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=================== text video ====================

— Do you wanna write
better YouTube titles?

Jake Thomas from Creator
Hooks has discovered

that really 99% of YouTube
titles kind of suck.

And in this video, he is
gonna be sharing 10 quick tips

to help you write better titles,

so you can get more views
and grow your channel faster,

here we go.

You gotta just press record.

What’s up Think Media Podcast crew?

Sean Cannell here,

I’m at social media marketing world.

And I ran into Jake Thomas who stood out

because he’s wearing YouTube shorts.

And so, as you can see here,

what a conversation starter
with the YouTube logos

on the short shorts.

But it was cool to run into Jake

because recently Nolan Molt
on the Think Media team

actually made a video based
off of some of his content

that he teaches on Twitter

about really powering up our videos.

But I wanna hone in on titles in this one

and Jake the first one is
challenging assumptions.

What does that mean?

And how could we do a
title that does that?

— Yeah, so challenging assumptions,

you want to go the opposite
of what people think.

So that’s gonna make
people stop in their tracks

and it’s also gonna
make them have to click

to figure out what they’re talking about.

So, this example is, ‘Stop
chasing money, chase wealth.’

So, all right, you know,
I’m trying to chase money,

I’m trying to work hard,

but if someone tells me stop doing that,

that doesn’t make sense
with what I already know.

It’s kind of counterintuitive,
counter narrative.

So it stops you in your tracks

and it makes you click to figure out.

— And these become templates
that you can use as well,

Think Media Podcast.

Stop chasing money like stop
chasing X, stop doing X,

which should be it could be
polarizing in your industry.

It’s challenging.

Like you said, assumptions.

Great, number two, ride the wave.

The example is ’20 Halloween
candies you should never eat.’

What does ride the wave mean?

— Yeah, so ride the wave

is just like talking
about what’s going on now.

Trend jacking is another one.

News jacking just
talking about timeliness.

So in this example,

this was published right before Halloween.

So you’re talking about Halloween candies

you should never eat.

Everybody’s thinking
about Halloween candies.

So just talk about that right now

and that’s how you go viral.

This video got 162,000 views.

I think that the, most of
the videos on that channel

got like 5,000 views.

So this did like 20 times better.

So yeah, riding the wave

of what is everybody talking about

and thinking about right now.

— That’s great.

And I think that we have an episode

that you should definitely check out.

Of course we’ll have Jake

and other show notes on the podcast

on tentpoles, right?

And tentpoles will be Google trends,

the spike around in this case, Halloween

or it could be Christmas or
it could be back to school

or it could be things like that.

And so super, super powerful.

Number three is move away from pain.

I love this example.

«This biblical principle
helped me escape the rat race.»

Escape and rivals in there.

What does move away from pain mean?

— Yeah, so I mean, you
know, you could say like,

you know how to do something,

how to live your dream life.

But if moving away from pain

is a little bit better.

Like rat race, like that kind of

that kind of makes me feel
a lot of emotion there.

I’ve got a lot of like kind of anger

and like bitterness to the rat race.

So if you say how to escape the rat race

then that’s gonna just help you,

like, you know, that, that
makes me gets me fired up.

— Yeah and the creator who
understands the viewer best wins,

so it’s not just where, where
does your audience want to go?

What do their ambitions?

But also what do they want to escape from?

Hence move away from pain.

And this biblical principle
helped me escape the rat race.

Number four is open a loop.

Explain this one.

— Yeah, so opening a loop
is just starting a story

but not finishing it.

It’s like creating a curiosity gap.

That’s kind of another way to word this.

And when you, when you start
a story, everybody’s kind of,

they have like an itch to close that loop.

They have an itch to
close that curiosity gap.

So they have to click to do that.

So this example, ‘why this

was one of the most terrifying
scenes in film history.’

Alright, what is, what is that film?

So I gotta click to see.

You know, you might say like,

you know the truth about
social media marketing world

that opens a loop that starts a story.

And you’re like, oh my gosh,
like I gotta figure that out,

what’s like, what’s going on there?

— I love that and I heard
actually, Jay Shetty,

speak at traffic and
conversion a few years back

about his favorite title
formula and video format

for his channel, which was

‘If your ex, watch this’,

like, ‘If you are lonely, watch this’,

‘If your boyfriend broke
up with you, watch this’,

if you and so there’s
something about this example,

why this was one of the most
terrifying scenes, what though?

And so it’s a great title formula

of actually not answering

what the video is about in the title,

but opening a loop,

so I have to click,

so I have to see what is
happening on the other side.

Number five, personal accomplishment.

— Yeah, so that’s just
like a kind of like a flex.

You know, like people are
living vicariously through you.

So this one was ‘How I changed
my body a lot in six months.’

