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In this video, Tony talks about 20 ways to increase the quality of your videos so more people watch for longer!

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=================== text video ====================

— If you are not getting a lot of views

on your YouTube videos, the chances are

the people that actually
do click on your videos,

end up clicking off of
your video at some point.

And this is sending bad signals
to the YouTube algorithm.

So to get views on YouTube,

you have to understand how
to keep people watching

your videos.

And here, Tony shares 20 different ways

that you can keep people
watching your videos

by resetting their attention.

I hope you enjoy.

You’ve got to just press record.

— I don’t know if you
were anything like me,

but as a kid, I was obsessed
with movies, I still am.

I love watching movies,

I love making movies,

I love studying movies,

I love anything about movies.

I know, like, I have this random talent

where I can take two actors

and connect them within like
three degrees of separation,

because I have an unallotted
amount of space in my brain,

dedicated to random movie trivia.

Anyways, as a kid, I loved movies,

and when they came out,

I used to be obsessed with certain movies.

Like these movies right here, «Space Jam»,

who remembers that?

Let me know when the chat, «Space Jam».

You had, you know Michael Jordan,

obviously Bugs Bunny, but Bill Murray,

then you had Newman from
Seinfeld in there, Brandon

but it was really great.

And «Like Mike», I remember
wanting to be «Like Mike».

I remember you could put the shoes on

and become like Michael Jordan,

there’s a Michael Jordan
thing going on here.

But I was obsessed with these movies.

And maybe you were like me as a kid,

and I was obsessed,

and so I got obsessed with basketball,

I remember playing it
at lunch in fifth grade.

But if you’re like me, you know,

when you get obsessed with something,

you start to learn that there’s rules

that you may have violated.

You’re like, «Oh, I didn’t
know this was a rule.»

Well, I started to learn there
was rules to the basketball,

you just couldn’t, you know,

carry the ball wherever you wanted,

you couldn’t do whatever you wanted,

you had to follow the rules,

and one of those rules
was the eight second rule.

The eight second rule.

You had to get the basketball
across the midway line

in eight seconds.

And the reason for this is
to keep the game moving,

to make sure you’re not
just camping on one side of,

you know, the basketball court

and you’ve got to keep it moving

or else you’re gonna lose
possession of the basketball

and it’s gonna go to the other team.

Well, very similar to this,

there is actually an eight
second rule of video.

And what is the eight
second rule of video?

The eight second rule is this.

You need to change
something up in your video

every eight seconds.

Now, some of you look at me,

you might have just gone,
«Every eight seconds?

«This is crazy.

«I don’t know how to do this.»

Well, I’m gonna break it
down for you really fast,

really quickly, but very clearly
how you can do this simply.

But we need to make sure

that we’re keeping our videos moving.

Very similar to how Sean
showed in his hooks,

we wanna keep that pace
and keep that rhythm up

as much as we can in our videos
to hold viewer’s attention.

Because I’m telling you right now,

if you break this rule too much,

you’re gonna lose possession,

not of, you know, a basketball,

but you’re gonna lose possession
of your viewer’s attention.

You’re gonna lose it.

They’re gonna see something on the side,

another video pops up, you know,

the Rock dropped a video,

and it’s, «Oh, I wanna see the Rock,

«he was in that new
movie, ‘Jungle Cruise'»

They’re click on, they’re off your video

because you’ve broken the
eight second rule of video.

So what I wanna show you
in this power session

is 20 ways to hack your viewer’s brain.

I dunno if you wanna
hack your viewer’s brain

but hopefully you do.

And I wanna give you 20 ways to change

up your videos in eight seconds.

And I’m gonna go through
this pretty quick.

And if you have, I think
it’s an ultimate ticket

that gets the workbook included,

I think premier as well,
these are all in the workbook.

And if you’re watching
on a like a GA ticket,

take screen grabs and
make sure to scrub back

and get little screen records
if you can of these 20,

but I’m gonna show you 20
ways to change things up

in eight seconds.

