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=================== text video ====================

— YouTube is changing.

They are making some huge
changes to the platform,

and I’m pretty excited about it.

They are removing the
Reach and Engagement tabs

inside of the YouTube Studio.

They’re also making huge changes

when it comes to going live on YouTube

and making money on YouTube.

And they even hinted at bringing
A/B testing for thumbnails,

directly inside of YouTube.

That is going to be awesome.

But there is one change
that I’m not excited for.

Now, literally, as I
was editing this video,

YouTube dropped a bunch
of information on us.

So I’m gonna show you the original video,

and I’m gonna come back and fill you in

on all the new juicy updates

that they literally just announced.

So check it out.

The first exciting YouTube
change is the YouTube Studio.

The YouTube Studio has
been getting updates

and it’s continuing to
get more and more updates

that are pretty exciting.

One of the ones I wanted to
show you is this Research tab

right here.

Now, if you don’t see this yet,

they’re rolling it out to more creators,

so just stay tuned and
you’ll get it eventually.

Now, what’s cool about this feature

is it just helps you come up
with more YouTube video ideas.

First, we have the
Searches Across YouTube.

So if I wanna type in
something like best camera

and hit the search bar,

we have best vlogging camera 2022.

And then just to the right of this,

we can see that the search
volume on YouTube is high.

It doesn’t really tell
you exactly how high,

it just says that it’s high,

and then it’ll show you
that some are medium

and some are low.

A cool thing you can do
is if you go over here,

you can click More, and you
can go to Google Trends,

and this is gonna throw it
right into Google Trends.

So you can kind of see if
this is a relevant time

if it’s on the incline or the decline.

Now, my favorite feature,

the one that gets me excited is, actually,

if you go over here to All Searches,

you can go to Content Gaps Only.

When we select that, it’s just
gonna show us content gaps.

And for this, there is
only one content gap,

which is best vlogging camera under $100.

So a content gap can happen

when viewers cannot find any
results for their searches

or viewers cannot find an
exact match for their search

or viewers can’t find relevant
videos for their searches.

For example, the content is
old or it is low quality.

Basically, what this means,
if you’re a YouTuber like me,

content gap means that
there’s an opportunity here

to actually get some views
for that search traffic.

The other cool thing
about the research tab

is if you go to your viewers searches,

this is going to explore search terms

relevant to your channel,
based on what your viewers

and viewers of channels like yours

are looking for on YouTube.

Now, it sounds really cool,

but it doesn’t work as
well as you think it does.

I’ll select this and I’ll explain why.

So right as I hit this,

you can see that we have
search terms like loud sound,

weird sound, annoying sound 10 hours.

Why would anyone want that?

And this is happening
because we have a few videos

on our channels that
are about sound effects.

I think we have three videos,
but they get tons of views.

And so this is totally skewing our data.

So really, we’re just getting
all these recommendations

for people who are
looking up sound effects,

and we don’t really wanna
post a bunch of sound effects

on our channel.

So for us, this isn’t super useful.

So if you have some videos on your channel

that are getting a lot of
views, a lot of traffic,

but it’s not really something
you wanna do anymore

or it’s just not relevant
anymore to your content,

then this isn’t going to be as exciting.

You’re not gonna get as
much stuff out of this,

so I definitely still recommend
using something like VidIQ.

It’s just gonna give you way more options,

way more data for you to
actually do the research

that you need to do before hitting record

and making a video.

Now I knew when this
research tab came out,

people were wondering

if they still need to be paying for VidIQ

or TubeBuddy or some of
these other extensions,

and the answer is, yes.

This definitely isn’t perfect.

There is a lot to be improved.

And so using something like VidIQ

is just gonna give you so much more data.

For example, on VidIQ,
if I type in best camera,

it’s not gonna show me that
it’s just high search traffic.

It’s actually gonna give me real numbers.

And this way, I can
compare that actual number

to other keywords on my channel

that maybe I wanna make a video on.

And honestly, besides that,

there’s just tons of other features

that are still so useful with VidIQ.

So though I’m really excited
about the research tab,

it’s definitely not
replacing any of the tools

that I’m using right now.

But I am hopeful that YouTube
is gonna keep coming out

with new updates and showing us exactly

what kind of content our
audience wants to see.

Now I’m so excited what YouTube is doing

with the analytics for shorts and videos.

And so check this out.

— Will there be eventually
separate analytics

in YouTube Analytics
for shorts and for VOD?

Yes, our analytics team is
working on breaking those out

for shorts, for VOD,
and for live in Studio.

— And of course, while
I’m editing this video,

they actually did it.

Creator Insider posted this video today.

— After this change, what
you’ll notice is that

the Reach and Engagement
tabs are gonna be gone,

but they’re gonna be replaced
by a new tab called Content

where you will be able to
follow up on the performance

of your different content types,

but also compare across them.

