$0 to $4000 a Month on YouTube in 1 Year — How I’d Do It

Here is how to become a full time YouTuber within one year, including my best tips to earn money on YouTube more quickly, with real examples.

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0:00 Q1: Sequence
2:00 Q1: Fast-paced Actions
3:50 Q2: Key Focuses
4:57 Q2: Foundation for Monetization
5:48 Q3: Building Biggest Money Focus
7:36 Q3: Community
8:30 Q4: Launch Sequence
9:34 Realistic Expectations?
10:07 Real Channels
12:31 Results Breakdown

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all right so you want to become a

full-time youtuber in one year well let

me show you how i would do it there you

are howdy howdy everyone so many people

do this in less than a year and many

people do it in much more time than a

year that’s why my youtube system is

called project 24 because it refers to

many people’s goal of creating a

full-time income in 24 months but we’re

not here for two years today we’re going

to talk about what i would do if i was

going to do it in 12 months all right

let’s look at this so i’ve broken it up

in two quarters according to where we

are in the year each quarter is three

months the very first thing that i’m

going to do is specify what the targets

are for my channel specifically what is

the niche what am i going for on youtube

and another thing i’m going to do at

this very first moment is identify the

exact goals with absolute clarity of why

i am doing what i’m doing and what the

outcome i’m looking for for my channel

is now hint in many cases it’s going to

be somewhere around the range of four

thousand dollars a month this is a

number i’ve set as full time on youtube

now i realize for many different people

that number may be different some may be

higher some may be lower but in order to

establish a standard we decided on four

thousand dollars per month from your

youtube channel now the very next thing

i’m going to do after i’ve established

my targets is i’m going to take one hour

to set up my youtube channel i’m not

going to mess around with the perfect

logo the perfect banner i’m just going

to get something up there choose a name

it’s fine we can change the name later

but the whole thing here is i’m not

going to spend two weeks messing around

with oh what is my channel going to be

called i’m just going to pick something

and go now the next thing i’m going to

do and this one is overlooked by far too

many youtubers i’m going to get my

support system in place because if you

are going to propose to your family or

friends hey i’m going to get into this

youtube thing and by the way it’s not

just a side hobby i’m actually going to

hit this thing hard so i can build

something lucrative in a relatively

short amount of time in most cases you

need to have the support system in place

whether that’s your spouse or your

family your kids or simply just friends

that you let know this is what i’m going

for they may call you crazy that’s

totally fine especially when you hear

the rest of what we’re going to do here

because what i’m going to do what you’re

going to do is fully produce and publish

72 videos on my channel now if you do

the math on that that calculates out to

about five or six videos per week okay

if this is sounding crazy to you thus

far that is very intentional because

when we are first building a youtube

channel it’s going to take significant

amount of effort and the faster i can

work through all of the work of

producing videos on my channel the

faster i can acquire the skill sets but

also understand my industry on youtube

now let’s say you accept this challenge

and say okay nate i’m going to do this

i’m going to go all in here’s what i’d

recommend as far as publishing these

videos i would recommend batching videos

wherever possible now depending on the

topic of your channel it might look like

taking a saturday recording several

videos and then editing every night

after you get home from work now the

flip side of that batching could be

unless you have a gaming or more of an

outdoorsy style of channel where footage

is very important then that might look

like taking a saturday to capture a lot

of footage or if you do streaming

regularly or a gaming channel for

example you’re taking a lot of time to

capture and then you batch the editing

of that the other thing i’ll say here is

during these first few months this q1

here what we’re focusing on with our

videos are lower competition videos

because they have more likelihood of

getting picked up more quickly so i’m

not going to immediately say i’m going

to build this channel and i’m going to

target channels that are 2 million or

more subscribers i’m very intentional on

this 72 video number even though it

seems like a lot because what that

represents is making sure that you have

put in the time the effort to fully

produce enough videos that you become a

mini expert already within your first

quarter i cannot overstate that that is

vitally important and the reason why

we’re packing so many in to this very

first quarter is because for most

channels it takes them an entire year

just to do this all right let’s move on

to q2 now what’s the very next thing

that nate’s going to be doing or you’re

going to be doing on your channel i’m

going to be setting up a website for my

youtube channel does that sound

counterintuitive you say well hey nate

i’m trying to build a youtube channel

why are you having me set up a website

here’s why this serves as a platform for

a lot of other monetization and ways

that shortcuts what would typically look

like to make this amount of money from a

youtube channel if you have a site in

place as well as an email list in many

occasions you’re better able to leverage

a lot of the other options that we’ll be

talking about in your first year next

thing we’re going to do is we’re going

to focus on ice in q2 and now ice is an

acronym for influence credibility and

exposure what we’re looking at is any

way that you or i can start to build up

connections and influence on youtube is

going to be good now what that would

look like could be simply interacting in

the comments of other creators

establishing connections you know

reaching out to them it also look like

overall starting to be extremely helpful