That kind of lets me know,

all right, this person
did what I want to do.

So, now I’m gonna click and try
to figure out what they did.

You know, it’s all
about just like showing,

you kind of showing
that you have authority.

Like, you know, I did
this and it just kind of,

you assume that they’re
gonna tell me what to do.

So I wanna kind of live,
I wanna do what they did.

So I’ve gotta click there.

— Yeah, and one of the things
that this one really ties into

is the thumbnail.

And one of our favorite thumbnail formats

is like at least two panels,

which is like the before and after.

So personal accomplishment,

where our people,

which is maybe where a
lot of the viewers are

and where do they want to go.

Omar has a great one that did very well,

which was like how to fix bad lighting.

And so the first image,

he actually has kind
of a frown on his face,

the camera’s all orange

or the lighting’s all orange
and it’s a horrible shot.

And the second one white
balance is perfect.

Lighting’s perfect.

And he has a smile.

So he also it’s that transformation.

I’m unhappy that my lighting sucks

and now I’m happy that
my lighting is great

and I think that video is either

about white balance or how
to fix your camera settings.

And in this case you can
actually see four panels.

So transformation,

which a lot of us on our YouTube channels

are helping ourself two years ago.

— Yeah, exactly.

— Who, who am I for myself two years ago

or where I was two years ago.

And so what is some transformation you,

you’re probably still in the process

but what is some transformation
you’ve experienced

which finally also kind of
encourages to take journeys,

take pictures along the way.

— Yeah, yeah.

— You know, I wish I had more
photos for my social media

of the early days of
working in a cramped office.

I do have this one,

it’s like all messy around me.

And, and now we have a lot of photos

but I wanna encourage you,

you might be early on
in your YouTube journey,

really cherish this and document this

because what people can
relate to is the struggle,

they can relate to,

you might say, well, I’m
not accomplished yet,

well, you’re in the
process of building that

but you definitely want that before photo

so, you can ultimately
have that after photo

and so that’s a really
really powerful tip.

Number six, refute an objection.

— Yeah, so, you know,
if I wanna do something,

if I want to hit, you know a
thousand subscribers on YouTube

there’s probably something
that’s holding me back, right?

Like, you know, maybe it’s,
I don’t wanna be on camera.

You know, if you say

how to hit a thousand
subscribers on YouTube,

well, without having your face on camera,

like then I have no
excuse to not watch that.

So just think about, you know,

I think you mentioned earlier,

like knowing whoever knows
your audience best wins.

— Yeah.
— You know, what are their

deepest like objections to,

that are stopping them
from achieving their goals.

And then just kind of
hit that in the title

take away their excuse to, you know

to not watch and also just empower them.

— Yeah, and this is another great example.

The example is ‘How to grow
your boot booty faster without.’

How to achieve X without pain.

In this case, without strength training.

And it also is a two panel
example where you are

and the ultimate result
that you want to get.

What to me in the photo looks
more like a posture adjustment

and probably some Photoshop,

which a lot of thumbnails,

I mean sometimes you maybe

want to exaggerate an extreme point

because you’re after the click

but that’s a really powerful one.

Number seven is authority.

And the example is ‘How
US military linguists

learn languages fast.’

Explain authority.

— Yeah, so authority, there
are two parts of authority.

There’s one,

this one how us military
linguists learn language is fast.

This is like a position,

so, you know, military linguists,

they’re learning something good.

You might say doctors,

you know how doctors lose weight,

how doctors beat cancer.

That position holds a lot of authority.

There’s a lot of proof there.

All right, you know, if doctors

or if military linguists is
doing this are doing this,

you know, then I can have faith,

like, all right, this probably works.

The other way is like a specific
person to use authority.

So you might say,

you know how Elon Musk
started his first company.

— Yeah.
— Right?

So, or you know

how Sean Cannell got his first
1000 YouTube subscribers.

Like, you know, that would be huge,

because all right,
you’re at 2 million now.

— Sure.

— You have authority that works for you.

There’s also, you know, if
we’re gonna go like drama,

I’ve read in, it was a book.

I can’t remember, I think it was

Joe Sugarman’s advertising week,

but it was we want to be like celebrities.

We want to think we’re better
than them or you believe them.

So, if you’re like, if
you’re talking about drama,

you know, oh I’m better
than the Kim Kardashians

or something, right?
— Sure.

— Like we wanna feel like
we’re better than them.

So that’s a couple ways using,

you know, a specific person or a position.

— Yeah, and if you, you don’t
have to actually be a doctor

you might be just reporting
on a report, a study

and thus it gives you a
really powerful headline

and then you sort an authority reference.

— Yeah, exactly.
— To really back that up.

So think about, of course

how you can incorporate
authority into your content.

