11 Hacks You Didn’t Know You Could Do on YouTube

YouTube has so many little hidden gems and features that improve our quality of life here. Here’s some of my favorites. What other features do you commonly use? Comment with your suggestions and let’s make a part two!

0:00 Find specific content in a long video
0:44 Loop your favorite videos
1:05 Handoff your video to desktop
1:21 Quickly scrub, skip, and navigate a video
1:53 Protect your time on YouTube
2:12 Enable Stats for Nerds
2:58 Protect your recommendations
3:39 Explore new recommended videos
4:12 Share a specific point in a video
4:40 Download videos for offline viewing
5:58 Navigate videos faster with shortcuts
7:13 Quality of life on YouTube

Thanks to Gizmodo for the video idea! https://gizmodo.com/12-things-you-didnt-know-you-could-do-on-youtube-1848373943


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=================== text video ====================

— If you wanna jump to a certain spot

in the video and you’re
not sure where it is,

you can click on these three
little dots beneath a video

and go to show transcript,

and this will give you
the entire transcript

of the entire video,

whether they have captions

or you’re just looking at
the auto generated ones here.

In the browser, hit command F to find,

where did I talk about the pivot?

Oh, here it is.

At 7:59, here’s the big
pivot is gonna be happening

and click right there

and it goes straight to
that point in the video.

You can do the same thing on mobile

but instead you’re going to hit

on the down arrow next to the video title,

get to the description and the bottom.

You see show transcript

and here you can see the
transcript going while you play.

You can’t search it

but you can certainly scroll through it,

find the parts you want

and tap right there

and skip to that part
of the video as well.

If you’re watching your
favorite music video

and you want to keep looping,

right click anywhere on desktop,

you have this loop option right here

and now it’ll keep playing
over and over and over again.

On mobile, you can do the same thing.

You just tap on the video

up these three little
dots upper right corner,

tap on those and here’s loop video off

and now loop video is on.

YouTube actually syncs your
viewing across multiple devices,

but if you’re watching on your phone

and then go to your desktop,

you’ll see the bottom right corner

that a mini player shows up

and now you can start
watching that video on desktop

that you were watching on your phone

so you can pick up right
where you left off.

This was pretty cool,

if you just long press on the video,

you can slide your finger back
and forth across the screen

to go straight to the point
in that video that you want,

but even cooler is while it’s playing,

if you double tap with two
fingers on the right side

it’ll go to the next chapter

or double tap on the left side,

it goes back previous

to the beginning of the chapter before.

Of course you can always
double tap with one finger

and it’ll just skip forward 10 seconds

or double tap with one
finger on the left side

and it goes back by 10 seconds.

It is so easy to keep scrolling on YouTube

and waste a lot of time,

thankfully in the upper right corner,

if you click on your icon

you now have this option for time watch

right here in the middle.

If you click on it, it will show you

how much time you’re spending on YouTube

as well as reminders to take a break

or remind you is bedtime

or to autoplay if you just
want to kill it even more time.

If you really wanna get nerdy

on all the video and coding and streaming

what’s going on in the video,

anywhere on desktop you can right click

and go to stats for nerds in here,

you’ll see everything that’s going on

about your connection
speed, network activity

buffer health, codecs
frames, and everything.

You can do it on mobile as well

but you’ll need to
first go up to your icon

the upper right corner
and then go to settings.

And then in here, tap on general.

And in general, you got lots
of really cool options in here.

If you wanna like skip
forward more than 10 seconds

or less than 10 seconds at the time

but go down here to stats for a nerd,

toggle that on,

then go back out to the
video you wanna look at

and then here,

under these three little dots
up the right corner, tap it,

now it’s down here at the
bottom, stats for nerds

and you can now see it on mobile as well.

Perhaps you wanna search for something

and spend some time
researching how to do something

but you don’t want all
that browsing history

to mess up your recommendations

on your homepage and suggested videos.

Well, instead you can go to
file open incognito window

and here you can browse
YouTube to your heart’s content

without it messing up anything
in your recommendations.

Thankfully, this also works on mobile.

In the upper right corner,
just tap on your icon.

In here, you’ll see, turn on incognito.

If you tap it, it’ll now
be an incognito mode,

you can go through and browse YouTube

without it impacting your recommendations

or your search history or anything.