in your industry the next thing we’re

going to do in q2 is we’re going to

start adding affiliate links becoming an

affiliates with products and services

we’re going to start adding them to our

videos to start earning some affiliate

income because it’s starting to form a

framework or the foundation for future

monetization as well when i’m deciding

what other affiliate products or

services to become affiliated with i’m

not just looking at amazon and saying

okay i guess there’s a product on amazon

i’m not just doing that i’m asking

myself what products or services or what

other affiliate opportunities are there

that are connected with my audience that

will be helpful right now and the

audience i’m looking to build in the

future what are the services that will

be most helpful to them now if it feels

like i am going extremely fast that is

on purpose because there are multiple

skill sets that need to be mastered

along the way obviously that’s why we’re

producing so many videos here and that’s

why i made another separate guide here

on my channel of the exact sequence of

videos the exact phases your channel

will go through but more on that video

here in a bit in q2 what we’re doing is

we are able to scale back on the number

of videos that we are publishing we’re

doing 36 videos which if you do the math

it translates to about three videos a

week all right we are now ready to move

on to q3 here the very first thing that

i’m going to be doing during this

quarter is i’m going to be deciding what

my product is now hold on if you’re

thinking oh i’m a gaming channel what am

i going to do i’m going to create some

sort of plushy no that’s not what i’m

talking about i’m actually talking about

creating some form of digital product

now that might be an information product

like an e-book or a course or a guide it

might also be a membership or a patreon

it could also be consultations if you

have more of a professional style

channel and you’re looking to lead

people to more of one-on-one consult

this is what i’m deciding at the very

beginning of q3 i’m deciding what is

that and i gotta start building it now

this will become one of the biggest most

important factors in your overall income

monthly income which is why it’s a very

big focus in project 24 in fact i have

entire dedicated courses to building

info products to doing patreon and to

doing affiliate marketing so members of

project 24 especially if you’re deciding

what kind of product you’re going to

make go ahead and start taking those

courses even while you’re deciding is

this what i want to do or versus not

next thing i’m going to do in q3 is i’m

going to start building momentum with my

channel now what that means this is a

part that perhaps goes under utilized by

a lot of channel makers and that is i’m

going to start doing more good ideas

with my videos and less bad ideas or

subpar ideas because what i’m doing at

this point is i am widening the gap and

increasing the quality of my videos up

until this point it’s been let’s get

some good videos out there let’s get

some experience let’s build some

audience let’s get some exposure let’s

target the less competitive areas of

youtube now in q3 what i’m doing is i am

making sure that my videos are

constantly up leveling in their quality

and the idea all the way through the

entire execution the other thing i’m

going to be doing during this momentum

element is i’m going to start focusing

on collaboration and so i can start

reaching out to other channels and

saying hey let’s start doing some videos

together the next big thing that we’re

going to be doing here is building out

the community at this point i really

have an awesome tribe of people that are

following me in my channel and they

start to come to expect my videos they

like what i’m doing i’m really focusing

on building authority both in my youtube

community posts but also i’m going to

start seeing if i can appear in other

areas within my industry things like

interviews or podcasts oh and also did i

mention that we are still publishing 36

videos we’re still publishing three

times a week at this point because the

momentum and the amount of ability the

the possibilities of reaching additional

audience is still incredibly important

during q3 and i’m going to invite you to

boop the like button on this video if

this video is being helpful to you thus

far this is an idea that i would just

love to see more channel makers be aware

of because there are ways as channel

makers like this to shortcut that growth

so that more people are able to provide

well for their families and that’s

that’s really my big goal with this so

if you want my boob in the like button

on this video that’d be awesome thank

you all right now we are at it’s q4 now

you’ll notice there is only one bullet

point here and that is because we are

doing the launch whatever we have been

building especially this product

everything we’ve been doing up to this

point is getting ready for this launch

when we say officially to our audience

we say look i just made a patreon it’s

really cool these are all the things

that you have included in it or i just

made a youtube membership or i just

created my own information products it’s

only ten dollars or you say hey i’ve

been doing this for a while i’m an

expert at what i’m doing so glad to have

you as part of my community and by the

way i’m offering one-on-one

consultations the other reason why i’m

only putting one bullet point during q4

is because there’s gonna be a lot of uh

mess while you’re maybe you’re still

finishing up your product uh maybe

you’re still doing some of these other

things and you’re gonna be leading

people throughout this entire quarter

towards whatever you built during q3 now

as far as publishing we’re finally able

to scale it back to about 24 videos

which is about two videos a week and in

fact at this point i would finally feel

more comfortable to scaling back even

further if desired as long as the

momentum has been built up thus far now

before we talk about the breakdown of

what reasonable expectations are for

your channel at this point doing q4 i

wanted to answer the question that a lot

of people are going to have and maybe

you are at this point if i’m going to do