Think Media Podcast in your next video.

Number eight is expose the truth.

And the example here is from
our friend Sunny’s video

that is titled ‘The ugly
truth of entrepreneurship

you don’t want to hear
or don’t want to see.’

— Yeah, so yeah.

So exposing the truth there’s
a lot of controversy in there.

You know, I feel like I’m
getting in on a secret.

— Yeah.

— And it’s like, oh, like,
oh, I, I gotta click this,

like I gotta figure it out.

You know, like when we’re
kids, like, you know,

if someone’s like, oh I got a
secret you’re in kindergarten,

like yeah, everybody’s gonna listen to it.

Or like, even if you’re
hanging out with people

and then like some like two
people start whispering,

everybody like automatically
like looks to those people.

So, this is like a way of
like whispering on Twitter

or on YouTube is exposing
the truth about something.

— And it’s really good.

The ugly truth about your niche.

What is the ugly truth about
the photography business?

What is the ugly truth
about filing your taxes?

You know, or whatever.

Number nine hit the extremes.

This is a big one on YouTube.

Explain it.

— Yeah, yeah, so extremes,

you know, you’re fighting for attention

with so many other videos

and just kind of average videos

or average topics aren’t gonna work out.

So you wanna do something extreme.

This is inside the smallest
department in New York City.

So you have the smallest.

You can do inside the
most expensive apartment

in New York city.

I think it was tasty, I
made a 30 pound KitKat.

So, you know, that’s extreme,
you know, that’s 30 times more

like 60 times more than a regular KitKat.

So just being extreme and
an easy way to do that

is to label something as the
is smallest, weirdest, biggest

you could also do most expensive.

Just kind of average content

or average topics aren’t gonna work,

so you really need to
take it to the extreme.

— And, you know, pair that
with a powerful thumbnail

and you actually see kind of the template

of some of the most viewed YouTube videos.

— Yeah.
— Kind of the most viral

entertainment content.
— Yeah.

— Clickable content.

All right, number 10, make it
weird and explain this one.

— Yeah, so people, like curiosity

is one of the most powerful
emotions on YouTube

and making it weird is
one of like the best ways

to evoke curiosity.

Just there’s something about
weird and strange things.

I dunno, like ‘This is how Zack Greinke

became the weirdest player in sports.’

Like we just talked about
extreme, like weirdest.

You could also do like, you know

strange things that something
does that are normal.

Just, just the word
weird works really well.

— Sure, like I, I think
about this, you know,

we live in Las Vegas and
a friend of mine, Jesse

is in the concrete business

and he comes to the concrete
conference every year.

First of all, I didn’t
know, there was a concrete.

— Concons?

— Yes, yes.

Second of all, I didn’t know that,

like what are you talking about?

Like, is there that many innovations

but I had to say, if someone’s
actually in the niche,

you were always fascinated
about the weirdest

whatever in your niche, of course you are.

— Yeah.
— Because your niche

becomes so common in average and boring.

So if it’s even if it would be
like the weirdest innovation

in concrete, I gotta know what that is.

— There’s so much curiosity there.

— There’s so much.

And, and just weirdest.

And of course that might
take some research,

some creativity.

Where, what would you say to this?

We’re not ultimately trying to click bait.

— No, definitely not.

— Because click bait
would insinuate deception

but if it’s it’s or being misleading

but the ultimate goal would
be to have positive click bait

which would be to get people to click

but actually really deliver
on the promise and the title.

— Exactly, yeah, that’s the difference is

if you deliver or you don’t

and that’s kind of like
why you need to come up

with the title and topic first,

so that you can actually deliver.

If you think about what’s
gonna make people click,

like, all right, you know, the weirdest,

you know the weirdest player in sports or,

you know, the weirdest
Instagram filter or whatever,

you need to think about that first

so that you can deliver on that.

And that way, like it’s
gonna make people click

you know, it, you might
think that it’s click bait

but like you’re actually
delivering on something

that’s really cool.

— Yeah, I love that.

Well, Jake, this has been
amazingly powerful episode.

How can people connect
with you and Creator Hooks?

And of course we’ll link
everything up in the show notes.

— Yeah, go, go sign up for the newsletter

at creatorhooks.com.

When you sign up, you’ll get a free ebook,

‘The 10 viral video elements.’

And that’s the best
way to keep up with me.

Also on Twitter @JThomas__.

— And I also highly recommend,

if you check out Nolan’s video,

he really kind of took
some of Jake’s tweets,

Jake’s tweets and turned them into

a really video kind of
educating on that stuff.

It’s been cool to see how
well that video’s doing.

So thanks so much for
sharing this valuable content

and really helping creators.

— Yeah, thank you Sean.

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