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In this video, Sean reveals 3 easy ways to come up with content and video ideas to help grow your YouTube channel. Sean also gives you the specific tools to use for coming up with ideas.

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=================== text video ====================

— What if I told you that
titles and thumbnails

are not the most important thing

when it comes to getting somebody

to click on your YouTube video

so that you get more views?

What’s most important
is actually the topic,

the video idea itself.

Are you coming up with topics

that your current viewers

and even your potential
target audience wanna watch?

Well in this video, we’re
gonna be breaking down

three ways to come up
with good content ideas

that get views.

If you got it, just press record.

And to illustrate this,

I wanna introduce you to
somebody that you may know

and his name is Omar Eltakrori.

Now, he’s a part of the Think Media team

and recently he posted
a video a few months ago

on how to use your smartphone as a webcam,

and check this out.

The video is on its
way to a million views.

It’s grown our Think Media channel

by almost 6000 subscribers.

It’s earned $2571 in revenue,

and every two days, it
gets around 6000 views.

This is the power of coming
up with a smart topic.

Of course the video has to be good,

the thumbnail’s creative.

All of those pieces matter, but
it starts with the big idea,

and so let’s dive into how to come up

with strong video ideas

so you can grow your
YouTube channel faster.

And let’s get into tip number one,

which is answer the public.

Answer the public.

This is how to come up
with great content ideas,

and this is one of our favorite websites

here at Think Media.

So this is answerthepublic.com

and what you can do is
you can go to this website

and type in what people are asking about.

What you’re gonna do is you’re
gonna type in your niche,

your topic for your YouTube channel.

Now, by default, it’s in the
UK as far as the results.

I’m coming to you from the United States,

so I’m switching it to the United States.

Most of our target,

most of our audience is
in the United States,

but let me know, where
are you watching from

in the world this video?

Post that in the comments.

Now you can, it says,

«Use one to two words for best results»,

but I’m just gonna use one word

and I’m gonna go with fishing.


So if your YouTube
channel is about fishing,

you’re gonna answer your topic
and here’s what comes up.

First of all, it comes up with
this cool visualization page

with all of these video ideas.

Check this out.

«How are fishing rods made?»

«How is fishing line made?»

«How do fishing nets work?»

Now what’s stunning here is chances are,

these are not the type of videos

you were thinking about making,

but here’s what’s
happening on this website.

This is the questions
the public is asking.

And so, you want unlimited video ideas,

this is unbelievable.

«When does fishing season start?»

«When fishing goes hilariously wrong».

So now maybe you find
some memes, some clips,

you make a compilation
on your YouTube channel.

These are video ideas that are
coming to me in this moment.

All I did prior to this
video was pick out a topic

and that was fishing,
but this goes on and on.

Now check this out, you can
also go into the data breakdown

and it puts things into
«are», «can», «how»,

like, «How fishing rods are made?»

Or, «Can fishing line go bad?»

Or, «Are fishing spiders venomous?»

And of course you’ll
see that in some cases,

there may be some things
that are not directly related

to fishing in terms of
fishing in the water,

but it could be a
different angle on fishing.

But for the most part, it
seems to understand that.

And you can look at
propositions, comparisons.

You could go alphabetical.

Fishing boats, fishing boats for sale.

If you can, drop a mind
blown emoji in the comments

(imitating explosion)

because there’s unlimited ideas.

This is, you could start here,

and this could keep you
busy for years to come

in coming up with strong
video ideas that, again,

people actually wanna see.

But that was our fishing example,

and so let’s go on to tip number two.

Tip number two,

and this is Google and
YouTube auto complete.

Hit like if you’re getting
value out of this video.

The next up, let’s use the topic, bitcoin.


Hey, let me know, are
you investing in crypto?

Have you bought any bitcoin?

Do you think it’s cool?

Do you think it’s weird?

What do you think?

And so, when you use auto complete,

you can just go to Google
and type in bitcoin.

We start getting some ideas for it, right?

«Bitcoin price».

These are a lot of people

that are probably just
gonna wanna be checking in

on literally practical things
that Google will be best for.

But maybe, you go «how» in front

and now «How to buy bitcoin?»

«How to mine bitcoin?»

«How does bitcoin work?»

«How much is one bitcoin?»

«How much is bitcoin stock?»

«How bitcoin works for dummies.»

And you might put extra,

if you mess around with spaces
after this, maybe you go,

«How bitcoin started».

«How bitcoin mining started».

And there’s just a plethora of video ideas

that you can find from using Google.

You can do the same on YouTube.

And so let me know if
you ever use the Google,

the search bar and auto complete

to come up with video ideas.

So you can go bitcoin.

Bitcoin «mining», «live», «explained».

But watch, if we go bitcoin
crash, «today», «coming».

This is, a lot of people
like making videos,

«Coming soon», «2021».

Notice how I progressively
work to the right here

that more predictions come up

and I can drill in on some video ideas.

Now, this is what you need to know.

These video ideas and these predictions

are YouTube telling you

what people are actually
searching for on YouTube.

It’s finishing your sentence
because other people like you,

or like the people you
want to reach and help,

are searching those types of things.

So it’s saying, it’s basically saying,

«We sense you’re going in this direction»,

and that’s a great direction
to create content around

because you’re not just making
ideas up in your own mind,

you’re understanding the
person you wanna serve,

the viewer you wanna help,
the view you wanna entertain.

And never forget,

the creator who understands
the viewer best wins.

So when you are understanding
what they wanna watch,

what they’re thinking, what
kind of videos they wanna watch,

it’s incredibly powerful.

