because their audience

whether it’s not the right fit or they

attracted the wrong audience or whatever

so follow that guide it doesn’t tell you

anything at the end of it i promise it’s

it’s uh right now the only thing i’m

asking you for at the end of that guide

is that you fill out a brief survey to

give me some information about where

you’re at with your channel in terms of

products and services

so that going into the 2021 our team can

create content for you that would be the

most valuable for you to helping you

actually start that journey

and start turning your channel into a

more profitable business

so uh check out that that guy product to

profit and i’ll help you get started

with that process

uh right away uh i have two different

podcast episodes i want to recommend

that you guys listen to you before we

dive into what i want to talk about here

which is the

like an actual sales process sales

um strategy that we use for our sales

videos because when i say hey announce

this on your youtube channel

you’re like what does that mean does

that mean i’d just be like

um hey guys uh so

i like if you don’t want it don’t worry

about it but

like i’m not trying to be sleazy or

anything but i just got this thing that

you could buy

like but but don’t hate me if you don’t

want to buy it it’s okay uh

but in fact you probably don’t want it

so yeah never mind see you later bye


all right don’t don’t do that uh it’s

okay it’s okay if you feel that way

inside yeah

but don’t do it no so

i want to give you a quick outline of

the sales script i often use

in the format that’s been working pretty

well for us as well as other clients and

things as well but but you’re going to

want to go into this way more depth

than i’m going to go into here so i

highly recommend you check out an

episode podcast episodes episode number

229 it’s titled the five sales tactics i

use to earn over 1 million dollars on

youtube and

that’s going to go in way more depth of

this of this uh

the script in this outline okay uh

but here and this applies whether or not

whether you’re talking about a sales


maybe an email sequence or just a sales

video in your channel

step number one the first thing you want

to do in this piece of content is one

discuss the problem

what’s the problem that this customer

has how does this problem make them feel

what do they really want and why do they

think they can’t have it

like can you just summarize your

customer’s story

really quickly in the opening uh

15 20 seconds of of this piece of


and then number two you want to quickly

then tell your story okay so

don’t open up being like hey guys i got

a sale going on you can buy it here

here’s what it is here’s what it does

you’re not going to move many you’re not

going to create many sales what people

really want to know is

is this for me is this going to solve a

problem i have is this going to help me

go from

a to b like i’m here i feel stuck at a i

want to get to b

how does it help me do that and then so

you discuss the problem first of all

they’re like oh okay

i feel like this person is talking to me

and they’re like well who are you like

well here’s tell a little bit about your

story like this is who i am i’m tim and

video creators and

and you know and i remember being

exactly in that space

where i just felt frustrated and i felt

like i didn’t know how to move forward

and no matter how hard i tried nothing

was working and

and so like tell us a quick story that

that the case you can identify with

where this person is at

and it also helps establish trust

because the person’s like oh they get me

they understand me like yes

that story that that person is

describing feels like my story

and then you tell a little bit like well

here’s how i got it and

share some helpful information step one

step two this is what

really helped me take go to the next

level and then the third thing you want

to do in this script is number three is

cast a better vision

so like here’s what happened to me in my

life but

what would your customer’s life look

like how would they

what kind of transformation would they

experience if they got what you have

or or or if they bought this product or

the service

or whatever and so and what does it

really take to get there

is this gonna be like okay you’re gonna

sell me something that’s

gonna be like in three easy steps you

too can get a million dollars

right or is this good guys gonna take

hard work it’s gonna take a lot of

practice it’s going to take a lot of


but i have found that you do the right

practice practice right things plan the

right way

the right time like you can actually

really accelerate your results

and so and so that case you’re actually

selling shorter amount of time

like less effort basically to get like

this is what we want any guide to do for

us that’s why you’re listening to this


episode in the first place so you cast

that better vision of what they’re


like what transformation in their life

would look like and then the next thing

number four is

then you introduce the product okay well

here’s the product here’s how it’s going

to solve your problem

and how and then you just how can you

justify the claims you’re making about

the product so if you look at our sales

page for 30 days to better youtube


you’ll see that we’ve got tons of

testimonials on there and i haven’t even

put like

a quarter of them on there but we we put

those on there so you screenshots of

like guys people

are literally emailing us every every


i don’t even know what the frequency is

because stephanie manages all that stuff

but uh i know like at least once a week

she’s popping

screenshots of emails in our in our

private slack being like look at this

person here’s what they did here’s what

i did for them and

and so but we have those testimonials on


and we justify the claims with other

things as well in terms of like we’ve

helped our clients

personally generate over uh 17 billion

views and 71 million

subscribers on youtube following this