First one, change the angle.

This is a shot from our
think media podcast.

We have two angles going on.

You can change the angle

and that creates a reset of
attention in that eight seconds,

that’s number one.

Number two, on screen titles,

you can pop something on the screen

like this video right here,

«Check out the description below.»

You could put your name,

you could put the points you’re teaching.

We do that a lot here at think media.

Helps people track along as well,

not only resetting their attention

but it gets your point across clearer.

Okay, the third thing is
you can cut to B-Roll.

We’ve talked a lot about
B-roll, both in video rank

and academy and outside of it
in our videos on think media

it’s basically showing
what you’re telling.

This is a shot of Nolan here on the left

on his GoPro vlogging camera setup

while he’s showing the mic
in the next shot right there

that he’s talking about.

So it gives you a closer look

and it makes just a better presentation

and again, resets your viewer’s attention.

Here’s number four, ask a question.

This is Omar,

«Let me know when the comments

«what do you think about this product?»

Again, you’re resetting attention.

You’re changing something
up every eight seconds.

Fifth one, start and stop music.

Now this is a video that Nolan
released the untold secrets

YouTubers use to get millions of views

and hack the algorithm.

Check out this video, he
really goes into length

about some of these tricks
of resetting attention

and one of them being
start and stopping music

at great points to be
able to reset attention.

The other thing you can do,

crop in and crop out, you can just

if you’d only have one camera,

you can just zoom in on that camera

and use that as your next shot.

You can see right here,
this is Nolan again

and the shot is wider on the left side

and then it kind of zooms in a little bit.

It’s the same camera, it’s the same angle

but again, it just resets
viewer’s attention.

This next one’s one of my favorites.

It’s outtakes.

Right here, we had a video on think media

where Sean was like
dodging these little, like,

I don’t know if there were
like little rubber balls

being thrown at them and
one hit the think media sign

in the back and it just went tumbling down

and an outtake is a really
great way to reset attention.

Do not overdo this though.

You wanna look at me for a second.

Don’t overdo this because I
don’t want your just every

you know, five seconds an
outtake, outtake, outtake

because then it kind of loses its power.

Use this one, like a
really strong seasoning,

you just wanna like throw
it slightly on your video

to help reset that attention, right?

To be able to re grab
them, «Oh, this is funny»

and it just leans them
further into the video.

Number eight, you can show a video clip.

So this is Nolan right here,

teaching about that same video
about what YouTubers use,

the untold secrets.

This is Casey Knight stat.

He’s showing his video
and teaching from it,

again, resetting attention.

Number nine, you can add sound effects.

We have a great video on
this that just dropped.

I think it’s maybe four weeks ago now is

«How to find and use amazing
sound effects for your videos»

it’s a great way to «I
wanna hear it in the chat»

reset attention.

— [Nolan] Hey, if you want to
attend, Grow With Video Live

from the comfort of your home,
then we have you covered.

You can get tickets right
now to watch the conference

online, get access to
amazing speakers and content,

just head to the link and the description

— You can do number
10, tell a short story.

At the beginning of this session here,

I told you a short story
about how I got obsessed

with movies, I love making movies

and how these films
inspired me to be obsessed

with basketball for about six months

when I was an elementary school student.

So you can tell a short story
to help reset attention.

I wanna encourage you though,
don’t go long in this.

I don’t wanna see any videos
you guys post where you’re like

it’s a 10 minute video and
eight minutes of that video

was the story and two
minutes of it was the content

that you promised in your
title, do not overdo this

but if it’s a short and
it’s powerful and it matches

what you’re teaching it can be a great way

to, again, reset attention.

Number 11, change your location.

This is Heather in the same
room, two different spots

and she just reset the
camera up in a different spot

and taught the next part of her video

in that second location

and it resets attention.

Number 12, go vlog style,

carry your camera around.