— Okay, now this, I absolutely love.

So you click on Content, and
you can sort it by all videos,

but then you can also just go in

and you can look at your
shorts, your live, your post,

and you can look at the analytics

on the type of content
that you’re posting.

This is amazing.

I’m so excited about this change.

Now, they’re also saying in this video

that if you don’t see all of the chips,

maybe you don’t see the live section

because you don’t have
any live posted yet.

So as soon as you go live

or as soon as you post a YouTube short,

then you’re gonna see that chip.

They also let us know that
they’re not taking away

any sort of analytics or
anything that we are used to.

Really, they’re just
giving us more information.

They also said this is gonna be coming out

in the next couple weeks.

And it was May 19th when
they posted this video.

So it should be here very shortly,

I’m very excited to see this.

They’re also constantly updating

the YouTube Studio app for mobile,

so that you’re getting a lot more features

that the desktop version has,

and you can just have it on your phone.

Okay, now YouTube studio
is getting even better.

They posted another video
with some major insights

as to what they’re bringing in 2022.

So let’s check that out.

— Our first goal for the year

is to enable YouTube
creators to be successful

on the platform without
requiring a desktop.

— So one of the main things

in this video that they talked about

was bringing more features
to the YouTube Studio app.

So you are gonna be
able to upload directly

from the Studio mobile app,
whether that’s videos or shorts.

Overall, they’re just
bringing a lot more features

to the YouTube Studio app.

Now, listen to this right here

’cause this is the
really interesting stuff.

— We want to make it easier for creators

to create on both mobile and desktop.

This means adding automatic
suggestions in Studio

to help creators better
improve their metadata

by adding suggestions
for titles, hashtags,

and potentially other fields.

— So that’s really cool
having suggestions for titles.

So YouTube’s kind of telling us,

«Hey you should title it this.»

I think that’s really telling

because they obviously
know a lot of information

that we don’t know.

They know what people are searching for,

and because they have all this information

for them to share it with us
and suggest an actual title

or even tags or things in your
description is really cool

and something I’m excited
to see them roll out.

And lastly, she talks
about thumbnail testing.

So basically, if you want to
run two different thumbnails

to see which one performs better,

you’re gonna be able to
do this inside of YouTube,

and this is going to
be really, really cool.

— Lastly, we know many
of you have been asking

for A/B testing for
thumbnails for a long time.

We want to let you know

that the team is actively discussing ways

that we can bring this
to the creator community.

We hear your feedback

and we will provide you an
update when we have one.

— Now, although they did say

they don’t have an official update,

they’re saying that they hear us,

and they are working on
making this possible,

which is very exciting news.

Ultimately, this is just gonna
allow us to test thumbnails

so that we can have a better thumbnail,

and then get more views.

Okay, back to the video.

The second thing I’m super excited about

when it comes to YouTube,
continuing to make changes

is with monetization.

First of all, they’ve
opened up super thanks

to all creators who are already monetized

and inside of that partnership program.

I’m also really excited to see

that YouTube really wants creators

to make money on the platform

by opening stuff like memberships,

even merch just within the app.

So people are watching a video,

they can easily buy a shirt
to support your channel,

and we also see that we have NFTs.

And so there’s a lot of stuff

that they’re continuing to innovate on,

and really, I’m just excited

because I know they want us to make money

so that we can do this
full time for our jobs.

And I feel like that is great
for the creator economy.

It’s great for the YouTube creators.

And so overall, when it
comes to monetization,

I’m very excited with the
changes that they’re making.

Another awesome way
that they’re innovating

is with online shopping.

So if you have a tech channel like us,

this should get you really excited.

Having an actual view
products button on screen

where people can actually see
the products you’re reviewing

or that you’re using is great.

And it sounds like YouTube
really wants to make

affiliate marketing really
easy within the YouTube app.

So I’m excited to see how
they evolve with live shopping

with affiliate marketing.

So for those of us who
use affiliate marketing

for our businesses, we can
actually make more money

just by using some of these
features within the YouTube app,

making it easier for everyone.

The third thing I’m really excited about

when it comes to changes is YouTube Live.

One thing that they’ve
already started to roll out

to certain channels is this ring

that will show you when a channel is live.

So if you are scrolling on YouTube,

maybe you’re in this
subscription box or the homepage

and you see someone’s video,

their channel will have this live button.

This means they are live streaming.

And if you click on that,

it’s gonna take you
directly to their live.

They’re also gonna be
adding ways to go live

with someone else directly
inside of YouTube.

I think this feature is pretty cool.

It makes it really easy
to go live with someone

if you just wanna pop on
and have a conversation

on YouTube Live.

It’s gonna be really easy

’cause you can just do it from your phone.

It looks like you’re gonna
be able to do it vertically

or horizontally, which is pretty cool.

They’re also trying to make
it easier to look at comments

and look at the video when
you’re watching it live,

much easier by doing
this kind of half video,

half comment section.