right and so it’s like justify and


those are real stats by the way i didn’t

make those up so can you justify the

claims that you’re making number step

number five

is then to give next steps and this is

where a lot of people

go wrong they kind of tell them about

the product and then hope they buy but

people need to know exactly what the

next step you want them to take is

you create that framework for them to

follow to make exactly how to move

forward with it

so at the end just say like so first

you’re going to click that like in the


below and then you’re going to enter in


your name and your email address on the

next screen you’ll enter in your payment


and then you’ll be right into the first

page of the course where you can start

experience like diving into

how to figure out who your target

audience is or something right so

you you know maybe you don’t even need

to go like first and then

but on the exact process to follow

and so that they can see then like okay

this isn’t too hard it’s not too

complicated and it kind of removes just

a little bit of doubt a little bit of

confusion and makes it easier for them

to move forward so make sure you give


the exact next steps well and i think it

it just makes it

feel more tangible to them you know like

the whole idea of it just

sounds like oh yeah i could do that and

then they want to take the next step

right and it’s like oh am i gonna get

like is this gonna take a long time like

literally yeah

today i started downloading the update

for mac os

and i was looking at the clock being

like uh i don’t know how long this is


take got a live stream here coming up

i’m not gonna start this update right

now but it might have only take

two minutes i don’t really know so just

setting expectations really important

anything else in there uh all that makes

sense i know i went through that real


elena but anything in there pop out to

you that i need to maybe explain or

clarify or go into more depth

um i i don’t think so i would like to

emphasize the importance of telling a

succinct version of your story and how

powerful that can be because the viewer

does need to

feel that they can

not only can they connect with you they

want to feel that

but they also want to know that you

actually fully understand their problem

as well as because of your story because

of your experience and because of why

you care about this issue that you

are the person that can help them do

that um and all of that

can be so so powerfully communicated in

telling your story yep

lily tree in the chat here in the live

stream says great quote from my previous

life don’t sell the sausage

sell the sizzle

donald miller i think says like don’t

sell the drill

sell the hole oh no that’s seth godin

actually yeah don’t sell the drill sell

the hole

and that’s because what people really

wanted not a drill what they really want

is the hole and they don’t really want

the hole they want what

the hole is going to allow them to

create and they don’t really want

the things going to create they want the

satisfaction and the feeling that it’s

going to make them feel proud of

themselves right it’s

it’s uh it’s always be results and

benefit like reward focused and not just

on features how it functions yeah here’s

what it does

and yeah that’s another thing because

then the viewer

or the the potential customer has to

then figure out in their own mind

okay does this help actually help me get

what i want or not

and it’s just because it’s cool doesn’t

mean it’s gonna sell

but that is where it comes down to your

target audience because if you’re

targeting the person who

already knows why having this really

powerful battery for

this really fancy drill matters then

um you could emphasize the features a

little bit more and talk about because

you’re targeting that person who already

knows why that matters but if you’re

targeting somebody who

like tim said you they just want to hang

a picture they don’t they’re not going

to know

any any of those features are going to

go over their heads so

right yeah the second step

of this three-step process is after you

have running the sale you’ve announced


i normally in the past have only ran it


24 hours and part of that is because i

want to create a sense of urgency

like you only have limited time to get

it you got to take action now or you

miss it

but i have a sales guy

now and his his advice is like no let’s

run it for three days

becoming more and more common let’s do

the black friday sale for

friday saturday and sunday let’s do it

for the weekend

and so we’re going to try that for the

first time this

this year and so you know run the sale

for a few days if you like

and then finally the third step in the

process is

afterwards like after people have bought

and you shut the sale down

you hopefully have a lot of new

customers who

are maybe new to you and your brand into

your channel to your content

your value proposition what you’re all

about if

ideally you have some sort of email

automation set up that will

automatically email these people

both like hey it’s so good to have you

like we’re excited like here’s who we


and you get them into an email sequence

then that is introducing them to your

brand and

you are what you’re all about and what

they can ask what else they can expect

from you

and and in terms of emails and contact


things later send them follow-up emails

about the the content that

if it’s like an online course for

example about like just kind of

reminding them to get back into it

but i don’t just take their money and

run i guess that’s my point

and don’t just like disappear it’s a

really good opportunity

to serve someone even better who the way

i think about it is like if they’ve

given you money

they are serving your family like

they’re literally helping take care of


and and the other people maybe who work

for you

on your team and so i don’t personally

take that lightly i’m like if you

are supporting me and my family like i

want to do my best to support you and