When you’re done, just come
up back up here to incognito

and select, turn it off

and you’ll be right
back into your account.

Now, speaking of recommendations

if you’re getting a little
bit bored of everything

that YouTube is suggesting to you

and you wanna just try
something new and fresh,

go up and click on those new to you chip

at the top of YouTube

and it will completely give
you new recommendations

of channels you haven’t watched before,

videos that you haven’t seen

just give you a whole new experience

of things that you can dive into.

And yes, it works on mobile too,

all these chips at the top,

it’ll either be the very last one

if you haven’t used it before

or it’ll be right here, the very beginning

if you’ve used it recently,

just tap it here on mobile

and get a whole set of new
recommendations once again.

You’re watching YouTube,

you find this great
video and you wanna share

but you wanna share it starting at like

this point right here to someone,

what you can easily do is go down here,

click on the share

and then here’s this little
check mark right here,

started at 2:50 or anytime
you wanna type in here

and then click this copy link

and when someone then goes
and enters in that URL,

it’ll start playing that video
right at that exact time.

But unfortunately on mobile,
that is not the case,

if I tap on share, I
can only copy the link.

If you pay the monthly
fee for YouTube premium

you will have this download
button below the video.

You can click on download

and it’ll download the
video to your computer,

which is great

’cause now you can watch
it when you’re offline,

if you’re in an airplane
or you’re at a subway

or place where you don’t
have really great access

and now you can click here to view

or you can go up here and go to downloads

and then downloads all the
videos you’ve downloaded,

it’ll be right here

and under download settings,

you can adjust the quality,

whether you want to be high
quality or low quality,

the higher the quality

the more disc space it takes up.

And then when you’re done with all of ’em,

you can just click all delete
all downloads right here

and that frees up all your space.

A mobile works a little bit different

on the homepage while you’re scrolling,

you can either tap on
these three little dots

right underneath the video
and click download there.

Or if you’re actually watching the video

you see download icon right here as well.

You could tap it and
it’ll start downloading.

Now to find and access
these downloaded videos,

you have to go back to the homepage.

You see down here in
the bottom right corner,

it says library.

If you tap on your library,

you have this option right here

in the middle called downloads.

Now, gives you a little
bit of different feature

because now you have your
downloads here at the top

that you can come watch
and play at any time

but they also give you
recommended downloads

or you can do smart downloads,

which is when you’re on MiFi,

we’ll download 20 recommended videos

and refresh them weekly,

then you’ll always have something

to watch offline on your phone.

This is my favorite to
use keyboard shortcuts.

I use these all the time
in the browse YouTube.

You can find all these
keyboard shortcuts easily

by hitting shift and question
mark on your keyboard

and you’ll see all of them right here

but I’ll show you my favorite
ones real quick on desktop

and then on mobile on desktop,

you can click the icon

and change the playback
speed here if you want

but on your keyboard,

it is just shift greater than or less than

the speed up or slow down the speed.

And of course, to pause, it’s K,

to skip forward 10 seconds, it is L

and we go back 10 seconds
at a time, it is J.

On mobile they’ve simplified this a lot.

If you are a YouTube premium subscriber,

you can go the upper three dots

and go to listening controls in here,

now you can skip forward from
video to video if you’d like,

or you can skip forward 10 seconds last

you know, back 10 seconds
or adjust the speed

as you want all up from
one spot, which is great

if you listen to a lot of
podcasts on YouTube especially.

Now to be clear, you still
can use these controls

if you’re not a premium member,

you just gotta click these
three little dots up here

and instead of going to listening controls

you go to playback speed here

and you can change it there

and then of course you can just double tap

or triple tap or whatever you wanna do

to skip forward and backwards.

It’s all right there,

you know, it’s just not all
in one easy navigation screen.

As a YouTube strategist who has worked

with over 1,000 creators
and brands on this platform,

I know a lot of these tools,

a lot of these tips have
absolutely increased

and enhanced my quality of
life here on this platform

and know they will for you too.

Thanks to Gizmoto for assembling

a lot of these tips together,

linked to them down below.

And if you are someone who’s
trying to grow your channel,

you want more views,

you want more subscribers,

you wanna grow the business

that you’re developing here online,

then these are the next
videos for you to watch,

these will be the next
videos you need to get into

how do I get more views, more subscribers

and grow my business on YouTube,

click right here

and I’ll see you over
in those next videos.


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