It just makes the background moving,

it makes it a really
interesting like thing to look

at as no one’s walking through this park

and talking about this
vlog setup for the GoPro.

So take your camera
for a walk, go outside,

change up again the location
of where you’re making things.

Number 13, you can interview a guest.

You could bring a guest on

and a lot of these will work
on live streams, too, right?

So interviewing a guest on a live stream

this is a great way to
keep attention resetting

because Sean on the left is
then talking to Rob from VidIQ,

one of our sponsors here
at the event that we love

and that we’re partnered with

but they’re talking back and forth

and it’s going Rob’s sharing
and then Sean’s sharing.

And it’s a great way to
keep attention resetting

every eight seconds.

Number 14, share your screen.

So you can do a screen
tutorial and share your screen

like we have in this tutorial right here

that Omar did about editing videos.

I really encourage you
guys to check it out.

Editing tips, I think it’s
five easy editing tips

and tricks so check that out.

15, video effects another
great tutorial on think media

about this, but you can
use crazy video effects,

you can, you know, do like
special effects transitions.

A lot of you like softwares
will actually have this built in

if you’re whatever you’re editing on.

But again, do not overdo this.

This is a powerful seasoning

so you just wanna put it on slightly.

I don’t wanna tune into your videos

and you’re posting in VRA

and all I’m seeing is
like effects going crazy

and I don’t know what’s
happening in the video.

Use it sparingly, again, use
these all in a combination.

And the next thing we’re gonna do,

and speaking of combinations
is you can use two things

at once, right?

This video was from

«Is it too late to start on YouTube?»

And Kyle, one of our editors
did such a funny edit on this.

I was watching it two nights
ago and I was just dying.

He changed Sean’s voice to
a really high pitched voice.

He was talking about all these complaints

people have about YouTube and he is like

«I don’t have enough money»

went to his super high pitched voice

and it created a really funny moment.

And so what he did also was number 17

is he went black and white.

So he went from color to black and white.

Anything you can do to reset
your viewer’s attention

in that eight seconds, that
makes sense for your video

is just gonna help your video to make sure

that people keep watching to the end.

We’re almost through, I
know I’m going rapid speed

but this is a power session

and I wanna give you
as much value as I can

in all the ways that I can think about

to make sure to help
you make your next video

your best video.

Number 18, add transitions.

So you can transition,

use these fancy transitions.

They come with your editing software.

Again, don’t overdo this

but a transition is a great
way to reset attention.

Number 19, you can add camera movement.

So add camera movement to your B-roll.

There’s a great photo
here that you’re seeing

of someone using a book
to just slide the camera

as they’re doing B-roll, they
don’t need to buy a slider,

you know, like Kyle on our team
wants to buy a $2000 slider,

we don’t need that.

You got a book here you can use.

Sorry Kyle, our producer,

I didn’t wanna throw it under
the bus, but I kind of did.

You can add camera movement really simply,

and again, don’t overdo this.

I don’t wanna see your videos,

you know, like when a dad films,

maybe his daughter’s recital
and you ever seen those before,

and he’s got the shakes going
on with the cam quarter,

I don’t wanna see that,

but we can add subtle camera movement

to help level up your shot.

The last thing we can use props,

and me and Omar were
laughing about this video.

This is the video heard around the worlds

that happened in camera culture,

where he accidentally leaked
to camera a little early,

but he used a prop and it was a great use

of resetting attention.

Now, again, I know I gave you
20 things really fast there

but I wanted to give you
as much value as I can

to make sure that every eight seconds,

anything in this tool that I
said, even if you just got two

or three of them to help
level up your next video,

it’s the best way to keep them watching.

— One other major way
that you can get people

to watch your videos to the very end

is by starting your
videos off the right way.

Right when someone clicks your videos

there’s things that you can
do to grab their attention

so that they wanna stay to the very end.

And you can click on the screen

and figure out exactly how
to do this in your videos.

And I’ll see you guys in the next one.