your family

and i i really want this content to do

that or whatever the services that you

just bought

so that’s why one of our our core values

here at video creators is results driven

it’s not like we’re just selling

information to try to make money

but like to us it’s really important

that the stuff actually works

and that it actually generates results

that’s why we track how many views that

we can

take credit for from our from our

clients is because like we want to know

is this

actually moving the needle on something

for them or is it like

you know this person that probably would

have done just fine in the room without

us but we’re going to take credit for us

because we need our business to do well

or something right

so follow up with them send the welcome


it doesn’t have to be the personal h1

unless you’re selling maybe like

ten thousand dollar product or something

then you probably want to be personal

with each one

but have an automation or

just send the weak welcome email to that

to those new customers

if you don’t have an automation setup

that really helps onboard them to what


what you’re all about what else they can

expect to you from you and and set the

expectation that we’re going to keep

delivering value

to you through these emails or through

our youtube channel or

instagram or whatever the case might be


any thoughts or comments there delena

nope sorry i was muted

nope i’m good yeah let’s dive into some

of your questions here we’re going to

start with those of you here in the live

stream who are members

of the channel and dear julie julie

junk journal every day ask do you tell

your story in every video

n i don’t um that’s not necessary

yeah go ahead yeah it’s it’s not

necessary uh

what telling your story is very very

very powerful

but if you try to force it into every

every piece of content it’s just gonna

feel really unnatural and it will

not only feel forced but it will

probably come across as force to your


however that’s not to say that you

shouldn’t be looking for

creative opportunities on how you can

plug certain parts of your story

into how it relates to the topic at hand

because telling stories is very very

powerful it

allows for connection you know personal

connection with your audience and

them feeling like they want to identify

with you and whatever you offer on your

channel versus someone else

your story is like the secret power that

every creator has that they don’t

usually utilize enough however no it

does not need to be in every

in every video especially if it’s going

to feel unnatural

i think you could have a really short

version of it like the way dave ramsey

does it where he’s like

he’s like uh something along the lines

of like i know what it’s like to be


in fact i went from being a millionaire

to bankrupt twice before i

figured out how money works yeah it’s

real quick it doesn’t have the

not a lot of detail then he has a longer

version as well but

yeah it’s gonna be everyone but but you

just need to make it like

people just can’t dig too far to get it

it just needs to be pretty

yeah it’s one of the first things that

they’ll figure out with you and your


yeah or you can even cherry pick certain

parts of it to highlight certain parts

of your story that go along with the

topic at hand

yeah green shorts diy

says i continued on my path with video

labs much more intensive but it gave me

best practices to grow

and five years later i still meet

regular meet weekly with three other

members from my group

that’s awesome that’s awesome tom yeah


video labs what comes after 30 days

about youtube channel so 30 days will

help get your channel set up to be

highly subscribable and then video labs

is then like okay now that we can reduce

the bounce rate on your channel people

actually connect to it when they find it

now let’s talk about uh get more into

how the algorithm works let’s get more

into how do we craft content that will

hook and hold

people’s attention how do we use

analytics to discover more opportunities

for growth

those those types of things so video is

like the next level after that

so good for you tom and i’m glad you’re

still meeting with those creators that

you went through video labs with

it’s me asks hey there does anyone have

any advice

when you have a great and proven product

but no one is buying and responding to


even on sale

that’s that’s unfortunate

i’m sorry i’m sorry to hear that my

first thing would be

you know i guess i would if if i

was working with you i would be like

well first let’s dive into the product

and let’s make sure that this is a good

a good product

second of all let’s dive into who’s the

target audience for this

it’s like and then and then is this the


audience for this product or we we

usually start with start with the

audience and then make the right product

but because you have the product first

now we’re going to go the other

direction be like okay well who’s the


audience because it might be that you’re


not hitting the right the right audience

for it

then then the last thing i would check

out is like okay well what does your


process look like and what what are you

communicating to that potential customer

is it basically like hey i’ve got this

thing and you can buy it click here

people are like i don’t care but

is it doing a good job at teasing like

here’s the benefit the reward that’s

gonna provide for you

uh and then i guess i would also look at

and this is a little bit harder because

you don’t know what you don’t know in

this situation

but i i’ve when i wrote my own sales

pages like i learned a lot about writing

sales copy and things and

got 30 days about our youtube channel

the conversion rate on that sales page

was about one and a half percent

but then i paid someone over five

figures to write one page

on my website the new sales page for

that course and his sales copy converts

at eight percent

so and the price is a lot higher

sometimes that was part of it too

sometimes i was charging i wasn’t