Number three, and I actually
have a bonus number four.

I hope you’re getting value out of these.

I got excited

because I’ve got probably
about 50 different ways,

but I had to add a fourth one,

we’ll get to that in a second.

The next one is questions
on the Amazon products page.

This one’s kinda cool.

Now, one of our favorite
cameras at Think Media

is the Canon M50.

We’ve talked about this camera a lot

and one of the cool things you could do

to come up with video ideas

is you could go to Amazon.

Now this is maybe assuming

you’re doing a product review of some kind

or you help people, and this
could work for anything.

Let’s say you do health
and you want to help people

solve a problem with a
camera, tech, a laptop,

but it could be anything.

It could be a printer, a sewing machine.

It could be workout, a massage gun,

best settings for things.

If you wanna understand,
again, people’s psychology,

you could find video ideas to make

based on the questions
people are asking on Amazon.

So for example, you get to this area

on the Amazon product page

of customer questions and answers.

So you see, «Is this the
best 4K camera right now?

«Also, why is it cheap?»

And now you might have,

see, but think about this.

This also is not, doesn’t
have to be linear.

All you’re looking for is inspiration.

That’s a good video idea: what’s
the best camera right now?

What’s the best cheap camera?

«Is the Canon M50 the best 4K camera?»

It’s not, ’cause it crops in crazy.

Still a great camera.

«Will this work with an EF
50 millimeter 1.8 lens?»

«Is it good for portraits?»

«Canon M50 photography tips».

«Best lenses that work
with the Canon M50».

There’s 461 questions that are
related to this one camera.

Of course, certain
products are less popular

than other products.

The Canon M50 is pretty big.

But you can just go through here,

and you’re finding more video ideas.

I want you to take a deep breath,

because already, you
have enough video ideas.

If you go answerthepublic.com,

you do some auto complete
stuff to refine your idea,

you dig deep in here
and maybe hit an angle

that other tech channels or tech reviewers

or photography channels haven’t covered,

you got a lot in your disposal right now.

So my question to you is, what
video should you make next?

‘Cause the next video you make

is gonna be the most impactful video

for growing your channel,

rather than just constantly researching.

So remember, always take massive action.

As soon as you see something
that’s pretty solid,

refine it and go create it,

because you could fall into a rabbit hole

with some of this research

and then you’re not making any videos.

Industry publications.

Industry publications,
and I’m gonna rabbit trail

around this one a little bit.

But let me just say, for example,

’cause I’m just picking out niches.

So your goal in this video
is to insert your niche,

that you are kinda doing fitness

but specifically, you’re helping
people with clean eating,

and let’s say you’re helping people

with the plant-based flexitarian diet.

Now, that is where you
eat about 90% plant based,

but you will go for some
free-range non-GMO healthy chicken,

ethically raised, but you
lean heavy towards plants.

I would say this might be,

I might be kind of a lazy
plant-based flexitarian,

but that’s probably
where I lean personally.

Now, your goal is to first
define what is your niche,

what is your topic, what
is your channel about?

You need to know that.

If you don’t have clarity
from that starting point,

you might be able to just
practice and build your skills,

but that’s really where it all starts,

’cause you’re like,

«Well I don’t even know what my niche is.»

So the assumption is
you know your industry,

you know your topic,

you know that you’re planting your flag,

«Yeah, I help people with fitness,

«but really, it’s kind
of like I’m a dietician»,

this is the assumption.

Therefore, and you’re like,

«I’m gonna be the plant-based
flexitarian girl.»

«I’m the Keto guy, that’s
where I’m going deep.»

Now, what are the blogs?

What are the industry publications?

For me, I as a tech, what’s my flag?

Best camera for YouTube,
what’s happening with tech.

And not tech in general,

I don’t really know
anything about 3D printers,

I don’t know what’s happening

with every phone that’s coming out,

but it’s all about tech
for content creators.

So for me, it’s not even every camera,

it’s what’s the best camera for YouTube.

Because the Sony A9,
meant for the Olympics,

$5000 for the body is
overkill for YouTube.

You don’t need that camera,

you don’t need that kind of performance

in terms of photography ability

if you’re creating YouTube videos.

So the deeper clarity you
have about your niche,

your channel, where you’re
positioned, the better.

Then I say, «Okay, so who
should I subscribe to?»

Personally, I follow The
Verge, I follow In Gadget,

I follow Tube Filter, YouTube Tips.

I follow these different
channels and blogs

and industry publications.

I actually physically get sent

Video Maker magazine in the mail.

So I have this flow of
information coming to me,

but even just at home,
where you are right now,

you can use Google,

and if you were all about that plant-based

flexitarian diet life,

I just Googled this and found a blog

with 50 plant-based food blogs.

The best 50, the top 50 of 2021.

So the rabbit trail you could go down

clicking on all 50 of those,

looking at what they’re
blogging about, talking about,

blog ideas, which ones
started a lot of conversations

in the comments, what’s happening.

And then turning, using
those for inspiration.

Not for plagiarism, but for inspiration.

Like, «Oh wow, that’s a hot
topic, I could talk about that.»

You have even more video
ideas and content ideas

flowing your way.

Additionally, you can go
deeper once you’re looking at,

whether these are blogs

or whether it’s, say, GQ for
men’s fashion or something.

That would be, not really a
blog, more of a publication.

Physical magazine but they also
have their online presence.

Read the comments.

If there’s any of these
periodicals, publications, blogs

that have a lot of comments,

what’s the conversations
that are happening in there?

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