Now, another new juicy update
that they just now released

was actually this thing
called gifting membership.

So let’s check out this video

— With memberships gifting,

members can now purchase
memberships for other viewers

during a live stream.

Members can select from
a preset number of gifts,

which will then be distributed
to top fans of your channel

who are not yet members.

— Now the people that this is gonna go to

are the people who are
most active on the channel.

— Top fans of the channel
who are gift recipients,

now have the opportunity
to access memberships perks

for one month.

Now, this is super cool
for multiple reasons,

but instead of going to all the details,

I’ll just leave a link to
that video in the description,

as well as all the other
videos that I found.

I’ll leave those in the links down below.

YouTube also mentioned live Q and A.

So if you do wanna go live

and have people actually ask
questions in the comments,

you’ll be able to select those comments

and show them on screen
to answer these questions

all within YouTube.

Now, this is still super early on.

So this is not going to be perfect,

it’s not gonna be super
professional or super cool,

and that’s why we love to use StreamYard.

Now, we love using StreamYard
to go live on YouTube

and on Facebook because it
looks really professional

with all the features that you have,

but it is super easy
and super simple to use.

They make it really easy to
add different camera angles.

You can also bring on guests

and have their @name at
the bottom of the screen,

or you can add in-screen
elements on your own

in transitions.

And this is all built into the software.

And all of the stuff is really easy to do

with just the press of a button.

So that way, when you are live,

you’re not trying to focus
on doing a million things,

you can just focus on the content,

and then really easily
change up your live stream.

You can also live stream to
multiple channels at once.

So if you wanna go live on Facebook

and YouTube at the same time,

you can do that inside of StreamYard.

So if you wanna level
up your live streams,

you can get a 14-day
free trial of StreamYard

by going to streamwiththink.com

or use the link in the description.

So what is this change coming to YouTube

that I am not excited about?

I think it’s awful, it’s
terrible, it needs to change,

and it is YouTube Shorts.

Now, I want you to hear me out.

Guys, I made a terrible mistake.

Literally, it’s the next day now,

and I’m editing this video again,

and I go on my YouTube app
and I realize the thing

that I’m about to complain
about in this video

is like fixed.

My number one frustration
right now with YouTube Short

is because if you post a bunch of them,

it just clogs up your videos.

And so people can’t find your
like long form regular videos.

They just see all these shorts.

I’m just gonna show you exactly

what I was going to complain about.

And now, it’s just really, really awesome.

There still is some things that
I would love to see them do,

but let me get to that afterwards.

So right now, when you go to Think Media

and you just click on the profile,

when you go over to videos on my phone,

I now see that they have separated.

You have videos, you also have shorts,

and you also have live.

This is amazing.

And this was the thing that
I was complaining about.

I was hoping that they would add this.

And they said they would,
but for some reason,

I thought it was going to look
different and be different,

but this is actually awesome.

This is exactly what I wanted them to do.

Now, there are a couple things

I still would love to see them change.

For example, in the video

where they actually
announced this feature,

they said that they were taking away

the Sort By Oldest feature.

— Now, note that we are
deprecating one sorting option

and that is by oldest
video at the channel level.

— So if we go to Sort By,

you can see I no longer have this anymore.

So I can’t see the oldest
video on Think Media.

Now, I like to do this
every once in a while,

I just wish it was still there.

I don’t really understand
why they took it away.

If you remember, there
used to be three options

where you had popular,

and then you could sort by
like the newest added videos,

and the oldest videos.

But now, we just can’t
look at the oldest videos.

They said that you still
can see the oldest videos

if you just scroll all the way down,

but no chance I’m gonna be doing that.

I wish there was just a button to do that.

Now, I love that they have these tabs.

It makes it so much easier
to navigate a channel

if you wanna click on their
profile, go to videos.

Now, instead of seeing
all of the shorts on here,

I can actually just click on videos.

And I don’t wanna watch any shorts,

I can go through, I can
watch all the videos

or if I do wanna just watch
shorts, I can do it like that.

Super easy, so convenient.

I love this.

But one of the things I
would love to see them add

is when you go to your subscription page,

you see there are some
different stuff right here.

Like Today, Continue Watching, Unwatched.

We could go to Live and
see all the live streams.

I wish they had a Shorts button.

So you could look at
all the shorts on there,

as well as videos.

So not live streams and not
shorts, just the regular videos.

Let me know in the comments

which feature are you most excited about.

Maybe it’s already out or
maybe it is coming out.

Let me know in the comments below.

Now though these changes
and features are super cool

on YouTube, and none
of that really matters

if you’re trying to get views on YouTube

if you don’t come up with
the right ideas first.

So click on the screen, watch this video

to find out how to come
up with the right ideas

that are gonna get you views.

And I’ll see you guys in the next video.

(ambient music)


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