charging enough

and people are like no this gotta be a

scam like i don’t believe you can

deliver on

this promise for only thirty dollars you

there must be like an upsell in the back

end to like really get what i want

but when i started charging a couple

hundred dollars instead people are like


like i think he might be actually

delivering on what he’s promising so


as the pricing sometimes it’s the

actual like sales copy so i would i

would start there



aerodon asks so should i try to set this

up for black friday

or given that it will be ending about a

week after black friday

should i not bother bother with black

friday for that promotion

um i think i missed the first part of


did i looks like i did okay

oh there’s another part to the question

yeah that’s just another question i said

buildthis6 asks is it worth to try a

product launch

right before black friday without a

loyal following

i don’t think i would personally um

i mean you could do the launch just for

the exercise but if you don’t have

people who want to buy from you it’s

hard to make it

work i think i don’t know what do you

think delena

yeah i i think that there’s obviously a

difference between a loyal following and

then a big following

um sometimes i feel that people

can have kind of put those two in the

same group

and uh if it’s not you can have a big

following that’s not loyal

um and then you can have a small

following that’s very loyal so

yeah if you if you feel that your

followers genuinely

aren’t loyal i think that’s the problem

that needs to be addressed first why

why are they not loyal why do they not

feel connected to me

am i communicating my story am i giving

them opportunities to be connected

with me um and then go from there i

agree with tim i’m not sure

that unless you were gonna go

a different way and you’re gonna like

run ads on facebook and instagram and

stuff like that you could also do that

um but i still feel that you might

probably run into the same issue after


yeah one thing i think is also important


mention guys is that after my black

friday sale is done

i unlist my youtube video about it like

the one that went out to my subscribers

and i don’t leave that one public

because none of the people are like hey

you should be on sale i’m missing out on

the sale why is it not on sale can i

still get it for the sale price and

we’re like

nope so we try to like erase all

evidence that there was a sale

after the sale is over uh because we do

get a lot of people asking like can you

i know it’s like

two weeks later but can you still give

it to me or like

no we have all that system set up that

whole setup then it’s not set up anymore


sorry so just just make that video

unlisted after the fact

delaney wrap this up with our power tip

of the week

what do you got for us to really help us

grow our youtube channels

um in in combination

with this episode i think that this

actually brings up a big

a big conversation about and this is

going to sound like a pitch for 30 days


i’m not meeting it too we’re not trying

to it’s just hard not to at this point

i know we’re telling you our process

guys we’re like doing two birds with one

stone here

um but yeah

i think that this entire conversation

really really brings up the importance

of primal branding elements because we

talked about your backstory a lot

and one of the biggest things in primal

branding elements is your creation story

that’s where so many of your other

uh elements kind of branch out of there

if you’re not familiar with primal

branding elements we do go over them

in regards to how they relate to your

youtube channel

in 30 days um but you can also just buy

the book primal branding by patrick


and uh study it there but

to have a successful product a

successful brand i’m really

i’m actually really glad that we landed

on that last question because

um a loyal following absolutely matters

they need to care about you and they

need to care about what you can do for


and they need to be able to identify

themselves with you and your

your primal branding elements can help

uh you do that

it’s it’s just uh

it’s it’s a byproduct of of what they

offer i always say that the primal

branding elements are not something that

you pull

externally into your content but that

you pull it’s

it’s internal elements that you pull out

into your content

yeah and um so i would highly recommend

for you guys to look into primal

branding elements do some google

research on it buy a book

by 30 days it doesn’t matter you do get

into that in 30 days to better youtube

channel you spend like two days

yeah um but then my quote of the week is

an entrepreneur is someone who jumps off

a cliff and builds a plane on the way


reed hoffman

which is from click up somebody shared

that from click up

yeah i i get what they’re saying there’s

like someone who’s willing to take

risks but jump off a plane and build a

bridge on the way down

that sounds a little irresponsible

yeah um i think though

that quote is for the people who play it

safe you know to play it too safe

and um that constantly have reasons

as to why they’re not ready to start why

they’re not

why it could be better they’re gonna

spend two more years preparing for their

business and sometimes that that’s

necessary but sometimes you just gotta

jump and build the rest of the plane on

the way down

that’s what i’m good i’m just gonna jump

i’m taking vacation for three weeks

so those of you guys here on the live

stream is our last live stream for the

year but those of you guys are on the


you will still be getting episodes just

come with you guys at london and elena

and i are gonna record for you and the

rest of you guys who are on the live


make sure you go subscribe to the

podcast get the content there because we

will not be hanging out here

live anymore for the rest of the year so

thank you guys for being a part of this

awesome amazing community

and we will see you guys on the podcast

next week

thanks for hanging out see you guys then