this crazy plan then they just presented

to me how likely is it that it’s

actually going to work now in order to

do that i wanted to show you some real

channels back at my computer first thing

i need to say here is it is not typical

to reach 4 000 a month on youtube within

one year it just simply is not i need to

set that super clear before i show you

some examples here i am by no means

guaranteeing that is it possible yes but

it takes a lot of work and many youtube

channels will fail just like any

business now having said that i did want

to pour a little fuel on the fire and

inspire you with a few real examples of

channels that are doing it first example

this is project 24 member naturally

carly now she had been struggling for a

long time was feeling super super

frustrated until something clicked you

can see the views we’re looking at about

157 views some some going on until

something clicked about six months ago

and since then this channel has reached

that full-time income mark used in a

very specific niche around a specific

diet and she realized if she could lead

to consulting that was her product she

decided on then people who were very

interested in and wanted to get on that

diet it was a natural lead-in to get

one-on-one time with her as the expert

now i did want to point out the

subscriber count here under 10 000

subscribers and this channel is doing

extremely well so break any ideas you

have of how big your channel needs to be

this is definitely smaller than what’s

typical for a channel size to be making

that much all right another example this

one is more of a true within one year

test this is the channel we’re in the

rockies this is matt and cheryl they

decided to make videos helping people

going to u.s national parks and they

were able to reach the full-time income

earner badge and project 24 from their

youtube channel within 10 months and if

you look at their channel they’ve

established a lot of authority around

being just some real people that know

what it’s like to visit these parks and

giving real recommendations they’re

leading people to their website and to a

product for people who are going to that

park it’s like a tour of the park now as

far as how much they’re making i did

actually interview them a while back

here on this channel if you want to know

exactly how much they’re making it’s

quite a bit more than four thousand

dollars they shared it in one of the

videos on my channel the next example i

wanted to show you is this one jonah

mathis he’s also a member of project 24

he started out with a website his secret

superpower is he’s got the website and

he uses the youtube channel and the

website in a symbiotic way so that i

interviewed him actually a while ago and

he had reached

about 1500 for his channel in the space

of about five months but then from there

it just snowballed and i don’t want to

say how much he’s making at this point

to not give like really wildly

unrealistic expectations let’s just say

it’s quite a bit more and this is

definitely an outlier but i wanted to

show you his channel so you can see what

a channel looks like that’s doing this

very very well what i’m trying to say

here is within your own area what type

of channel you are thinking about making

right now or you currently have right

now there have been and there will

continue to be new opportunities going

into the future it may necessitate some

pivots or some adjustments but it’s

still working all right we’re back at

the blackboard let me break down what i

would expect from a channel that has

done all of this perfectly up to this

point now i have these numbers based on

actual channels that i have done that i

just showed you including this channel

so the first thing i’m looking at is

about 10 to 50 000 subscribers now the

reason there’s such a wide range there

is because depending on how well we did

the monetization elements creating the

product and leading people to it with

the launch we’ve had very successful

channels with just just from youtube

standards i know that’s very small but

just 10 000 subscribers have had very

successful launches now to break down

this 4 000 number i broke it down into

three broad categories of where i’m

going to be making this from first of

all it’s not all going to be from ad

revenue if you were expecting that to be

happening ad revenue is one of the

lesser focuses for your revenue on your

channel there are so many better

opportunities which is why i broke it

down this way now notwithstanding that

the first category here i’m looking to

expect about fifteen hundred dollars per

month from ad revenue the second one i’m

looking at about fifteen hundred dollars

from my product and then the third is

i’m looking to be making about a

thousand dollars a month from my

affiliate revenue now i added this big

mix thing here at the side because

really this is going to look very

different according to what type of

channel you have if you have a channel

in the gaming niche this mix of things

might look very different than if you

had a channel in the financial services

niche some channels for example might

look like let’s say 1500 ad revenue uh

maybe only a hundred dollars in

affiliate revenue and then the whole

rest of it in your own product revenue

but as you do this if you’ve set it up

right especially your targets at the

very beginning your big reasons why

you’re doing this as well as following

this plan is gonna be a super exciting

journey now a little while back i

created a video here on my channel

that’s the right sequence what order to

do these in and what phase your channel

is in during each of these quarters so

that you know which actions are most

important to focus on within the content

that you’re producing so in order for me

to share that with you i’m going to put

the video for you right here it is a

full guide i’ve packed that thing so

full of every phase that you’re going to

find yourself in while you are working

through this entire year journey and if

you found this video helpful then

watching this one next is just the very

next step to build an awesome channel

this year i believe in you go watch this

video next and we’ll see you there


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